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Fullball Vacation World in Future - 2

People on Earth were informed when the vacation Fullball world up at geostationary height was completed, orbiting Earth out over the equator, thanks to exploiting special robotic refining and constructions asteroids. They were offered quite interesting views of current high orbiting settlers enjoying their good easy daily living, such as good for the new fun vacation Fullball world .

Daily Happiness Yantra

In this post is given a simple and straightforward Yantra, which acts like a Charm to make the day ahead peaceful and happy. It is a Yantra for those preferring bliss, hence in Hindi it is known as a Sukhdata Yantra, meaning a Yantra giving happiness.

Kundalini Tantra and Mantras

The greatest dream of the spiritually inclined person is to become a Godlike Entity. The only way to make this dream come true is through spiritual upliftment, to raise the level of the consciousness to higher and higher levels and ultimately reach and be one with that what Adi Shankara called the Golden Womb of Silence. Kundalini Tantra has always been one of the most preferred paths to raise the inner consciousness to higher and higher levels.

Hindu Mantra for Kundalini Rising - 2

The purification, activation and raising of the Kundalini Shakti, that lies dormant at the base of the Spine is the end goal of the followers of Kundalini Yoga.  Numerous techniques, including Yogic Mudras, Bhakti Yoga and certain Vibrational Hindu  and Buddhist Mantras are prescribed by the Adepts who have experienced this elusive state of being.

Supari Mohini Mantra for Solar Eclipse

The Supari, Betal Nut in English is one of the most popular and widely used Tantric Items in Vashikarn, Akarshan and Mohini Mantra Experiments and in Tantric Practices and other Attraction Spells , which are independent of a Mantra. A lot of such experiments and Mantras have previously been published on this site. In this post, is given a Mohini Mantra Sadhana, which is performed on the day of a Surya Grahan [Solar Eclipse}.

Muslim Girl Vashikaran Yantra - 2

This is one more of the Islamic Spells of Attraction to put a spell on a girl who is unresponsive towards the overtures or due to some reason or the other unable to be reciprocate to the love and affection. This Naqsh is somewhat similar to the earlier Yantra and is believed to give the same results.To prepare the Yantra, the practitioner should have in his possession a piece of cloth belonging to the girl, one that should have been worn or used by the girl. If the practitioner does not have such a piece of cloth, then he should forget about this Yantra and try the other ones given on this site.

Geostationary Vacation World in Future

Being always above a fixed anchoring site near the equator let a new planned vacation Fullball world be formed over the equator. A loose cable loop would reach over to it from the cable lift. Then Earth folks could take a lift ride up to geostationary height, then take a ride over to reach the vacation Fullball world to enjoy a vacation taste of what it would be like living in such a very comfortable orbiting Fullball 3D volume balloon world settlement .

Dhuleshwari Stri Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Stri Vashikaran Mantra, invoking a Tantric Deity Dhooli Dhuleshwari. This is a feminine entity, about whom, I had written a post, involving a Vashikaran Mantra a few years back. Not much is known about this deity; however, she is invoked to put certain Attraction Spells, leading one to believe that the practitioners of Vashikaran Tantra in the past had experienced the beneficial fruits of invoking her.

Mantra for Leprosy Leucoderma and Vitiligo

The Mantra given in this post is mantra, which is chanted mostly for problems related to the spine. However, some Hindu Healers have also found it extremely useful in treating problems related to blood impurities, including severe diseases like leucoderma and vitiligo, where white spots appear on the skin and also Leprosy.

Mantra to Remove Animal Diseases

Like people, ancient Indian Sages also treated animals that were sick, ailing or injured to remove ailments and diseases.  The mantra given by me in this post is a Shabar Mantra , which removes diseases from animals, including pets and cattle.

Future Energy Generating uses of Quarks

In 1968, deep inelastic scattering experiments at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) showed that the proton contained much smaller, point-like objects (quarks) and was therefore not truly an elementary particle as had been thought earlier.

Mohini Mantra for Angry Friend

This is a Mohini Mantra Prayog to appease and reconcile with an annoyed and angry friend. Those people who are depressed because of the attitude of their sulking friend can try this Mohini Mantra Experiment . The experiment has to be conducted on any Sunday during the period of a Pushya Nakshatra, the constellation Delta Cancri as per the Hindu Panchang.

Islamic Vashikaran Yantra Tantra Prayog

This is an Islamic Vashikaran Spell Experiment using a Muslim Naqsh and a specified procedure to put under an attraction spell any person with whom the practitioner is in love with, be it a man or a woman. The Vashikaran Yantra and the Tantra works for both the sexes.

Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra

In this post is given a Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra. This is an Indian Tantra experiment to divide even the best of friends and make them hate each other to the point where they become sworn enemies of each other. This is a Tamas Guni Tantra and should be used only when your existence or that of your loved ones is threatened.

Mantra to Purify Arbi Vegetable

The Arbi or Arvi, known in English as Colocasia or Taro roots, is a popular vegetable all over the world, more so in India. This Vanaspati is known to increase physical strength and stamina. Its nature as per Ayurveda is Shita or Cold Prakriti and hence is said to be more suitable to those having an Ushna or Hot Prakriti.

