Mantras for Peace and Sound Sleep

Most people do not truly realize the importance of having a calm and peaceful mind and hence, once takes the term peaceful for granted. In this post, I have written about four very simple to chant but most effective and powerful Mantras to calm down your mind and brain and sleep soundly without fear or disturbance.

When the mind is calm and peaceful, it vibrates with some of the strongest frequencies in the Universe and this unleashes the real potential of the mind and brain. In this state of total calm, all things are possible and within the reach of the practitioner.

This is the true reason why most religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism, preach that the almighty can be found in silence. The simple but most powerful Mantras given in this post will be very beneficial in removing fear, anger, depression, sadness, phobias, anxiety, tensions, and other negative emotions from the mind of the practitioner. When the practitioner is free from such negative thoughts, he can sleep peacefully at night without fear or nightmares.
Mantras for Peace

The simple method of these Mantras to get peace of mind is given below:

1] There is no Tantra, Vidhi, or Deity or any rules regarding Disha, Mala, or Aasan associated with any of these Mantras and the Mantra Chanting can be started on any day.

The practitioner can select anyone one of the four Mantras given below and chant it whenever he feels angry, fearful, or whenever he is overwhelmed by negative emotions. He can also chant the Mantra at night whenever he is experiencing insomnia and unable to sleep.

1] ॐ मनः शांति नमो नमः ||
Om Manah Shanti Namo Namah ||

2] ॐ मनः शांति नमः ||
Om Manah Shanti Namah ||

3] ॐ शांति नमो नमः ||
Om Shanti Namo Namah ||

4] ॐ शांति नमः ||
Om Shanti Namah ||

3] If desired, the Mantra can be chanted at a fixed time daily for about 5 minutes.

These Mantras can awaken the Kundalini Shakti and give Supernatural Powers: These Mantras can also prove to be a boon for advanced practitioners of spiritualism or those who are striving to awaken their Kundalini Shakti and gain paranormal powers. As mentioned earlier, when the mind and brain are totally calm and silent, they start vibrating with higher energies and in this state everything becomes possible.

Hence, this could unleash hidden or dormant powers that are locked in the brain and elevate the mental power and intelligence of the practitioner to another level.

Note: The Hindi language version of this Mantra for Mental Peace and Removal of Insomnia can also be seen on our YouTube Channel: Turant Man Ko Shant Karke Anidra Se Mukti Paane Ke Mantra 


  1. Namaskar guruji
    Sir , gayitri mantra can be chanted by anyone? Or only upanayanam performed people should only chant, ?

  2. Pranaam Guruji, could we chant these mantras mentaly, or do we have to chant it verbally only ?


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