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Aliens could come in a 3D balloon world settlement

Besides many advanced aliens and our own future genetically advancing folks most likely preferring to often enjoy various entertainments, (including shared intimate sensual pleasures with beloved mates, instead of being too exclusively dedicated to serious high tech matters), we should also expect that many will prefer biogenetic improvements to help them live much longer with limited aging, while preferring improvements to nicely become more totally healthy. These can much aid long interstellar voyages , preventing any from getting bored to death.

Ganesh Mantra for mental peace

Ganesha. like the infinite qualities attributed to him; is known and addressed by a 1000 names if one has a look at the Ganesh Sahasranamavali. Each of these names is symbolic of some particular quality. Ganesha devotees chant these names for a variety of purposes. All these 1000 names 12 are said to be of particular importance and are widely chanted by the Ganesha devotees.

Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish

Here is some great news for the devote worshippers of the Hindu God of infinite strength Hanuman. In this post I am giving the Hanuman mantra to fulfill a wish. This Hanuman mantra is said to help you overcome the difficulties or problems you might encounter in fulfilling that wish.

Mantra to enjoy your wealth safely

As I have said many times before there are mantras for each and every purpose. Many of these unique mantras are still in practice in India; yet very few Indian know about these mantras. This one here is one such unique mantra; it is a mantra to enjoy your wealth safely. Most often it is said that one fears thieves and robbers coming to steal or snatch away your wealth. Others who have strong beliefs in the paranormal fear danger from invisible energies and spirits.

Most Powerful Prayer for Protection from Vishnu

The Shat Padi a composition of six verses by Adi Sankaracharya is dedicated to Vishnu ; the Protector. These compositions by Adi Sankaracharya are live and filled with the most vibrant frequencies. Of these six verses I have taken just one verse which is to be recited as a most powerful short prayer of protection from Vishnu. I know that most people would find it difficult to pronounce and recite the entire composition; hence I am trying to find the most relevant parts for specific purposes.

Prayer for Greatness

This verse from the Bhagavad-Gita is normally taken as a Prayer or Prarthana which is recited before a meal if one goes by the literal translation from Sanskrit. However it has a much deeper and spiritual meaning which preaches Karma Yoga . The Yajna [sacrifice] mentioned in this verse differentiates between the life cycle of the great man and the ordinary one. The Yajna in this verse is the Yajna of life. This in fact is a Prayer or Prarthana for greatness. It is the advice given by Shri. Krishna on what true greatness really is.

Padma Laxmi Mantra

Padma translated into English from Sanskrit means Lotus. Padma is another name of the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity and beneficial influences Laxmi. According to Indian mythology Laxmi is said to have manifested in the form of a Lotus. Laxmi is more often than not seen seated on a Lotus, holding the Lotus in her hands or wearing a garland of Lotuses.

Siddha Laxmi Mantras for prosperity

In this post I am giving two mantras for prosperity dedicated and recited in praise of Siddha Laxmi. Siddha means perfection; Laxmi is the perfection of the ultimate wealth and prosperity which each and everyone seeks. There is only a slight difference between the two mantras. In the second mantra you will notice an additional “Shreem”.

Mantra while offering flowers to the Shivling

A common practice all over India is to offer Bael or Bel leaves [(Aegle marmelos] and mostly white flowers to a Shivling. In order to give readers of this site more and more unique mantras for most purposes I have found specific mantras for the worship of the Shivling. I am giving here a unique Shiva mantra which is recited while offering Bel leaves and flowers to the Shivling .

Most powerful Mantra for Business

This is a Mantra from the oldest Indian religious scripture the Rig-Veda; the origin of which is believed to be divine. Hence for this reason I would consider the Mantra for business and problems related to business which I am giving below to be the most powerful Mantra for Business. The recitation of this Mantra has been advised to be commenced on any auspicious day for the best results. Other there is no bar; it can be commenced on any day. The recommended number of recitations is one Mala or 108 times.

