Attack on Iran could trigger World War 3

Talk about a plan of a US lead attack on Iran is gaining momentum on the net. As of today this appears a logical possibility, given the fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency’s latest report has given them some kind of certificate to wage war on Iran.

Press reports indicate that British and US troops are already in the process of planning a missile attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Given the size of Iran’s military a land attack appears a distinct possibility as the US and Britain does not have the numbers on the ground. The troops in Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be pulled out completely.

This brings to mind the Prophecy of Nostradamus on the Antichrist's war on Iran about which I had written about 2 years back. What really interested me about this prophecy was the description of a fleet being destroyed in a retaliatory attack. This is what I had interpreted as the trigger which will start World War 3.

What is clear is a unilateral military action takes place and is followed by a retaliatory nuclear strike in which a fleet is destroyed. If not now this event is certain to take place in the near future. Iran is the most likely candidate.

Prophecies of Nostradamus on World War 3 indicate the triggering off of a chain reaction which engulfs the world. There is certain to be a new power center as going by the prophecies the  Americans will be defeated; and their influence will diminish.

Britain will under occupation of the opposing forces; this is another related prophecy. The peace loving people in US and Britain should try to prevail upon the war mongers who are certain to create a global disaster.

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