Space settlements

Space settlements in the future are very much a reality. Most people tend to be skeptical about this subject; that is nothing new; some decades back Aeroplanes were also a fantasy.

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Future worlds in outer space
Future worlds in outer space - 2
Advancing Future Lives
Robotic devices of future humans
Robotic Devices of Future - 2
Future humans will improve biologically and genetically
Future Humans will live longer and healthier
Energy for future space settlements
Molecular evolution of future humans
Brain changes in future humans
Superorgasmic pleasure state in future humans
Non cellular humans in the future
Future humans will settle around other stars
Future uses of robotic devices in outer space
Settling down on an Asteroid
Cylinder space settlements
Fun life of first settlers in outer space
Amazing lifestyle in cylinder space settlements
Early space settlements on asteroids
The Robotic collection of the future
Enlarging the space settlement cylinder
Bigger Cylinder Space Settlements - 2
Progress of a successful space settlement
The costs of living in space settlements
Space Settlements built by Robotic Devices
Micro robots of the future
Future space settlers will be vegetarian
Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements
Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements - Part 2
Expanding asteroid settlements
Settlements on Jupiter Trojan Asteroids
Balloon World Settlement
Yes, balloon world settlement
Fullball world how big?
175 billion people in 1 Fullball world?
175 billion people in 1 Fullball World - 2
Interior of Homes Cylinders
in/out of homes cylinders
Average temperature in Fullball Worlds
Use heat's molecular motions
Temperature for Electric Generators
Creating electricity in outer worlds
Creating bigger Fullball Worlds
lightly spun disk world
Ring world for trillions in outer space
Ring World - Part 2
Cylinders Ring World - Part 3
Possible cylinders ring world
Microrobots - The future of health
DNA R&D and future lives spanning centuries
Religious conservatives inherited virus DNA
The actual beginning of natural "life" arising!
Spontaneously arising life forms on other planets
How life first gets formed on earth
Evolution and the nature of aging
Future Transformed Humans in Space
Strong sexual pleasures in genetically revised humans
Future Research in Sexual Pleasures
Improved Sexual Pleasure Responses in Future
Sexual Pleasure will be Controlled in Future
Religious conservatives need DNA modifications
Possible beginning of Global Warming detected
Astronomy exposes Divine Truth of Allah, Jahveh
Secret genetic changes in the future
Fullball world for genetically altered humans
Bisexual reproduction in future humans
GeneticallyModified humans will be hated and killed
Secret superior human chromosome genetics
Genetics development in children
Populating Fullball World
3D world expansion
Farms and homes in space settlements
Ring Sea on a Asteroid
Levitation on a Asteroid
Serving robotic devices for Sexual Pleasure
Questions about God
Universe in early telescopes
Future Space Telescopes to Discover Life Forms
Sensual evolution in future
Modified females in future
Future humans will be more attractive
Controlling and improving Human Genetics
Superior Food in the Future
Genetically designed food plants
Future evolution in genetics
Disease resistant healthier beings in future
Genetic evolution in children
The reward system of the brain
The reward system of the brain - 2
Genetically pure humans in future
Narrow Female Waists in Future
Thinking brains in future children
Religious Conservatives in Future
Religious conservatives will oppose genetic changes
Double Standards of Religious Conservatives
Genetics to help mating tendencies
Muscular Males in Future
Finding Mates in the Future
Dating in the Future
Going on First Date in the Future
Preferred human future genetic trend
Imagined Future Anti Science Unrealities
Orbiting settlements will help Earth
Conversion of atmospheric CO2 in future
Robotically mined deserts in future
Sex of humans will be chosen in the future
Sex Stimulators of the Future
Future males and females of matching size
Brainier Humans of the Future
Resurrection possible in Future
Frozen Brains analysed in Future
Frozen Brains stimulated into real persons
The Real Vs Being
What Belief in God Does
Learn Ways of Growing Up
Can we enter the minds of others
Brain ability in animals to express
Brains of Robots of should be Restricted
Devising Robots as Brainy as Humans
Advanced Computerised Robots for Pleasure
Human Like Robots in Future
Super Brainy Robots in Future
