Future space settlers will be vegetarian

The investors in having a Space Settlement robotically made for folks possibly interested in living at least a while in space had taken a gamble that just having robotically farmed the best vegetarian plants could become acceptable to most folks interested in maybe enjoying light weight living up in orbit.

Those in their cylinder space settlements mostly accepted having no meat. If any wanted some meat sometimes, they could pay from past savings to have some included in some rocket reaching the settlement. Not many ever did. The vegetarian food varieties were good enough tasting and quite nutritious.

With the success of the investors group trying a robotically made high orbiting cylinder settlement, some of the "fees" subtasks assigned to the settlers were related to possible ways being considered to genetically improve food plants. All farmed food up here had been plants, far easier than animals to robotically grow, harvest, & distribute, also to robotically prepare meals from to serve folks in their homes.

Some past DNA R&D (research & development) experts had been working on genetically improving food plants. Back when the British had colonized India, it had become known by many around the world that India had some vegetarians who ate no meat. Some also devotedly never used animal products such as milk and eggs. In fact, several successful animal species eat only plants, never any meat.

Over centuries, some past vegetarians had sometimes been able to select some better tasting varieties. Over time, new plant biologists were able to select and breed more food plant varieties which gave better tasting &/or better nutritious food parts.

Becoming more able now to genetically improve plants had been permitting some new varieties which might taste better, &/or grow better, produce more food, have more nutritious food parts, sometimes also more useful vitamins. The settlers liked his. It became possible to grow some new plant varieties which somewhat subdued past cravings in some settlers for meat.

Any settlers assigned subtasks related to this were happy to do their best. This could ultimately benefit them all daily. Gradually some useful progress was made, sometimes leading to better appreciated superior tasting nice food.

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