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Prayer for 2012

This is a short prayer which I have composed as the world enters 2012 . Undoubtedly these are trying times for humanity as the period for the fulfillment of the Indian Prophecy of 21 December 2012 approaches.

3D image of Shri Gajanan Maharaj

Very few real life photos of Shri Gajanan Maharaj , the great non-dual saint of Shegaon in Maharashtra are available. I have generated a 3 D image , which is affixed in a photo frame.

Laxmi Mantra Sadhana

This is a Laxmi Mantra Sadhana which is practiced to attract wealth . This meaning of Sadhana, for those not accustomed to Indian religious terms is “the single minded practice of a ritual to achieve a pre set goal”. Now this Laxmi Sadhna involves reciting the mantra which I have given below 21,000 times. This recitation has to be done in solitude.

Remedy for examination stress

Before and during examinations some common symptoms of examination stress, amongst students are headaches , insomnia , lethargy, loose motions and lethargy. Another common complaint is forgetting what you have studied at the last moment.

Remedies using Aragvadha [Cassia fistula]

Aragvadha [Cassia fistula] or Amaltash in Hindi is another tree, whose parts are used in traditional Indian remedies to treat certain medical conditions. Some of the more widely used remedies are given here. Skin diseases including Dermatosis – 50 to 100 Milliliters of Herbal tea made from the pulp of the fruits is consumed.

Creating bigger Fullball Worlds

Converting local temperature heat into reusable electricity lets a space settlement be enlarged big enough for many billions (1,000,000,000s) to happily enjoy living together in, (while staying thus forever nicely cooled), such as in a Fullball balloon world afloat in space. One such settlement can get expanded to 150km radius good for over 1/6 trillion people (177,000,000,000)!

Remedies using Durva [Cynodon dactylon]

Durva [Cynodon dactylon] also known as Bermuda grass, is a short Grass which has since time immemorial been used in Indian religious practices; especially in the worship of Ganesha . Durva other than its religious use has been also used in traditional Indian remedies , to treat various kinds of aliments. This plant has great medicinal value and is said to have strong antiviral properties.

Gorakhnath Dhyan Mantra

This is the Dhyan Mantra, or the Mantra , to meditate or contemplate on the great immortal saint of the Navnath Sampradaya Guru Gorakhnath. The one contemplating on Guru Gorakhnath visualizes his as being as pure as a clear and spotless crystal; as being Ever-Existent. The eternal light; one beyond the Gunas;the one without a blemish.

Mantras for enemies

Ancient Hindu and other Indian religious texts and scriptures have prescribed various mantras to rid oneself of enemy troubles. There are numerous categories of such mantras like – Videshan – To create fights amongst enemies and divide them. Uchatan – To remove enemies from tour life. Maran – To kill an enemy. Stambhan – To immobile the movements of an enemy.

Mantra to divide enemies

A lot of my readers write to me, asking for more and more mantras for enemy related problems. A common complaint is that a lot of enemies have ganged up to trouble them. This here is a Videshan mantra.

Yantra to win favor of powerful people

This is a Yantra which was used in olden times, to gain prominence in the court of Kings, and gain their favor. In the present times, Kings have been replaced by powerful politicians and rich and powerful people, who can make or break lives. This simple Yantra has to be written on a Bhojpatra leaf with the juice of a rose. Then it has to be put in a locket and tied on your forearm. Doing this is said to win favor of Powerful people.

Lokpal tabled - A huge Scam

The Lokpal Bill was finally introduced in the Lok Sabha, amidst uncertainty over its contents till the last minute. As I had expected the powers behind this government, disclosed their trump card at the last minute – Divide and rule India . There is 50% reservation for Scheduled tribes, Scheduled tribes, Other Backward castes, women and minorities. This is probably what Rahul Gandhi had meant when he said “let’s take this debate to a new level”.

Creating electricity in outer worlds

How about two edges, one with submicroscopic fronds sticking out tilted up, the second with like fronds tilted down. Then the second edge can slide up relative to the first, but if it receives a sonic speed heat blow tending to make it try sliding down relative to the first, then some fronds catch in the fronds of the first, preventing this unwanted direction motion. Construct such edges maybe on a stationary containing microscopic loop and a wheel inside it, which thus can turn in just one direction, again wanted to convert into electricity.

Sarva Karya Siddhi Yantra

This is considered to be a very powerful and effective Navnath Sampradaya Yantra which is dedicated to Dattatreya. Dattatreya is the Guru of the Nath Sampradaya; he represents the Ever-Existent God who is the combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Gandhi and Hazare

Mahatma Gandhi launched the quit India movement in 1942; now heading into 2012, 70 years later, Anna Hazare launches the quit loot movement.

