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Nostradamus - The Man of Blood

Nostradamus foresaw a “Man of Blood” who will challenge the two greatest powers of the day. Like with most Nostradamus Prophecies, the term represents a kind of code; an anagram, which hides the identity of this person. Could this man be “ THE THIRD ANTICHRIST ”; the one said to trigger off  the coming World War 3. CENTURY 2 – 89 “One day the two great leaders will be friends, Their great power will have increased: The new land will be at the peak of it powers, To the man of blood the number recounted.”

What can be achieved through Vashikaran

In the history of mankind there have been a lot of persons born with the blessings of the God of attraction; The Vashikaran Deva. These people with their commanding and hypnotic voices captivated the minds and imagination of the masses. Their voice was their major weapon in hypnotizing the masses and thus achieves their ultimate goals.

Remedy for Marriage Delay in Men

This paranormal marriage remedy, dedicated to Hanuman, is for those men who are finding it hard to get married or whose marriages are getting delayed for no rhyme or reason. This remedy is said to give results if performed faithfully and with regularity.

Vashikaran Mantra for Cruel Person

A Vashikaran Mantra for Cruel Person is used to subdue and remove the hatred, such a person harbors against you and to bring him under your attraction spell. This Sadhana is known as the Kalanaal Mantra Sadhana, said to have originated from Shiva himself. The Sadhana is of a fearsome nature; only for the highly experienced Tantriks.

Shri Gajanan Vijay - Miraculous Pothi

Shri Gajanan Vijay is the scripture on the life and purpose of the manifestation of Shri. Gajanan Maharaj of Shegoan, written by Das Ganu, a well known disciple of Sai Baba of Shirdi. This text is widely believed to contain miraculous healing properties; both spiritual as well a physical. This text; called Pothi is easily available in print as well as on the net; It comprises of 21 Adhyayas.

Vashikaran Mantra for Holi

This is a rare Aghori Vashikaran Sadhana; preferably commenced on the night of the festival of Holi. These Vashikaran Sadhanas are meant only for the advanced Sadhaks; having deep knowledge of the Tantra. On the night of Holi take a fistful of cleaned Barley Grains and go to a graveyard and bury it there; in some secluded place. Let it remain there for 7 days. Then on the 8th day go back to the graveyard and remove the Barley Grains and bring them back home.

Frozen Brains analysed in Future

So, what if, long after you die with at least your head then kept frozen for centuries, eventually some future advanced folks by then having lots of free time, (thanks to having ever better serving robotic devices freeing them from some past time consuming traditional tedious daily work, tasks, chores, and some other necessities), happen to decide to give lots of their now ample freed time to eventually have analyzed, in great detail, billions [1,000,000,000s] of your post-death frozen interconnected conscious thinking neurons, hugely assisted by future speedy tireless highly advanced submicroscopically most rapidly capable biochemical cell analyzing microrobotic devices?

Diseases removing Mantra

A health mantra to remove diseases   is what I have given today. Like many mantras featuring on this site this is Shabar Mantra; invoking the great Navnath Guru; Shri Gorakhnath to aid and help you in resolving your genuine problems. This again is one of the Siddha Mantras as no mastery is required. Take some sand in your right hand and infuse this sand with the vibrations of the mantra by chanting it 5 times.

Remedy for success in business

Today I would like to tell you about another Indian paranormal remedy for Success in any kind of business. These are amongst cost the effective remedies which are given on this; they cost almost nothing, so even if you are hard up, you can still practice them.

The Auspicious Festival of Holi

Tomorrow is the festival of Hoil; Phalgun Purmima commences on26/03/2013 at 4.24 PM and concludes on 2.57 PM at 27/03/2013. This is a Panchang for Mumbai; however local timings can be confirmed by consulting the local Panchang as the generalized timings given everywhere give the period of Purnima between 3:54 PM on March 26 to 3:11 PM on March 27.

Shiv Leela Amrit to remove problems

Those who are troubled and suffering from a variety of problem and there seems to be no end to their problems can read the Shiv Leela Amrit 16 times. The Shiv Leela Amrit consists of 16 chapters and it is the experience of many that successful completion of this Vidhi remove all problems including ones related to black magic, evil eye and monetary and health problems.

