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Mantra for Adverse Moon [Chandra]

An adverse and inauspicious position of the Moon [Chandra] is one of the reasons for mental instability and many connected mental problems like anxiety, helplessness, despair, a feeling of being lost and all round tension and fear of almost anything. The usual symptoms of a malefic and harmful Moon are mental instability, pain or discomfort in the stomach, dreaming of women or fear from water. In this post is given a special experiment derived from the Lal Kitab combined with a Moon Mantra can be practice on the day of Purnima[ Full Moon] to rectify the harmful effects of the adverse position of the  planet Moon in the horoscope or a adverse transit of the Moon.

Refined Satellite Orbits in Future

By now, any Earth satellites not orbiting simply above the equator were all given refined orbits easier in the future for anything else to avoid. If below 1 day orbit geostationary height, all were now being given orbit periods being some perfect simple fraction of a day. This let their positions be completely predictably forever known, whichever day, out of a repeated set of at most 10 days (such as for radii for 8-10 orbits/day). This was especially good for polar orbits to pass over our poles a few times night and day, to then fully observe and communicate with polar lands better viewed from North or South than if trying to view from over the equator.

Easy Vashikaran Mantras for Girl

Both the Vashikaran Mantras given in this post are simple and easy enchantment spells for attracting girls and make put them under your control. The Vashikaran Tantra says that the practitioner of these Vashikaran spells will attract women as a magnet attracts iron. However, I will not promise anything, the ability to use these Vashikaran Mantras depends largely upon the will power and mental strength of the practitioner.

Navnath Bhaktisar to Solve all Problems

In an earlier post, I have explained the use of the Navnath Bhaktisar Pothi, the divine Navnath composition, in facilitating marriage problems . In this post, I will explain how other problems like Vastu Dosha, Sadness, lack of funds and money, enemy troubles and lack of progress can be sorted out by the Parayan of the 5th Chapter or Adhyay as it is commonly referred to in the Marathi language.

Nostradamus on India - Pakistan Undeclared War

This is a yet to be interpreted prophecy of Nostradamus, described an undeclared or some kind of proxy or unofficial war or conflict going on between two groups or nations.  It could also refer to the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan , which has been underway for over 25 years, first over Khalistan and after that over Kashmir.

Narasimha Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana

The Veer Tantra mentions the existence of 52 Veers, each having a specific role and purpose.  Veer literally signifies brave or fearless and these 52 forms signify the fearless aspect of certain Hindu deities and mystic beings. Out of these 52 Veers, the Jagruti or awakening of these dormant forces, the awakening of 31 Veers, is done through the Dakshin Marg or Satvik Sadhana and 21 Veers is done through the Vaam Marg or Tamas Guni Sadhanas.

Future Cable Lifts carry Ocean Water in Space

The proposed huge high orbiting Cyl & Ring Seas would require huge amounts of ocean water volumes. If a load vessel in the geostationary cable lift could raise an effective 20m cube of water up into a high Earth orbit, all the water for the proposed orbiting seas could cost 18,000,000 loads! If 1 such load/hour, that's about 750,000 days = 2050 years! Wow!

Narendra Modi will bring Acche Din - Nostradamus

The prophecy made by Nostradamus in the Quatrain given here had been previously attributed to the name and identity of the, third Antichrist . However, this prediction could also refer to another person, the one who delivers a great nation and people from repression, bondage, exploitation and abuse and the one who is not necessarily the third Antichrist. The Nostradamus prophecy could also refer to Narendra Modi , seen by many Indians as the one to bring back the “Acche Din”. Acche Din or Good Days will come back once again, was the election slogan and promise of Modi.

Vichitra Vashikaran Yantras

The Indian science of Vashikaran Yantras contains numerous unconventional, bizarre and weird experiments, which cannot be easily practiced in these modern times. Such Yantra experiments make the use of the most unlikely items to put a person under the spell of Vashikaran . In this post, I will be explaining about two such Vashikaran Yantras, to attract, enchant and control women.

Shabar Mantra for Paining Ribs

Rib Cage Pain can result from a number of causes, including physical injury to psychological cones, like severe anxiety. The paining ribs can be a cause of severe discomfort while eating, breathing, and coughing and during pregnancy. The Shabar Mantra in this post is believed to cure and give relief to those people who are suffering from this condition.

Remedies to Negate Matru Dosha

In traditional Hindu astrology, the Moon [Chandra] is classified as a feminine planet and is said to symbolize the mother.  Matru Dosha is a malefic astrological formation , which is said to occur, when the Moon is adversely placed with Rahu [North Node], Ketu [South Node] and Saturn.  The Matru Dosha is said to originate from past life curses and debts of women. This Dosha is responsible for a negative and disturbed atmosphere in the home , due to all sorts of problems.