Home remedies using Drumstick plant

The Drumstick tree [Moringa oleifera] is widely used in traditional Indian medicine. Most of the parts of this tree have their uses. Some more popular home remedies using this plant are given here.

Will the Lokpal stop corruption in India

As India enters the crucial period of change in 2012, the question on everyone’s lips is will a strong Lokpal Bill, if passed by parliament stop corruption in India. Those arguing for a strong Lokpal Bill, on the lines of the Jan Lokpal Bill, proposed by Team Anna, are keeping their fingers crossed I have highlighted 10 points which are crucial and central to the question weather the Lokpal can stop corruption in India .

India and the Eurozone crisis what to watch out for

As we enter 2012 the Euro zone crises looms like a hanging sword on financial markets all over the world; including India . There are bright chances of the Euro zone going into a deep rescission in the first half of 2012 , after the January earnings come out. It’s true that this is impacting the Indian financial markets, and will do so more in the near future. If you are an Indian you should watch out for the following signs.

Image of the only end time prophecy

"Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirva Bhavathi Bharatha, Abhyuthanam Adharmaysya Tadatmanam Srijami Aham'. Bhagavad Gita (Chapter IV-7)

Remedy for frequent urination in women

This is a very rare traditional Indian remedy which is practiced to control and cure excessive frequent urination in women. This home remedy is also said to be beneficial to general health . This condition can be most annoying and troublesome; especially in some countries like India, where there are limited public toilets for women. A man can easily find some corner; but it is really difficult for a woman.

Mantra for Bliss

Verse 3 of the Dhyanam of the Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram is widely recited as Vishnu Mantra . The two words from this Mantra – Padmanabham and Suresham are two of the names of Vishnu. Padmanabham – The lotus shaped navel of Vishnu, from which the universe manifested. Suresham – The greatest of all the Gods.

India enters 2012

The Black Money discussion in Parliament, about Indian Black Money in Swiss Bank and other tax havens predictably turned out to be an anti climax. The septic won’t be wrong in assuming that the event was choreographed and stage managed for the cameras.

Yin and Yang Principle

As per the yin/yang principle, each force being or event in the universe is described in terms of yin/yang characteristics. The body also is a delicate balance of yin and yang. It has to be noted here that the balance of these two opposites is unstable.

Home remedy for low sperm count

I am getting at lot of requests related to home remedies for low sperm count. The reasons for a low sperm count can be due to a variety of reasons; ranging from physiological to physical. Hence those suffering from low sperm count are best advised to get back into peak physical and mental contrition; this is the best medicine.

Temperature for Electric Generators

Suppose a thick film is filled with microscopic holes all filled with many molecular scale fronds kept tilted angled to one direction. If inside some fluid having molecular loop components, then their kinetic heat motions will permit them to slip through such holes in one direction. But each time such loop components get randomly bounced to the opposite direction, each will soon get snagged around one of the many fronds and briefly halted, to quickly get bounced back off to the wanted direction.

Home remedies for urinary tract infection

These are some home remedies which are practiced to remove urinary tract infection. Naturopaths and practitioners of traditional medicine recommend one or two of these remedies at a time; depending upon the severity of the infection. Juice of the fresh root of theThe Asparagus racemosus or Shatavari plant. The root is crushed to separate the juice and then the juice is filtered through a sieve.

Laxmi Sadhana

The practitioners of Yakshini worship believe that the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi is also a Yakshimi [the feminine mystical being or energy, who is the guardian of wealth]. Hence the ritual of Laxmi Sadhana is widely prevalent in Yakshini worship. The ritual given here is of the Sadhana of the Laxmi Yakshini. One has to recite the mantra given below 100,000 times; this has to be done in your own home.

Narasimha Protection Mantra

The Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu, symbolizing the fierce form of Vishnu as half man, half lion is worshipped by many in India. The mantra which is given here is a rare and powerful Shaabri protection mantra recited to seek protection of the self, family and property; including agricultural. This mantra is dedicated to Narasimha.

Anna Hazare's Lok War 3 Begins

The bugle of Lok War 3 was sounded during anti corruption crusader Anna Hazare’s one day token fast at Jantar Mantar yesterday. A welcome change from the past two agitations is that the gloves are off. The Anna Hazare camp is not targeting the mask; the puppets; but the man behind the mask; the puppeteer Rahul Gandhi.

Try this if you have Hypertension

If you suffer from Hypertension your heart has to work harder to provide blood supply to the other parts of the body. This condition of High Blood Pressure is likely to affect other body parts like the Kidneys . Hence along with a proper diet, as per the traditional Indian Dietary Plans , some other beneficial remedial measures are practiced to enhance the healing process. You can try this if you suffer from Hypertension.

