Simple Remedies to remove Cannabis hangover

Vigna mungo [Urad or udad dal ] commonly known in English as Black Gram or Black Lentil is one of the most used pulses is cooking.

This pulse is also commonly used in traditional and Ayurvedic preparations as it has certain unique medicinal properties.

These are a couple of Simple Remedies which make the use of Vigna mungo in removing hangover resulting from the consumption of drugs.

To remove the hangover of Cannabis, some leaves of the Vigna mungo have to be crushed and the liquid extract filtered. This liquid if consumed is said to remove the hangover.

2 table spoon of Urad Dal has to be boiled in about 60 grams of water; then the water has to be filtered. This water is said to remove the hangover resulting from Bhang [a preparation of the leaves and flowers buds of the Cannabis] consumption.

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