Sexual pleasures key to the survival of aliens species

As "moderns" genetically improve their living beyond old evolved human limits, then at least some or most should be expected to want more and improved living pleasures. Why deprive themselves of happily enjoying living more and better? The same may similarly be sensibly true of successfully advanced aliens. So why should our SF (science fiction) keep presenting future folks or aliens as strangely being mostly coldly obsessed with technical advances and little more than coldly rational logical complex thinking? Might not many also sensibly want to enjoy living more, while even being enjoyed extra?

Can Ghosts Walk Through Walls?

Don’t Try This At Home, Kids Walls and doors tend to be fairly solid structures, as you will know if you have ever walked into one or been locked out of your home.  So why is it that in practically every ghost movie we see, spirits wander freely from room to room without so much as a backward glance in the direction of a doorway?  The general message that these Hollywood movies are trying to convey is that ghosts are made up of a certain type of ethereal ectoplasm that furnishes them with unnatural abilities.  Either that or they have had extensive locksmith training, provided by the C.I.A or an organization even more covert.

Aliens Watch

Aliens! A real intriguing topic; one wants to know more and more; one does not get the answers. For a few years now this site has been closely watching and monitoring this subject. A few prophecies including those of Nostradamus have been interpreted and will continue to be interpreted. Apart from this we are featuring a scientific study on Aliens by our Guest Blogger “I was.A.Member”. Kindly watch this space for more and contribute your knowledge if you wish.

Using the healing power of water to remove diseases

A most common practice used in India to rectify and cure health related problems as well as paranormal ones is really the simplest one. This simple practice using the healing power of water to remove diseases is said to work wonders. The healing powers of water are well known and proven; so no need to go into that again.

Prayer for Maha Shivaratri

Greetings to all Shiv Bhakts on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri; the great night of Shiva, celebrated with fervor all over India. On this auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri   I am giving here a Short Prayer or Prarthana   to all Shiv Bhakts. This Short Prayer is taken from the Atmastakam composed by none other than the great Adi Shankaracharya.

Use of Ginger and Fenugreek in fighting Whooping Cough

The commonly found edible Ginger and Fenugreek are used in a lot of health remedies in India. Traditional Indian practitioners of naturopathy discovered their strong properties as anti bacterial and antibiotic agents and put them to good use in fighting infections . Amongst the various health remedies involving Ginger and Fenugreek; the one to fight Whooping Cough has been found to be most effective.

Narayan Vandana

The verse given below is taken from the Shri Harinamamala Stotra. All the verses from this Stotra are energized Prarthana . This verse can be recited by the devotees of Narayan as a Vandana or a short prayer of Salutation to Narayan. This Narayan Vandana is most suitable to those who have the inclination and desire to pray but do not have Narayan Vandanathe time to recite long Stotras and Chalisas.

Mantra to eradicate great sins

This is a most simple yet at the same time a Powerful mantra to eradicate sins; even great sins. This mantra is known as the Panch Sati Mantra. This mantra I have noted has been mistakenly addressed as the Panch Kanya Mantra . The meaning of Kanya is Hindi in this context is Virgin. Virgins in India are said to symbolize purity.

Interstellar voyage problems that aliens could face

Any aliens trying to voyage to here would likely get awfully bored. Who would want to give up most (or all) of their lives just to be able to voyage over many decades or centuries just to try reaching some form of life imagined possibly at another star such as Sol? What's there to gain? And lots more energy would be needed to keep all inside better than just warmed alive. Then more energy and propellant matter would be required to be able to decelerate approaching some star .

Powerful Karya Siddhi Mantra

Karya means a particular venture and Siddhi means success, so Karya Siddhi literally translated into plain English means success in that venture. There are numerous Indian Karya Siddhi Mantras available the recitation of which is said to ensure success in any particular venture.

Mantra to make your journey fruitful

This is another of the unique Indian travel mantras. A variety of unique mantras are prescribed in the ancient Indian scriptures to make your journey free from dangers and at the same time happy, enjoyable and fruitful.