10 things to follow if you have Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be an extremely trouble some and irritating condition. This is more so if you are outdoor or traveling. These are 10 things which I would advise you to follow if you have Diarrhea.

Healing through Sex

Along before the advent of Christianity and Islam, people all over the world were worshipping “Phallus” as the one who created the world. Ancient Indians worshipped the “Shivlingam” as the divine light, which gave life and energy. Though today most Hindus have forgotten the real symbolism of the Shivlingam.

Mantra for success in life

This is a very rare, secret and powerful Mantra for success in life. To practice this Mantra one has to take some water in a glass and holding that glass in one hand recite the mantra 17 times. Doing this binds the water with the Mantra.

Remedies for minor burns

In case you burn yourself and are in a remote place where no hospital, ambulance or doctor is available, here are some immediate remedial measures you can take. These remedies are for burns which are not very severe or widespread; but for minor burns.

8 things to remember while taking meals

Traditional Indian Dietary Plans have always highlighted certain norm to be followed as regards meals. Indian naturopaths always advise their clients to follow these norms. These are 8 things which you must remember while taking meals.

Fresh air a great health remedy

Fresh Air is as beneficial to great health as Sound sleep . One can live for a number of days without food or water but it is impossible to survive without air for a few minutes. This alone shows how important air is for our survival.

Sound sleep a great health remedy

After a days hard work sound sleep at night is most essential, this ensures that we recharge our life energy, for good health 6 to 8 hours of sleep is essential. For children 8 hours of sound sleep is recommended. Sound sleep is a great remedy for good health .

The meaning of Kalki Avatar

Chapter 11 of the Bhagavad-Gita deals extensively with the cosmic or universal form of Vishnu.Shri Krishna the 8th Avatar of Vishnu describes his universal from to Arjuna,the warrior. Through this chapter one can find the key to the manifestation and the meaning of the 10th and last Avatar of Vishnu the Kalki Avatar .

Use heat's molecular motions

Humans had long used sonic speed kinetic heat molecular motions, such as to help dissolve things. Hotter faster moving liquid's molecules contacting some soluable solid might strike some of the solid's surface molecules hard enough to give them fast enough random sonic speed heat vibrations to become able to break free from the solid form, and thus end up dissolved.

Mantra for Power

It is one of the primary laws of nature that you become what you desire from the deepest part of your sub-conscious mind. Most people seek one thing or the other, life begins in seeking and ends in seeking. Most people desire some sort of power or the other, which would make them superior to others or their peers. A lot of requests which I get are related to desire to seek power.

Meaning of Shri

Shri, Shree, Sri are some common Indian words which one hears everyday. Written as श्री in Sanskrit, Hindi or Marathi this word is taken for granted, as short form of Mr. [Mister]. Other variations include Shriman, श्रीमान् [full form of Mister], Shrimati, श्रीमति [used to address married women] or Sushri, सुश्री [ladies respectfully addressed as].

Mantra for Money Problems

In an age where Money makes the world go round and round, the most requests which I get are of more and more Wealth Mantra . The most common problem which most people face is undoubtedly the Finincial Problems . So her I am giving one more strong and powerful Mantra which is to be recited 108 times daily.

Home Remedies using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an herb which is widely used in Herbal Remedies .I have picked only the most simple home remedies which can easily be practiced at home. This herb is also said to have healing effects in controlling and treating an overgrown Liver. A most simple home Remedy practiced is to take 1 table spoon of Aloe Vera juice for 21 consecutive days.

Indian Prophecy of 21 December 2012

21st December 2012 is now just a little over a year away. A crescendo is going to built up as we approach D Day. I have been studying and writing about this much awaited event for some 3 years now. There is definitely going to NO END ON 21 DECEMBER 2012 . Having said that, I do not mean that there is going to nothing; a lot is happening and is going to happen in the very near future.

Hidden Keys in ancient Indian texts

Ancient Indian scripture have always had hidden Keys inserted in the verses. These Keys have always had a profound Spiritual meaning. This here is a verse from the Ganapati Atharvashirsha, an Upanishad [a text containing wisdom], composed by the Sage Atharva Rishi. The Ganapati Atharvashirsha is an integral part and parcel of worship of Ganesha .

Rare Mantra for Fever

This is a rare Shaabri Health Mantra which is written in the olden Marathi script. This is a one of the rare Indian Shaabri Mantras. This particular one which I have given here is a Mantra to cure fever . This Mantra is in the form of a question, after reciting the Mantra, kindly note that one has to take the name of the person suffering from fever; which is the answer to the question.

