Prayer for Greatness

This verse from the Bhagavad-Gita is normally taken as a Prayer or Prarthana which is recited before a meal if one goes by the literal translation from Sanskrit. However it has a much deeper and spiritual meaning which preaches Karma Yoga.

The Yajna [sacrifice] mentioned in this verse differentiates between the life cycle of the great man and the ordinary one. The Yajna in this verse is the Yajna of life.

This in fact is a Prayer or Prarthana for greatness. It is the advice given by Shri. Krishna on what true greatness really is.

Hindi Devotional Prayer for Greatness
Prayer for Greatness

Meaning -Those great persons who eat what is left over after the Yajna [ those who live for others ] are freed from all the sins of life And those sinners who cook [live] only for themselves; consume only sins.

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