Dattatreya Mantra to remove past life sins

Various remedies in the form of unique mantras are prescribed in the Hindu religion for a large number of problems; some of a material nature and other paranormal in nature. This is a Dattatreya mantra for removing past life sins. This is a unique mantra prescribed by the practitioners of the paranormal for those whom they feel have committed sins in their past lives and those sins have to be eradicated. This Dattatreya mantra is a Shloka in the form of a mantra called Mantratmak Shlokas.

Are interstellar voyages of aliens likely?

We might expect that various technologically advanced aliens did & still do exist around some (or even many) stars, some in our galaxy maybe not too remotely far from us.If we can exist, naturally evolved on a planet here, then why can't many different aliens also exist around our galaxy? To deny any such possibility would almost be like trying to claim that human civilization never truly came into existence on a planet here. Such a claim would of course be absurd stupid nonsense! So expecting existence also of aliens in our (& other) galaxies in fact seems credibly sensible.

A prayer to the light

Deepjyoti translated into English means the light of the lamp. It also signifies the light in the darkness of the vastness of life. This is an old and popular short Indian prarthana or short prayer to the Deepjoyti or light. These ancient prayer simple as they may sound, have a most profound meaning and message attached to them.

Traditional Indian remedies using lime as a hair and teeth cleanser

The use of lime is widely prevalent in traditional Indian home remedies. I have already written about the widespread use of lime as a. facial cleanser and an vital ingredients which increases and maintains skin luster .

Bhagavad-Gita mantra for important work

This is a Shloka [religious verse] from the Bhagavad-Gita , the meaning of which I have given below. As the meaning indicates this particular Shloka which is the direct word of the Supreme Being [Krishna] takes care of those who are completely in tune with him.

Early Morning Prayer to the Sun

This is a ancient Sanskrit prarthana of prayer to Surya Devta or the Sun God. Yes! The Sun God; for he is the only living God whom we can see. The earth and everything on it is a part of the Sun and exists solely due to him. Having said all this why not remember him for a couple of minutes early in the in the morning by reciting this Prayer to the Sun .

Nostradamus on sequence of events leading to world war 3

I have been intrigued by the crucial Naval Battle which triggers off World War 3 . This is the battle in which a great fleet is destroyed through the use of Nuclear weapons. There are numerous Quatrains which Nostradamus has dedicated to the destruction of a great fleet. This is another one of those World War 3 Nostradamus Quatrains.

Traditional Indian remedy for vomiting in pregnancy

Vomiting during pregnancy is a common side effect of being pregnant. This traditional Indian remedy for vomiting; especially during pregnancy is quite simple and easy to prepare and practice in your home.

Traditional Indian remedy for Arthritis

Numerous remedies in the field of traditional medicine are available for the treatment of Arthritis. One of the most simple Home remedy I have discovered is a traditional Indian remedy which is most simple; yet effective. This simple remedy makes the use of lime; the curative properties of lime are well documented. Lime has since ancient times been used to treat Arthritis.

Dattatreya Mantra for domestic harmony

The Hindu religion has like its infinite deities; numerous remedies in the form of mantras for numerous purposes. This is a mantra for domestic harmony. This mantra is dedicated to  Dattatreya ; the Maha Guru; the Guru of Gurus.< This is a satvik [pure] mantra which is recited if one wants an atmosphere of peace and harmony in your home. The mantra is said to attract the vibrations of harmony and peace which are omnipresent in the atmosphere.

Saraswati mantra for students

This post is a continuation of my previous posts giving unique mantras for knowledge and learning. All these mantras are dedicated to Saraswati; the source and fountainhead of divine knowledge; omnipresent in the cosmos.

Saraswati mantra for divine inspiration

This is another beautiful Satvik [pure] mantra dedicated the Hindu Goddess of learning Saraswati. This is the Saraswati mantra for divine inspiration. Those in the pursuit of knowledge for the general welfare of the public and knowledge for positive purposes need inspiration. The mantra vibrates to the pure frequencies of learning which are omnipresent in infinity. Saraswati is the river from which these frequencies of knowledge flow throughout the Universe.