NWO forces FDI in retail in India

Wal-Mart has described India’s decision to allow 51% foreign direct investment [FDI] as the “first important step” .They of course have not spelled out the “next steps”, which is left to our imagination. That the ongoing economic crisis has affected the retail giants like Wal-Mart, Tesco and others is no secret. That Euro zone faces financial collapse any day is the harsh truth staring down the faces of the financial controllers - New World Order .Desperate plans and conspiracies are underway to offset the collapse.

New World Order preparing for World War 3

Here is a futuristic Quatrain of Nostradamus describing the coming and much anticipated World War 3. This war as the Quatrain given below suggests a terrible turn of events with disastrous consequences. What is really interesting about this Quatrain is that it is the ‘West” which is preparing for it being described as “Occident”. Occident is the Latin words used to describe the Western World as we know it today.

Indian Paranormal Beliefs

Paranormal beliefs and the Indian or Hindu way of life have traveled hand in hand over the ages. These beliefs have over the ages become an integral part and parcel of everyday life of a lot of people in the Indian subcontinent. These articles have been written for information and educational purposes only and not to advocate the use of the same.

Average temperature in Fullball Worlds

Bigger Fullball worlds would have severe size limiting problems. Big would get overheated. Waste heat would exceed what could be radiated out into space. They would also grow unable to harvest enough increasing electricity needs from external Solar light converter film disks which can't be too hugely expanded.

Indian Wisdom

The religion of humanity has been followed and practiced in Indian since time immemorial. Unlike most other religions and sects Hinduism has always allowed those under its sway the freedom to choose their own way of life.

Remedy for morning stools without cigarettes

A common habit, you may call it addiction is when one cannot imagine morning stools without a cigarette for company. In some countries like India a cigarette may be replaced by tobacco or ghutka.Still others can’t imagine their morning chores without first having a cup of tea.

Mantra for Enlightenment

After I wrote the post on Meditation for Enlightenment , a lot of readers wrote to me requesting for a Mantra for Enlightenment. The Mantra I am giving here is the most profoundly Spiritual of the Indian Mantras. The literal meaning of this Mantra “Aham Brahmashmi” is “I am Brahma” or “I am the Creator”.

Nostradamus predicts nuclear strike on New York

One of the most disturbing yet, seemingly accurate futuristic predictions given by Nostradamus in his Centuries regarding the commencement of World War 3 is the prediction given below- Century 6 – 97 Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera, Feu approcher de la grand cité neuue, Instant grand flamme esparse sautera, Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue,

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Mantra

The origins of Shri Gajanan Maharaj of Shegaon in Maharashtra are unknown.  He was one of the greatest of the Non - Dualistic saints of India, who merged their existence into the Para Brahma. The MahMantra of Shri Gajanan Maharaj is Gan Gan Ganat Bote '[गण गण गणात बोते]. This Mantra is used as salutation by the devotees of Shri, Gajanan Maharaj.

Remedies for nightmares in children

These are a couple of Traditional Indian remedies from the Paranormal Remedies branch of Indian traditional religious practices. These remedies are used in cases of children who get frightened in sleep. This could be due to frightening dreams, nightmares or some other unknown reason.

Mantra to turn enemy to friend

This is a Protection Mantra which is said to turn your enemy into your friend. The Mantra has to be recited 108 times with concentration. The image of the enemy whom you wish to turn into your friend has to be in your mind. This process has to be repeated for 3 days after which success is acquired.

Why Indian Government is delaying releasing HSBC names

The entire attitude of the Indian Government, in the case involving the Indian citizens holding bank accounts in HSBC, Geneva, is mystifying and suspicious to say the least. The list given by France some time back is said to consist of 700 Indians, including 3 MP’s. The answer might not be as complicated as one might imagine it to be. The two main points for consideration for the Government or more specifically those who control it are definitely.

Sharad Pawar slap insult of all Politicians

In olden times in India, the law gave the right to a person to slap on the face, his debtor for declaring insolvency and inability to pay his dues. The slap would be in court and in full public view. A slap on the face was then and is still in most parts of the world considered to be an ultimate insult.

Home remedies for Pyelonephritis

These are a couple of interesting Health Remedies which are practiced in naturopathy by Traditional Indian practitioners to treat Pyelonephritis a form of Nephritis. These remedies can easily be practiced at home. 1] Take 10 glasses of water and put some silver pieces or coins in it. Boil the water till it evaporates and comes down to about 3 glasses. This water is given to the person suffering from Pyelonephritis to drink, when it becomes lukewarm.

