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Shiva and Vishnu Mantras for Serious and Everyday Problems

In this post, I have described two Shiva Mantra to defeat any enemy and to get ultimate happiness and a Mantra to invoke Shri Vishnu and get whatever you desire. These small but very efficient Mantras can resolve all problems, including serious or everyday problems.

Mantra of Mohini Avatar of Vishnu

As explained in numerous earlier posts, the supernatural science of Mohini Vidya has originated from the Mohini Avatar or Manifestation of Bhagwan Vishnu, which is his only feminine manifestation.

Goddess Gauri and Narayana Mantra for Fulfilling Wishes

Even though I have in numerous earlier posts given all kinds of wish and desire fulfillment Mantras of almost all Hindu Deities, I have still described two such miraculous Mantras of Lord Narayana and the Divine Mother Goddess Gauri because both these Mantras are extremely effective and can easily connect the practitioner with the Universal Energy or Brahmand Ki Urja. 

Ganesh Mantras for Wisdom and Getting Everything

In today’s post, I have written about two small but very potent fast working Shri Ganesh Mantras for getting immense knowledge, wisdom, and the blessings of the Goddess of Learning Saraswati Devi and to get whatever you wish.

Vishnu and Shiva Mantras for Money and Knowledge

In this post, I have written about a Vishnu Mantra for getting happiness and profits from business and a Shiva Mantra for getting any kind of desired knowledge. These Three Words Vishnu and Shiva Mantras can be very beneficial for everyone, including students, researchers, and businesspersons because of their immense strength and simplicity.

Yantra for Fast Marriage to Loving Life Partner

In this post, I have written about a simple numerical Yantra for fast marriage to a suitable bride or bridegroom. We get many requests from our readers who are unable to get married quickly due to some or the other reason. Hence, I have described the easy procedure of making a Powerful Yantra for Fast Marriage to a Loving and Caring Life Partner.

Divine Numbers for Fulfilling Wishes and Money Gain

In this post, I have written about two supernatural numbers, Number 1176 for fulfilling any wish or desire and Number 20 for the gain of money . These secret numbers have been extensively described in reliable texts on Western / European Numerology, Switch Words, Angel, and Tarot Numbers.

Hanuman Mantra to Destroy Every Negative Energy

In this post, I have written about a very strong and fast working Hanuman Mantra t o stop the harmful and dangerous activities of all kinds of evil forces, including the malefic and nefarious actions of enemies, hidden rivals, black magicians, demons, and every kind of negative vibrations and energies, like psychic attacks, malevolent gaze, and curses.