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Baglamukhi Mantra to Get Everything Without Asking

In this post, I have described the simplest Mantra Meditation to get the divine blessings of Baglamukhi Devi , the Eighth of the 10 Mahavidya, and get everything in life without even asking for it.

Shabar Mantra to Attract Any God or Goddess

In this post, I have explained the procedure of practicing a Shabar Mantra Prayog to invoke or attract any desired God or Goddess or your Ishta or favored deity or Kul Devi / Devta or family deity. This Shabar Tantra is suitable for those Sadhaks who have tried everything but failed in their efforts.

Small and Powerful Money Mantras of Vishnu, Ganesha and Krishna

In this post, I have described four small but most powerful Mantras of Vishnu, Krishna, and Ganesha for an immense gain of wealth and all kinds of riches. These are reliable and authentic Name Mantras that are based upon the Names of these deities contained in their Sahasranama Stotras or Ashtottara Shatnam Namavali.

Ancient Shabar Mantras for Exorcism and Stopping Enemies

In this post, I have described two Svyam Siddh Shabar Mantras that can be used to instantly exorcise even the most powerful and obstinate negative energies, like evil-eye, curses, Tantrik experiments , ghosts, spirits, and other invisible beings and to infects, enemies, and rivals with powerful negative energies to immediately stop problems caused by them.

Akal Mrityu Averting Shiva Mantra Remedy

In this post, I have written about a sudden and untimely death or Akal Mrityu averting Mantra Remedy that is practiced using a small three words version of the most powerful death conquering Mahamrityunjay Mantra Chant of Lord Shiva.

Mantras for Peace and Sound Sleep

Most people do not truly realize the importance of having a calm and peaceful mind and hence, once takes the term peaceful for granted. In this post, I have written about four very simple to chant but most effective and powerful Mantras to calm down your mind and brain and sleep soundly without fear or disturbance.