Indian herbal health drink

This here is a Indian herbal health drink This health drink is recommended for general health and vitality by practitioners of Traditional Indian Remedies . This health drink can be easily be prepared at home; without much time or effort.

in/out of homes cylinders

In a Fullball world's homes cylinders, homes shared balcony rings circling around outside. You could leap out from one with air scoops to start easily air swimming off to other places. You'd first glance up to see if the supporting cable plus utility lines would safely be not too close as you jumped out. If turning just past the cable, you'd safely have a minute to jump out and avoid it.

Short prayer to Infinity

This first verse of the Guru Gita composed by Veda Vyasa is a Prarthana or a short prayer to the Para Brahma the Ever-Existent or Infinity. The meaning of this Prarthana is – I seek the blessings of the Unborn, infinite one, who contains within itself even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Benefits of Magnetic Water

Magnetic water therapy is practiced by a lot of naturopaths; particularly in India to treat certain diseases and body conditions. This therapy makes the use of powerful magnates. Either glass or plastic bottles, filled with water are kept on the north and south poles so a powerful magnet. This water is left overnight to create magnetic water.Naotropaths are known to call this water as “magic water” as this water according to them has a miraculous effect while treating a lot of diseases and medical conditions.

Remedy for Motion Sickness 2

In the past I had given some traditional Indian remedies for Motion Sickness .This is a common complaint, but those who suffer from this ailment, travel by road, air or sea becomes a pain. This is another remedy for motion sickness. This remedy is a Homeopathic one, but is really simple and is said to be proven to work, so no harm in trying it.

Meditation for Enlightenment

These are some experts from the Chapter “The way to the Supreme Person”, from the Bhagavad-Gita. These verses are descriptive of what to contemplate and meditate upon for those on Path to Enlightenment . Those who seek should according to the Gita contemplate and learn the art of Meditation on the Unborn . The Supreme Being or the Unborn is something which is beyond what is stored in the storehouse of memory; it is indescribable.

Mantra for Beauty

This is a Mantra Sadhana which is prescribed for women to become pure and beautifu l. This mantra Sadhana is amongst the numerous Traditional Indian remedies which are practiced by people from all walks of life.

Indian Dietary Plans

You are what you eat, is a catch phrase which has gained immense popularity. This philosophy has been followed in India since Time immemorial The Yogis, the practitioners of traditional medicine, nautropaths and Ayurveda all follow this principle. Some dietary plans are recommended for certain diseases and ailments in traditional Indian medicine. Certain foods are considered harmful, some beneficial for certain medical conditions.

Most Powerful Bhairav Mantra

This is a Mantra to meditate upon the fearsome aspect of time BHAIRAV .  Bhairav stands for time and time is merciless; it spares none; none can escape it. Time and Karma go hand in hand. It’s a matter of time when your good or bad Karma catches up with you. Bhairav Worship is an integral part and parcel pf Tantrik practices. The real Tantrik worships for salvation of the soul from bad Karma.

Meaning of Enlightenment

I have spoken about Enlightenment in the past and what those on the path to Enlightenment seek. Still doubts exist as to what Enlightenment really is. To understand this first and foremost one has to fully understand and believe the meaning of Enlightenment in the real Spiritual sense of the word.

Content scrapped from my site for sale on Amazon

A few days back a reader of this site wrote to me saying that he had seen some of my content converted into 2 Amazon Kindle Edition Books and put up for sale. I checked to see the links which he has sent me and further verified them with copyscape.On 2 occasions I chatted with the online customer care about this. On both the occasions they checked and verified that it was my content; they said that they would refer the matter to their higher-ups.

Truth behind the Wall Street Protests

Those who thought that the Wall Street Protests were a flash in the pan are sadly mistaken. These protests and more like them, on stock exchanges all over the world are here not only to stay; but intensify. What is the truth behind the Wall Street Protests? The answer is not as complicated as one might imagine. The Wall Street Protests are the manifestation of the common mans anger against the New World Order ; those whom I have said before; the ones who eat the cream and leave the plate for the others to lick.

Remedy to prevent evil energies entering home

There are numerous very interesting Paranormal Remedies which are practiced in India to wards of evil energies and the evil eye from entering your home. Some of these Remedies are really simple and easy to practice. One such remedy for Protection from all sorts of evil energies, including the evil eye from entering your home is to light a Diya[small earthen lamp having a cotton wick] filled with Mustard Oil at the entrance of your home.

Interior of Homes Cylinders

Some homes cylinders for a Fullball world were instead built with levels maybe 2.5m (8.2') high, maybe with some reduced spin to give low weights like those in cylinders having 2m high levels.

Ganesh Protection Mantra

This is a most simple yet powerful Ganesh Protection Mantra . This is a Satvik [Pure] protection Mantra calling upon Ganesha to eradicate dangers from evil energies, spirits and the evil eye. The Mantra contains the Beej or root letter of Ganesha ग्लौं [Glaum]. It has been recommended that this Mantra be recited 1188 times, the recitation of this Mantra is said to be most fruitful on any Saturday.

