Experiments to make Firewalking Possible

Walking over fire, red-hot glowing embers without being burnt is something we watch with amazement in shows of talent, village fairs, and circuses and by sages and sadhus in some centers of pilgrimage. Modern physics has done a lot of research in this field and given some satisfactory explanations on how Firewalking is possible without hurting oneself.

In this post, I have given two experiments on how some practitioners of Firewalking In India use unique combinations of parts of plants and other material to safe guard their feet from getting burnt while performing this strange, yet amazing and miraculous demonstration of skill.

First Firewalking Experiment
The juice of the Bhangra Plant, botanical name being Eclipta Alba, commonly known as False Daily.
The seeds of the Banana Plant.
The fat [flesh] of a Frog.

These three ingredients are taken in equal parts, put in a frying pan, and heated over a slow flame until they blend to form a thick paste. This paste is applied to the soles and feet.

Second Firewalking Experiment
Mansheel, used in Ayurveda, known in English as Realgar.
Gorochana, an animal part, used in Indian Tantric experiments and traditional medicine.
Flowers of the Palash Tree, botanical name Butea Frondosa, commonly called in English as the Flame of the Forest.
A few strands of Saffron [Kesar in Hindi].

The first three ingredients are taken in equal parts and a few strands of Saffron are added to them. Then they are grinded to form a paste, which is applied to the soles and feet.

Disclaimer- Article written solely for giving knowledge of strange Indian Practices and not to advocate its practice. I take no responsibility for any getting hurt while trying these experiments.

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