Kamdev Siddhi Vashikaran Mantra

This Vashikaran Experiment is practiced to put a spell on the Indian Love God Kamdev himself and bring him under a Vashikaran Mantra Spell. This Sadhana is said to enable the practitioner to Master any kind of Vashikaran, Mohini or Akarshan Spell and put any man, woman or being, including mystical beings, under his influence.

Bhagavati Mantra - Yantra for Fever

This is Vedic Bhagavati Mata Mantra, which is used as a Talisman for removing all kinds of fever .  There are three different methods given to practice the Mantra to remove fever. The practitioner can try any one of these methods as they give the same result.  The Mantra does not need to be Mastered in order to gain Siddhi and the experiments given below can be put to practice straightaway.

Most Powerful Kind of Love Jihad in India

Lately the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh have been speaking about the organized Love Jihad campaign, engineered by fanatical Muslims in parts of Uttar Pradesh.  There is nothing new or unique about Love Jihad, it has been going on in an organized manner for at least the past two decades, what is surprising is that no one has seen through it and how it is being conducted and put into actual practice.

Peepal Tree Worship for Laxmi Blessings

It is said in the Shastras that the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance blesses the Peepal Tree with her presence on the day of Purnima [Full Moon Day]. Hence, worshipping the Peepal Tree [Sacred Fig] Tree on this day will bear fruit in not only finance and money related matters, but also help resolve problems related to personal, marital and domestic issues.

Plan of Future Space Sea

Earth surface is 29% land, 71% ocean. If a Cyl Sea or Ring Sea is formed 100km or 20km wide, while having their sea surfaces at radii ~24km or ~199km [~ means approximately], then their sea+islands surfaces would have areas 15,080 or 25,007 km^2 [^2 means squared]. These sum to 40,087km^2. If these sea+islands surface areas had ~71% as being just their sea surfaces, then their seas alone would have big area sum ~28,462 km^2. Earth oceans have area 361,254,000 km^2. Thus the planned Cyl Sea + Ring Sea sea surfaces would have about .0079% of Earth oceans area.

Hans Yakshini Mantra Sadhana for Success

The Swan symbolizes the Hans Yakshini, sometimes referred to as the Hamsi Yakshini.  This symbolization relates to the basic appearance of this particular Yakshini. However, Yakshinis are known to change forms and appearances and it is only after a Yogi succeeds in pleasing a Yakshini, that she shows her real form. In this post, I have explained about a special Mantra Sadhana ritual to please the Hans Yakshini and emerge triumphant in matters related to courts, legal disputes , enemy trouble and trouble from superiors and colleagues in the job.

Paranormal Remedy for Short-Tempered Husband

This unique Indian paranormal Indian remedy is  practiced to make a short-tempered husband calm and even-tempered. It is extremely difficult to live with such a husband, never knowing when he will flare up and loose his cool. This remedy is  somewhat different from the one for the insulting husband given – Here . Any one of the two remedies can be practiced, depending upon the specific needs of the fearful or anxious wife.

Enemy Maran Yantra Tantra

This is an enemy killing Yantra [Talisman] from the Indian Black Magic Arts. This Talisman is used for destroying the enemy by hardened practitioners of the Indian Black Magic Tantra and Witchcraft. The experiment given in this post is not for the ordinary person and only for the advanced Aghori Tantric , the one who is devoid of feelings and emotions.

Future Cylinder Sea in Outer Space

As was usually done after new (very low cost) major robotic constructions, the robotic equipment used while forming the new bigger high Earth orbiting cylinder settlement was simply saved here (for possible much later future uses). This increasingly tempted some settlers considering having formed nearby some big orbiting refuge for Earth life, such as an imagined cylinder sea.

Muslim Naqsh for Women to Avoid Divorce

This Muslim Naqsh is a specific Yantra for those women whose husbands are in the process or likely to divorce them.  The Yantra has to be prepared during the ascendancy or period of Jupiter on any Friday. Given below is the procedure of preparing and using this Yantra by those women facing the serious problem of an impending divorce and the husband leaving them for another woman or bringing home a second wife.

Vashikaran Putli Mantra Sadhana

This Vashikaran Putli or Doll Mantra experiment given in this post,  differs from the other three published on this site, because this spell is especially for a woman desiring to put a Vashikaran Spell on a man and control, enchant him, and make him act as per her wishes by invoking this love and enchantment spell.