Need to demystify New World Order

Most certainly, the simplest definition for the New World Order would be ‘the handful that eat the cream and leave the plate for the rest to lick’. There is a lot of talk and good intent from well meaning individuals of the need to eradicate this Illuminati. For that to happen the New World Order first needs to be Demystified; and exposed.

Images of Mahalaxmi Mantras

Money and wealth is probably the one thing which is on the minds of everyone; whether rich or poor. One of the most mail queries I get are about Wealth . Especially for these people I have made an Image of 2 Mantras of the Hindu Goddess of wealth Mahalaxmi ,in Sanskrit as well as the English translation.

Horseshoe for Luck

Horseshoes have been used; the world over as a very potent and powerful talisman to bring good luck, health and herald in good fortune; since a long time. Likewise in India also it is considered to be among as one of the more popular of the Indian Traditional Remedies for Protection from the evil eye and evil spirits.

Image of Saraswati Mantras

These are Images of four Mantras of the Hindu Goddess of learning; higher and divine knowledge Saraswati .These four images have been put in a photo frame. The English version of these Mantras as well has the explanation has been given by me in my post on the Hindu Mantras of Learning ,

Mantra to remove planetary ill effect 2

This Mantra to remove planetary ill effects is similar to the one which I had written about in my post - Mantra to remove planetary ill effect . There is a variation in the wordings of this Mantra and the one given before. The procedure for acquiring Siddhi is the same. You can try the one you feel most comfortable with.

Yantra for fear

Try this Yantra if you fear something; whatever it may be, whether enemies, Evil Energies or even some physiological fear. This Yantra is made up of the Mantra Om written 16 times. Write this Yantra on a white piece of paper with saffron ink and keep it in your pocket.

Mantra for Departed Parents

Very often it is observed that when one wishes to pray to his departed parents he is given lengthy and complicated Prarthanas and Stotras to recite. More often than not one is at odds to understand the meaning of what one is praying. In order to make it simple and easy for such people I am giving here an east and simple to recite Mantra for ones departed parents.

Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Mantra

Dwadasa Jyotirlinga or the 12 Jyotirlangas are amongst the most sacred of the Hindu Shrines. It is said in the holy scriptures that SHIVA himself manifested in these 12 shrines as a divine light. Though there are numerous Prarthanas and Mantras dedicated to the Dwadasa Jyotirlinga , I am giving here a simple and easy to recite Mantra for the devotee to recite. This is to make it easy for the sincere devotees of Shiva.

Health Remedies

These are some Home remedies for deceases, ailments and some remedies to relieve pain. Most of these health remedies are those which have been and are still being practiced in traditional medicine mostly in India. These Health remedies have been given here for educational and information purposes only and not as a replacement for any existing treatment; I do not guarantee their success.

Herbal Remedies

The plants, fruits, herbs and vegetables which we come across everyday and which form a part of our diet have more often than not some hidden medicinal properties. The ancients discovered these unique medicinal properties and used them the for the treatment of diseases and ailments. These herbal remedies are still widely practiced in most parts of the world; more particularly India. Here are some of these Herbal remedies; which I hope will prove beneficial.

Traditional Indian Remedies

Traditional Indian religious practices and traditional medicine have gone hand in hand over the ages. There are remedies for almost everything from health, marriage and sexual problems to remedies for financial problems. This is an interesting collection of traditional Indian remedies which I have put here. I will be adding to this list, I request readers to contribute their knowledge for the benefit of all.

Paranormal Remedies

Certain paranormal remedies for a lot of day to day problems which do not have a logical answer rely on paranormal remedies to rectify that problem. These remedies are still in practice in India. The collection which I have put here is unique. This collection is for information and educational purposes regarding traditional Indian paranormal remedies.

Attack on Iran could trigger World War 3

Talk about a plan of a US lead attack on Iran is gaining momentum on the net. As of today this appears a logical possibility, given the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report has given them some kind of certificate to wage war on Iran. Press reports indicate that British and US troops are already in the process of planning a missile attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Given the size of Iran’s military a land attack appears a distinct possibility as the US and Britain does not have the numbers on the ground. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be pulled out completely.

Ganga Mata Mantra

The river Ganga or the Ganges is one of the main symbols identified with India more particularly the Hindu religion. This has been so since time immemorial, both have traveled their course through the ages hand in hand. The Ganga which begins its course from the Gomukh point of the Gangotri Glacier is pure at its source; it flows pure and clean in all its majesty for about 250 kilometers through the Himalayas. Then it starts becoming populated as it reaches the Gangetic plains of North. India . Through it course it becomes more and more polluted till it finally empties into the Bay of Bengal,

175 billion people in 1 Fullball world?