Force to Lift Cable Lifts in Future

It's best to use tall strong frictionless units to rise and descend down the special tracks attached to geostationary lift cables. Available physical forces which can avoid anything actually touching what they're moving over include magnetic fields, and same or opposite electric charges, (also light's radiation pressure, also gravity from cumulative masses). Frictionless nontouching means safely very nicely never suffering any gradual accumulating wearing friction requiring periodic maintenance repairs. Electromagnetic generated forces seem best and easiest, quite consistent with our existing well developed technology.

Home Remedies using Black Plum

The Jambul/ Jamun fruit known in English as the Black Plum or Java Plum is not a useless fruit, but a Vanaspati possessing many curative properties. Hence, it is used in some traditional Indian Unani Remedies. In this post, I have explained its use in three simple to practice home remedies . These remedies are cost effective as the cost almost nothing.

Mantra Meditation for Nectar of Life

Those who are undergoing physical or mental turmoil or both, seek divine intervention to ease the pain. These people understandably, find it difficult to concentrate on any fixed Sadhana or Mantra Prayog, due their mental condition. In this post, I have tried to find a Meditation Mantra to ease the pain. This is a long tern Meditation Mantra, in which the practitioner mediates upon the Divine Mother or Devi Mata.

Vashikaran Mantra for Faraway Person

This is an Akarshan Spell to attract and bring under a Vashikaran Spell a person who is living in a far off place.  This Vaskikaran Mantra is again a variation of a very popular Vashikaran Mantra, and more than one attraction experiments can be performed using this mantra.

Cable Strands for Space Lifts in Future - 2

Now some more numbers. A load up/down the geostationary cable lift used special tracks attached to the cables. A load had tall strongly electromagnetic lifting units of "c" cross section, which strong supports reached out fixed to, to get moved frictionless up/down a pair of tracks. Such units got lifted by suitably fast moving electromagnetic force fields which the tracks produced, with the tall units kept well stably centered frictionless on the tracks, (not significantly touching them). Electricity was used to accomplish such lifting, or could be regenerated while a load was descending or decelerating.

Four Blood Moons Earthquake and Tsunami

The rare Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse was witnessed predominantly in North America on the 15th of April. This is the first occurrence of this astronomical alignment; the second occurrence will take place in October, the third in April 2015 and the fourth in September 2015. These astronomical phenomena have generated great interest among those trying to interpret the timing of the Destruction and Wrath prophesied in the Bible Prophecies .

Kinds of Kalash in Mantra Puja Vidhi

The Kalash or Kalasha [कलश] is an Indian Water Jug, which is extensively used in most rituals, Puja- Archana-Vidhis, Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogs. The main function of the Kalash in these rituals is to store the water needed for the rituals. Tantra Shastra has prescribed the use of certain kinds of Kalash for some specific Sadhanas.

Diwali Yantra for Gambling Success - 2

In India, the period of the Diwali festival is considered most auspicious for success in gambling. Many people try their hand at games of chance, especially cards during this period. In this post, I will explain how a Yantra is prepared and energized for gambling success during the period of Diwali. There are also a couple of other Yantras and Charms , already given for the same purpose in earlier posts; however, each one is different from the other.

Beneficial Mantra for Shri Yantra

It is mentioned in the Puranas and Upanishads that miraculous benefits can be gained by chanting a specific mantra along with the Shri, Shree or Sri Yantra In this post, I will explain how this simple Sadhana can be performed, even by a layperson, not well versed in Hindu Traditions. There are some specific mantras, which are believed to be the Beej Mantras of the Sri Yantra. However, the one given below is believed to give the maximum benefits. This Mantra is a popular Mahalaxmi Mantra , and needs no introduction.

How to make Space Cables in Future

The geostationary space cable lift can have 4 parallel cable lines held out at the ends of frequent horizontal Hs. It would be good to have multiple parallel cables to guard against any possible future bad strike from rare big enough space debris not deflected away, which might damage a cable. If ever that happened, then the other 3 cables, 2 normally for opposite direction travel from the damaged one, would allow sending there all needed to repair the damaged one, (after anything possibly using those other 2 had passed up or down out of the way).

Use of Red Chillies in Home Remedies

Very few people know that the Red Chili can be put to good use in some home remedies to get relief from certain ailments and body conditions. In this post, I will explain its use in three traditional Indian Home Remedies , ear pain, headache and migraine and removing the poison resulting from scorpion a sting.

Cable Strands for Space Lifts in Future

The geostationary space cable lift idea had been proposed at about the dawn of the space age . About then the discovery of carbon nanotubes having very high tensile strengths, due to their long molecule tube form, had hinted that a space cable lift could become a realistic wanted possibility, not just some wishful imagined fantasy unreal dream. (Some animal produced threads were found to be surprisingly strong. Silk is stronger than steel, and some spider silk is six times stronger.)