Saraswati mantra for illumination of the mind

This is a mantra to meditate on the Goddess of learning Saraswati , the origin of higher knowledge and arts. This is the Saraswati mantra for illumination of the mind. This mantra is suitable for students and those learning some fine art which requires inspiration. I would advise the recitation of this mantra once before commencing any type of activity related to knowledge, fine arts and Learning .

The Future of India

To know the future of India and what the future hold for Indians one has to first understand the real Karma of India and Hinduism . Yes! Karma ; every region and religion has its own specific Karma. The future of that region and religion is predestined, it cannot be changed. The word “Hindu” is what one associates India with most. The original meaning of Hindu was the description of the people who lived in the settlements along the Sindhu River. So also with the word India; used to describe the inhabitants of the Indus valley civilization.

Traditional Indian remedies for skin luster

These are some of the unique traditional Indian remedies. These are a couple of simple home remedies for skin luster. These simple home remedies are safe to practice as they have no harmful side effects as no chemicals or toxic substances are involved.

Traditional Indian home remedy for facial cleanser

This is a traditional Indian home remedy for facial cleanser. This remedy does not cost much, is cheap and effective and can easily be practiced at home. This simple home remedy is an excellent facial cleanser, it does not make the use of harmful chemicals or toxic substances; hence can be safely used.

Beware of the Mobile Phone Vashikaran fraud

A massive Mobile Phone Vashikaran fraud is underway in India, notable the state of Rajasthan. A lot of the readers complain that the Attraction, Protection, Health and other mantras posted on this site are featured on spam Vashikaran sites.

Vanaspati Prarthana

This is a morning prarthana or prayer dedicated to Vanaspati. This is an ancient prayer.In the Hindu religion in India Vanaspati is the presiding deity of the plant kingdom. The ancients depended on the numerous plants and herbs for not only food; but also health. These ancients discovered the curative and life saving properties of the numerous herbs found in nature, and hence treated these herbs with reverence.

Aliens on earth?

In the past, claims, by a few, of supposed evidence of aliens reaching Earth, never presented one convincing credible photo nor gave even one clearly alien product or material. Even in SF (science fiction) groups, few really believed them. Those giving such claims could all have actually been just making up untrue stories, at most sometimes presenting unconvincing rather fabricated evidence, maybe just hoping to win some publicity, or to maybe win a few gullible admirers. Scientists, astronomers, technicians, and our general public were left little convinced by any of this. Claims by a few that they had encountered aliens never seemed to carry any good evidence.

Mantra to remove debt

This is a rare but powerful Mantra to remove debt. This mantra has been specially given to help those unfortunate people who due to financial and business problems have run into debt. This Mantra has to be recited 108 times daily in the morning with devotion and sincerity towards Guru Dattatreya . It is said that this will help a person overcome his failures and pay off his debts.

Tulsi Mata Namaskar

The Tulsi or the Holy Basil plant is considered as not only one of the most sacred of the Indian plants; but also a most auspicious Hindu religious symbol. The Tulsi plant which has wide curative properties is a fixture in most Hindu households. Most devote Hindus offer water early in the morning to the Tulsi plant and recite some mantra or prarthana [prayer]. I have given here one such prayer; this is in the form of a Namaskar or Salutation to Tulsi. Tulsi is also considered as a Goddess and is addressed with reverence by devote Hindus as Tulsi Mata .

Kuldevta Bandhan Mukti Mantra

The Kuldevta of the family deity is an integral part and parcel of the Indian way of life. Every family is said to have a Kuldevta; a God or a Goddess. In the modern times as many families migrated from villages into cities and all over the world, they lost contact with their roots. Such persons have heard of the practice of worshipping the Kuldevta , but don’t know who their Kuldevta is.