175 billion people in 1 Fullball world ? That's huge 175,000,000,000 Just 15.7km radius (9.75mi), like some big Earth city + suburbs, could have over 200 million (200,000,000), like the total U.S. population about when R.Buckminster Fuller died in 1983! That's of course because in a Fullball world the full 3D volume is efficiently used, much superior over merely scattered Earth like town & city mere surfaces.

Home remedy for Sexual Poweress and Vitality

This is another simple Indian home Remedy which makes the use of Honey and is said to be useful in increasing Sexual Poweress and Vitality. This particular remedy is quite simple and easy to practice and does not require much doing. Intercourse between husband and wife or lovers is a part and parcel of life; and this part has to be enjoyed to the fullest for great physical and mental Health .

Home Remedy to stop Vomiting

This is a simple Indian home Remedy to stop vomiting. This remedy makes the use of Mung Beans [Green or Golden Gram]; a commonly used pulse which is normally found in most kitchens in India; as also the world over.

Location of God in the human body

This verse ll.2.6 for the ancient Hindu scripture the Mundakopanishad written in the form of Mantras speaks of the location of God in the human body. This verse speaks of the Center of Consciousness in the human body.

Simple Home Remedy to relieve pain

Guggulu [Indian Bedellium] is used extensively in Hindu religious practices and in the process of acquiring Siddhi [mastery] over certain Mantras and Tantrik practices for specific purposes. Most devote Hindus have some Guggulu in their homes at most times. Yet very few know that this Puja item can be used to relieve pain due to fracture of the bones, swelling, internal wounds and pain due to lumps.

Most Simple Navagraha Mantra

This is a most Simple Navagraha Mantra to remove the malefic planetary effects. This mantra is most suitable for those who do not wish or have difficulty in reciting longer Mantras or Stotras. The first verse is to Ganesha as in the Hindu religion the name of Ganesha is invoked first for an auspicious beginning.

Surya Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Mantra dedicated to Sun or Surya which is said to bring the whole world under your spell of Attraction . This Surya Attraction Mantra or Surya Vashikaran Mantra has to be recited 108 times daily; early in the morning at the time of Sunrise after having a bath. Though the number of days for which this Mantra has to be recited has not been prescribed one has to keep up this practice everyday.

Salutation Mantra of Saptashrungi Mata

Saptashrung the mountain with 7 peaks is located at the village Vani near Nashik. Saptashrungi Mata popularly called as Saptashrungi Nivasini; the mother Goddess who resides in Saptshrung. The temple at Vani is Jagrut or Live as the Shakti of the mother Goddess is experienced by the sincere devotee who comes for her Darshan. The Shrine is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths of the Hindu religion. The idol of the Goddess is Swayambhu [self manifested].

Mantra to begin day

This is a great Mantra to begin and kick start your day with. This is a Salutation Surya Mantra which is dedicated to the only visible God; the Sun or Surya. The meaning of this Mantra is “May the Maker of the day, the Sun with the lotus in hand, bless me. He whose chariot has wheels refulgent with brilliant Gold”

Predictions of Third Antichrist by Nostradamus

The third Antichrist is an enigma. This name again like the war of Armageddon can be traced back to Biblical times. The third Antichrist and World War 3 go hand in hand. The prophecies of Nostradamus contain numerous Quatrains which describe the third Antichrist and his wars. The third Antichrist cannot be confused as just another dictator or politician because Nostradamus speaks about a world leader. This world leader will be a global leader and will be the dominant factor in the future.

Predictions of World War 3 by Nostradamus

The Great War, which has been spoken of since the Biblical times, looks inevitable and it appears that the countdown has started. This war, which has been described as Armageddon or simply World War 3, is most likely to be sequence of events; a series of wars; a chain reaction. Nuclear weapons are going to be used freely and the destruction is going to be widespread and unprecedented. No part of the world is going to escape the effects and after effects of this war.

Natural Disasters predicted by Nostradamus

The prophecies of Nostradamus have predicted an alarming increase and intensity in the magnitude of the Natural disasters which are likely to occur/have already started occurring now and in the coming future. I have tried to interpret these disasters as best I as could. There is always a code contained in the Quatrains; more than the exact verse, it is this code which has to be discovered and decoded. One thing about these predictions on Natural Disaster to note is that they will go hand in hand and coincide with the coming World War.

Meditation on the Unborn

The Isha Upanishad the ancient Indian scripture which inspired none other than Mahatma Gandhi contains some gems for those embarking on Path to Enlightenment . This verse from this text is a meditation on the unborn Ever-Existent by the Sadhak [one on the path] to see the true nature of the unborn.