Sudarshan Chakra Protection Mantra

There are numerous specific mantras to invoke and seek the protection of the Ultimate Divine Weapon, the Sudarshan Chakra of Bhagwan Vishnu. In the past, I had published some specific mantras to invoke the Sudarshan Chakra . However, the one given in this post appears to be the best of the lot. This Mantra was practiced by the Yogis of the Nath Sampradaya, to put a protective shield around their bodies, for protection from each and every kind of danger, including unseen paranormal and mystic dangers.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Domestic Peace - 2

Here is another one of the unique, but easy to practice remedies from the Lal Kitab to restore peace and tranquility in your home. Those people having a disturbed and turbulent atmosphere in their homes resulting from personal, family, financial, job, health, legal related or any other problems disturbing the mental peace in their homes can try this Lal Kitab remedy.

Artificial Sea in Future Outer Space Settlements

The high orbiting cylinder and Fullball world settlements had what many down on Earth might consider invonveniences, such as no farmed animals or pets, (which might messily not do well in light weights and other artificial living conditions here). Also rocket rides up had been expensive. In contrast, the geostationary cable lift would now let folks move up much cheaper.

Shabar Mantra to cure Cholera

The mantra given by me in this post is a Shabar Mantra to cure the disease of Cholera. The mantra which invokes Bhagwan Vishnu  has to be mastered on any auspicious Hindu festival or any other auspicious Muhutra or during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse by chanting it 108 times.

Indian Home Remedies to Cure Baldness

I am getting many requests to post about remedies to reduce, cure and stop baldness. However, I cannot promise anything, nevertheless, I have, in this post written about two unique, rare and ancient Indian remedies for baldness . People wishing to practice these remedies should consult their physicians for any allergic reaction towards the substances used in these remedies.

Ultimate Enemy Destruction Mantra

The Aghori and Tamas Guni Mantra given in this post is believed to be a tested and proven Maran Mantra, used by Aghori practitioners of the Indian Maran Tantra . The person who gets success in such experiments has to be one of a completely evil and destructive mindset, with no feelings or emotions and all encompassing hatred to kill and destroy his enemy.

Nostradamus India will become a Hindu Nation

The prophecies and the predictions of Nostradamus as interpreted by this site to be referring to the now Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi have fulfilled themselves . The rise of Modi is a landmark turning point and a bend in the political history of Modern day India.  What his opponents dreaded most has come true, Modi will be raising the Indian Tricolor from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of India’s Independence Day on 15 August 2014.

Ram Raksha Mantra for Kaal Sarp Yoga

A simple remedy for those people diagnosed by astrologers as having the Kaal Sarp Yoga in their horoscopes is given by me here in this post.  This Mantra Remedy is suitable for those who do not wish to perform lengthy, time consuming and expensive rituals to avert the malefic effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga.  This remedy is just as effective as the other remedies prescribed by astrologers and Gurus.

Size and Population of Future Space Homes

For this new bigger high orbiting cylinder settlement, its strong internal cable network had been formed anchored to the solid supporting axis. This let full spin be gradually given to all, like for most comfortable easy soft 1/5 Earth weights in new homes. The old existing high orbiting cylinder settlement of length 4km, had homes level mid radius about 50m. Its population had been approaching 5,000. The new homes mid radius was double that, about 100m, between the two 8km long homes levels. This would be good for eventually about 4 times bigger population.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Family Fights

A unique remedy from the Lal Kitab for resolving fights amongst various people living under the same roof as part of the same family is being given here, in this post. The fights might be between the husband and wife, amongst siblings , or among various family members, if it is a joint-family residing in the same house, as is common in India.

Home Remedies for feet and Leg Pain

The reason for chronic pain in the feet and legs can be due to a variety of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is that there is an increase in air circulation in the lower half of the body. This could be a result of a malfunctioning digestive system resulting from improper dietary habits, including the intake of stale, improper and adulterated food.

Paranormal Remedy for Torture by In-Laws

Problems created by the in-laws of a newly married woman for dowry and other demands is a cause of great concern in countries like India, more so when the harassment degenerates to physical and psychological  torture. Though the law is getting tougher for such offenders, most of the crimes still go unreported for a variety of reasons, including orthodoxy.  There is a unique and rare Paranormal Remedy practiced in India for this serious problem, which I have explained in this post.

Muslim All Vashikaran Yantra

This is an Islamic Multipurpose Naqsh , just like a Hindu Sarva Siddhi Yantra, it includes an Ayat, which is a holy verse or a revelation, just like a Hindu Mantra, Shloka or Stotra.  This Naqsh works to relieve the wearer of all problems, by making everyone amicable and friendly towards him, it even works as a Vashikaran Yantra to enchant any man or woman. Given below, is the procedure of making and wearing this Yantra.

Home Remedies with Sour Lime

In continuation of the series on giving home remedy with ingredients of everyday use, today, are given some extremely simple homes remedies for some of the most common ailments and body conditions are home remedies with the sour lime. Such home remedies using the sour lime, called Nimbu in Hindi are practiced widely in India.