Expanding Mind Power in Future
New Life Forms in Future
Humans frozen to be restored in future
Can thinking souls be created?
Dead Man's Resurrected Soul in Robots
Soulful Robots on Orbiting Settlements
Super Brainy Artificial Life Foems
Super Advanced Robotic Lifeforms
Different Human Futures in Space
Secret Settlements on Jupiter Asteroids
Superior Telescopes on Asteroid
Superior Telescopes on Asteroids 2
Making Telescopes on Asteroids
Robotically made Telescopes of Furure
Positioning Telescopes in Space
Future Entertainments in Space
Future Fun and Play in Space
Heavenly Pleasures on Earth in Future
Cartoon Character Robots in Future
Daily Good Life in Outer Space
Microgridded Communications in Space
Future Space Comminications
Discovery of more Asteroids in Future
Deflecting Asteroids for crashing into Earth
Calculating Orbit Path of Asteroids
Use of telescopes in finding unknown asteroids
Detecting unknown Asteroids from Venus
Monitoring Unknown Asteroids in Future
Robotic Collections on New Found Asteroids
How to locate nearby Asteroids
How to avert Asteroid Collision with Earth
Guarding Earth from Asteroids in Future
If a risky Asteroid is not located
Refining Orbits of Asteroids in Future
Collecting Dangerous Asteroids in Future
Ion Jetting out from Asteroids
Asteroids smaller than your head
Future of Diseases in Space Age
Experts Eliminating Diseases in Future
Fighting Infections in Future Space
Evolving New Life in Orbit
Disease Resistance Genes in Future
Future Space Geostationary Height Orbits
Geostationary Height Cable Lift in Space
Cable Lift of Earth in Future
Future Geostationary Cable Life Schemed
Enjoyable Life in Space Cable Lifts
Future Space Cable Lifts Anchoring Sites
Future Equinox Geostat Shadowing
Cable Strands for Space Lifts in Future
Cable Strands for Space Lifts in Future - 2
How to make Space Cables in Future
Force to Lift Cable Lifts in Future
Future Space Cable Lifts to move Settlers
Future Energy Generating uses of Quarks
Geostationary Vacation World in Future
Fullball Vacation World in Future - 2
Fullball Vacation Worlds of Future - 3
Fullball Vacation World in Future - 4
Enjoyable Fullball Vacation World in Future - 5
Better Fullball Worlds of Future
Abandoning Earth for Space Settlements
Future Swimming Pools in outer Space
Future Air Swimming in Outer Space - 2
Liberal Thinkers leave Earth in Future
Many people leave for Space in Future
Genetically Improved Human Leave Earth in Future
Future Asteroid Communication Time
Future Space World Homes
Future Space World Homes- 2
Future Grasslands in Space
Future relations between different Human Species
Conservative Religions Fade Away in Future
Future Inventions in Outer Space Settlements
Future Truck Travel in Outer Space
Robots Assisted life in Space Settlements
Future Human Pleasures in Outer Space
Future Dopamine Produced Sexual Pleasure
Future Sexual Activity in Outer Space
Protecting Future Space Homes from Missiles
Future 3D Fullball Worlds in Space
Size and Population of Future Space Homes
Artificial Sea in Future Outer Space Settlements
Future Cylinder Sea in Outer Space
Plan of Future Space Sea
Future Artificial Space Seas of 25 Km Radius
Future Cable Lifts carry Ocean Water in Space
Future Robotically Made Sea in Space
Energy for Future Cylinder Space Seas
Plant and Animal Life in Future Space Seas
Future Evolutions in Space Ring Seas
Refined Satellite Orbits in Future
Days and Nights in Future Space Worlds
Future Space Islands Like Darwin Saw
Animal Varieties Seen By Darwin
The Creative New Thinking of Darwin
How Space Ring Seas were formed
Future Humans will Reverse Aging
Space World on L2 Luna
Future Space World on L2 Luna - 2
Future Space World on L2 Luna - 3
Future Space World on L2 Luna - 4
Future Secret Fullball World on L2 Luna
How The Backside of Luna Looks
Formation of the First Galaxies
How Asteroids merged to become Planets
Future Genetic Improvements in Space
Future Ageless Humans in Space
Refining DNA in Outer Space in Future
Future Improvement in Blood, Skin and Muscles
Future Smaller and Faster Brains in Space
African Origin of Humans Species
Researchers Secretly Flee Earth in Future
Future Brain Cell Improvements in Space
Future Fun and Pleasure Branch in Space
Future Dates in Outer Space
Future Molecule Component Computers
Future Space Molecular Matrices Computers
Molecular Matrix Computers Implants in Brains
Where to Implant Computer in the Body
Molecular Matrix Computers Implanted in Breasts
Future Attractive Large Breasts in Women
Future Modifications of Female Breasts
Future New Brains in the Breasts

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