Nostradamus - Global Revolution begins

Nostradamus clearly gives a broad hint of things to come in the Preface to his Prophecies , through the letter written to his son Cйsar Nostradamus. This letter is infact a message of the things to enfold and a warning; so that the general populace can be prepared; mentally as well as physically; building resources for the coming World Climax .

The prophecies of Nostradamus on India

The Prophecies of Nostradamus have always evoked great interest worldwide, ever since he wrote them in coded verses hundreds of years back. Many Nostradamus interpreters have interpreted them as best and as clearly as they could. Here I have tried sincerely to do justice to the best of my abilities. I invite the readers of this site to contribute towards the betterment of this subject by contributing their interpretations of any prophecy of Nostradamus which they might have interpreted or if any such interpretation is in their procession. You can always do so by filling in the contact form which is provided or by email.

Fullball world how big?

A Fullball world of merely 1km radius (.62mi), could have within its full ball world volume over 50,000 people! Later it could be progressively expanded for lots more folks. How big can a spherical Fullball world grow before self gravitation weights of all inside gets too high for air pressure pushing out the cable network tied outer shell? If 100m x 200m x 4m vol. per person, (generously based on 1985 U.S. population just after Fuller died, on land excluding mountains & deserts),and if avg. density = 1m depth of water in that 4m depth, (plus a 2m thick outer protective layer), then various sized spherical balloon worlds compute to: radius people max acc all wt. | radius people max acc all wt. km thousands mm/s^2

Simple Remedies to remove Cannabis hangover

Vigna mungo [Urad or udad dal ] commonly known in English as Black Gram or Black Lentil is one of the most used pulses is cooking. This pulse is also commonly used in traditional and Ayurvedic preparations as it has certain unique medicinal properties.

The doctrine of self-surrender

There are a lot of religions, sects and pseudo-religious groups who are preaching the philosophy of total self-surrender to people who have not learnt the basics of Spiritualism . These are unprepared people who are not ready for this highest philosophy. The end result of this impressive and deceptive doctrine is the conversion of ordinary devotees into passive, submissive and negative individuals. Such individuals are devoid of any original energy, initiative and creative skills.

Home remedy to stop coughing

Try this simple home remedy if you are suffering from dry cough as a result of some infection and the cough does not subside even if medicine in administered. This is true especially at night when the Doctor is not available and you are at your wits end as to how to stop the coughing.

Mantra to open Crown Chakra

This is a Mantra to awaken the Sahasrara Chakra at the crown of the head. This is also called as the Crown Chakra; described as being of a brilliant shinning golden color. This Chakra is described as having a thousand spokes or petals and is often called as a thousand petaled lotus. This is the last of the SEVEN CHAKRAS . The opening of this chakra leads to the ultimate union with the over self or the Ever-Existent.

Basic terms associated with Mantras

This is a continuation of my post Know and understand your Mantras .This post again is for the benefit of non Indian readers. In this post I am giving some common and basic terms associated with mantras. Mantra – A unique configuration of sounds whose repetition can bring about certain specific and definite results.

The most powerful Mantra in the world

An adept once told me about the most powerful Mantra in the world - Shivoham or शिवोहम. Literally translated in English it means ‘I am Shiva’. If you wonder how a man can ever be Shiva. It’s because in every individual is present in a potential form; the Ever-Existent whom we call Shiva.

Know and understand your Mantras

To understand and know your Mantra it is essential to understand some of the common words normally contained in most Mantras. This will to an extent enable you to know and understand your Mantras. The word Swaha [स्वाहा] which is used at the end of most mantras if translated into English literally means totally destroyed or completely burnt. This word is an exclamation which denotes a resolve for the complete destruction of the offering, if offered as a sacrifice to fire.

Image of the Surya Gayatri Mantra

These are Images of the Mantras recited and dedicated to the only visible god in the cosmos; the giver of live to those on our planet; the Sun or Surya. The first Image is of the 3 letter Surya Mantra ‘ Om Suryaya Namah ‘ and the second one is of the Surya Gayatri Mantra; recited to seek illumination. These are considered as most important amongst the Hindu Astrology Mantras

What those on the Path to Enlightenment seek

The Yoga – Sutras of Patanjali in verses 1.42 and 1.43 describes the process of transcending the confines of the mind and going beyond it. Tatra Sabdartha - Jnana -Vikalpaih Samkirna Savitarka The state called Savitarka Samadhi is when the Sadhak [one on the path] fluctuates between deeper Spiritual knowledge on the one hand and knowledge based upon sense perception on the other hand. This is the mixed state of Samadhi; the Dual voices in the mind do not cease and there is reasoning.