Shiv Parvati Mohini Mantra

This is an all powerful and Pure Shiva – Parvati Mohini Mantra to attract any powerful and influential man or woman.  This is not a Love Vashikaran , Akarshan or Mohini Mantra, but a Mohini Mantra to enchant a powerful personality for any other kind of work, personal or professional. Given below is the Tantra for practicing the experiment.

Bigger Cylinder Space Settlements - 2

To continue robotic construction of the bigger replacement high orbiting cylinder settlement , a cable network was formed inside it, ultimately able to sustain introduced good breathable air raised to our normal standard 1Atm air pressure. Also this sustained the centrifugal force weights from the cylinder finally given the desired rotation speed, to become good for about 1/5 Earth-like weights in its pair of homes levels.

Kali Mantra to get Gold in Sleep

In continuation of the endeavor to publish rare, secret and unknown Mantras and Spells for almost all purposes to the readers of this site, today, a rare and secret Kali Mata Mantra Sadhana to get riches in the form of gold is being published. Even though, I cannot endorse its effectiveness and success, I will still explain how the Mantra Experiment is performed.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Clearing Debts

In this post, are given eight extremely simple and easy to perform remedies from the Lal Kitab for clearing debts and becoming free from all kinds of financial burdens  and commitments. Anyone or more of these simple Lal Kitab Remedies can be practiced to become debt free.e 1] Keep a small branch of the Tamarind tree in the safe, cash box, cupboard or the place where money is stored.

Vedic Remedies to Pacify Adverse Planets

In this post are some very simple Hindu astrological remedies to pacify adverse and malefic planets in the horoscope or harmful planetary transits or combinations. These remedies are practiced using the food grains or foodstuff associated with the nine planets according to traditional Indian Vedic astrology . These remedies can be useful to the layperson.

Future 3D Fullball Worlds in Space

After investors had taken a chance on having robotically made a high orbiting cylinder settlement, for possible interested younger people, they had succeeded well enough that they had then decided to design & try a more efficient spherical 3D volume filled "Fullball" balloon world . (This had been conveniently helped by once more using the earlier cylinder settlement's robotic construction equipment left saved outside it.

Mantra to call Supernatural Entities

There are a number of reported instances about the calling of extremely powerful spiritual and supernatural entities from higher astral worlds. There is also a specific Hindu Tantra to call a supernatural entity and get some specify answers from it, in this post, I will explain, how a entity can be called from the other world with a Mantra Sadhana.

Healing Remedy with Mahamrityunjay Mantra

The death conquering Mahamrityunjay Mantra as explained repeatedly is considered to be one of the most powerful, effective, potent and sacred of the Hindu Healing Mantras. In this post, I have explained another effective remedy practiced using this Shiva Mantra to remove physical and physiological diseases, ailments and body conditions.

Paranormal Remedy for All Job Problems

This is a simple Indian paranormal remedy for resolving problems, obstructions and lack of success in getting promotion or increments in salary or any other unsuitable conditions in employment due to problems created by the employer, co-workers, competitors or any other persons.

Puranic Guru Mantra Prayog for Marriage

The Puranic Guru Mantra can be of great benefit to those with delayed marriages, those who are unable to get married due to any kind of obstacles, love marriages delayed due to family opposition and most other problems coming in the way of someone getting married. This Guru Mantra removes the malefic energies generated by adverse planets, adverse planetary transits and inauspicious Yogas in the horoscope.

The True Meaning of Nirvana

Some of the most common advise given to the seekers of Nirvana, Enlightenment, Samadhi,  Kundalini Awakening  or the Advaita or Non- Dualistic path of life are- Stop thinking, the moment you stop thinking, you find God. The mind must be still and silent, the voice of God echoes in a silent mind.

Future Sexual Activity in Outer Space

Gaining ever more free time from their easy improved living up here, more high orbiting settlers debated more things they could spend ever more free time on. Some created some new entertainments others could watch and enjoy. Some had fun devising new puzzles or creating interesting challenging mental games.

Vashikaran Yantra for Pretty Woman

The Yantra given in this post is one, which is said to be sufficient to put an attraction spell on even a pretty woman or a handsome man. This  Enchantment Yantra is considered useful for those men or women, who have fallen in love with an attractive woman or a handsome man and do not fancy their chances of attracting them. This Yantra Sadhana is a Tamsik and a fearsome experiment has to be performed to make it successful.

Remedies to Make a Shop Prosperous

In this post, I have given three paranormal remedies to make a shop more prosperous and remove obstructions and hurdles, which hinder the progress of the shop and prevent it from becoming more successful.  Though these remedies are essentially for the shopkeeper, they can also be effectively applied to other business persons, like traders or brokers, who operate from a business premises.