Vashikaran Mantra for Job Business Problems

This is a Vashikaran Mantra about which, I have written before, explaining its use in putting a Vashikaran spell of someone, you wish to enchant. This is one of those mantras, which have multiple uses. In this post, I will explain this very mantra is used in removing problems related to job and business.

Is Narendra Modi the Hindu Messiah

A messiah is described as the one who is the savior of a faith, sect, religion, race or a region. This concept has been extremely popular in Christianity, Judaism, Islam and most other faiths of the world since time immemorial. The concept of the Messiah, remains unclear in Hinduism, the savior is often identified with the Dashavatara, the ten Avatars of Vishnu. Of these ten Avatars, only the tenth one, the Kalki Avatar , is yet to manifest.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Business Profits

These are a couple of remedies from the Lal Kitab, which are said to increase profits in business if practiced sincerely. These remedies might appear strange and might not appear to make sense, but the same is true of most of the Lal Kitab Remedies .

Navagraha Yantra - 2

The Navagraha Yantra contained in this post is one for those persons who are undergoing an extremely bad and unfruitful phase in life because of adverse and malefic planetary positions or transits. This astrological Yantra is a variation of another one given earlier. The Yantra making procedure and the specified days are the same as given in the earlier post.

Bhairavi Stambhan Mantra for Enemies

This is a Bhairavi Mantra Sadhana to gain paranormal protection against the weapons of enemies. As pointed out in earlier posts, these mantras are ancient spells, where enmities where mostly settled through swords and knives, hence the practitioners sought divine protection against harm from enemy weapons.

Future Equinox Geostat Shadowing

Electricity, to cable lift load vessels up through our atmosphere, could initially come from maybe wind turbines stuck out from the cable lift's tall anchoring tower, or maybe from power generators, such as from dammed water. When high enough above any clouds or dust, lasers could sharply aim strong beams up to what would convert it back to electricity, to get conducted nearby "up" or "down" the lift cables. (At 25, 32 or 75km altitudes, our atmosphere thins to 1/40, .856% or .0024% of at Earth surface.)

Home Remedies for Urine Blockage

Urine blockages or obstructions in passing are caused by a variety of reasons ranging from Kidney Stones to infections. This ailment causes a lot of discomfort to the sufferer, especially at night, when he experiences repeated urges to pass Urine. In this post are given a couple of traditional Indian home remedies to give relief and comfort to those suffering from this condition. These remedies are simple and can be practiced easily, using commonly found ingredients.

Experiments to make Firewalking Possible

Walking over fire, red-hot glowing embers without being burnt is something we watch with amazement in shows of talent, village fairs, and circuses and by sages and sadhus in some centers of pilgrimage. Modern physics has done a lot of research in this field and given some satisfactory explanations on how Firewalking is possible without hurting oneself. In this post, I have given two experiments on how some practitioners of Firewalking In India  use unique combinations of parts of plants and other material to safe guard their feet from getting burnt while performing this strange, yet amazing and miraculous demonstration of skill.

Shaligram Mantra Sadhana for Wealth

This is a Shaligram Mantra Sadhana for money, wealth and abundance. The Shaligram is one of the sacred symbols of Hinduism, which is believed to be associated with Vishnu. Vishnu is also known as Laxmipati, the husband of Laxmi and the one who worships Vishnu is also believed to automatically gain the favor and blessings of Laxmi . This is the reason why a Laxmi- Vishnu Gayatri Mantra is chanted as part of this Prayog.

Tantric Experiments using Gunja Plant

Indian Tantra Vidya, believes that the Gunja Plant [Abrus precatorius], known in common English as Rosary Pea or Indian Licorice, has strong magical properties. Numerous Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas are conducted by Tantrics, using the various portions of this plant. This site has from time to time given some Mantra Experiments , making the use of the Gunja Plant. In this post are given 3 unique experiments for 3 different purposes, which are conducted, using the parts of this plant.

Future Space Cable Lifts Anchoring Sites

Nations became rather envious of how cheaply the investors team responsible for their 2 high orbiting settlements would be able to have robotically formed at very little cost, then sent to Earth, all needed to robotically form the first geostationary height stably centered cable lift system. This for now competitively set aside any nations' future dreams to try any such good way to get many future things up into Earth orbits etc., far cheaper than old single use costly big rockets.

Nari Vashikaran Mantra

This is another way in which the Kamakshi Vashikaran Mantra can be practiced; it is a small departure from the usual procedure. The word Nari is used in this Vashikaran Mantra. Nari, नारी means woman and hence the mantra is called the Nari Vashikaran Mantra , a mantra to put a woman under a spell of attraction.

Is India headed for a Bloody Civil War?

Is India headed for a bloody civil war? Who will be the opposing parties? What will cause this civil war? Which side will win? These questions would have most probably been considered unrealistic; just a few years back, but not now, they appear extremely realistic.  It appears to be a question of not if, but when.  This site has already published a lot of Hindu, Bible and Nostradamus prophecies, describing the fate of the Indian Nation, and civil war and revolution is very much on the cards.