Did Nostradamus Predict Narendra Modi

This prophecy made by Nostradamus is indicative of the manifestation of a new Avatar; could it be referring to the Kalki Avatar or as earlier pointed out refer to the origin of the third  antichrist . A reader wrote to me saying that this prophecy refers to the Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi as Modi is the only leader in India who is speaking through deeds and not mere words.

Paranormal Remedy to Quit Smoking

This is an Indian paranormal remedy to quit smoking and get rid of tobacco addiction. I have received a lot of requests to find and post a remedy to help those who suffer from tobacco addiction. Though I cannot vouch for the success or failure of this remedy, still I am posting it here for the benefit of smokers, wishing to quit smoking.

Simple way to attract Laxmi to your home

A simple way to attract and bring Laxmi into your home, which is followed by a lot of people, is to light an Agarbatti and a Diya of Pure Ghee in front of the Tulsi Plant every day at dusk. The Tulsi Plant [Holy Basil] has been an integral part and parcel of Indian tradition and culture since time immemorial. This tradition taught by the ancients has been sincerely followed over the centuries and even in today’s modern age; a lot of Indian families keep the Tulsi Plant in their homes.

Powerful Durga Mantra for Marriage

The Durga Saptashati contains some of the most powerful mantras of all times. One such mantra is given here along with its meaning. This is the mantra for girls to attract the desired prospective bride groom and his family if you are engaged in discussions regarding your marriage .

Remedy for Good Marriage Proposals

In India where an overwhelming number of marriages are arranged ones; this here is a unique remedy to ensure that the prospective bride gets extremely good and decent proposals for marriage . Remember that this Sadhana has to be practiced only if the girl is not getting suitable proposals.

Resurrection possible in Future

For future possible effective resurrection, some of us may consider having ourselves (or at least our heads, especially our thinking brain's interconnected neurons), preserved likely carefully frozen after death. Possibly whole bodies can be frozen to become somewhat protected from most cell destroying rotting and dehydrating.

Astrology remedy for mental peace

This is an astrological remedy for getting mental peace. If one goes strictly by astrology, Moon is the planet, normally associated with mental peace and bliss. If the Moon is positioned in a malefic house or if there is an adverse transit, then the native finds that peace of mind is hard to come by. Domestic quarrels, delay in money matter and lack of success are other indications of a malefic Moon.

Why God can never be described

The Mandakaya Upanishad describes the Soul; The Atma thus – “That which cannot be seen and captured in the net of relativity, speech and the other sense organs cannot describe it. That which has no distinguishing features. That which cannot be grasped by the thoughts or ever described by speech, nor which arises from memory, that which unites everything; The Atma; has to be realized.

Charms to ensure purse is always full

A few paranormal remedies which are said to ensure that your money purse is never empty are given here in this post. These remedies are still in practice in India; however you can practice any one of them; that is if you believe in such remedies. As stated time and again I provide them to give interesting information to one and all and not to advocate their use.

Powerful Vishnu Mantra for Success

A most powerful Mantra Sadhana to invoke Vishnu is given here. This Sadhana is performed to gain all round success, happiness and contentment in life. It must also be remembered that whenever you pray to Vishnu, you are automatically incurring the blessings of Laxmi as well. The practice given here is Satvik in nature and does not work if performed with malefic intentions.

Prophetic Vision of Kalki Avatar

This prophetic vision of “Kalki Avatar” was sent to me by our reader “Veena”, who experienced it. We have been closely following various prophecies regarding the ultimate manifestation of Vishnu; in his 10th and final Avatar as the “eradicator of evil” as; the Kalki Avatar . Visions occur when one looses his or her existent, momentarily in the Ever- Existent;they are a message or warning of things to come. Below is the vision in her own words.

Enemy Mohini Yantra

This is a Mohini Yantra to attract your enemy and avoid unnecessary conflicts and fights and to resolve disputes amicably. The Charm consists of unique Devanagri letters, vibrating to a specific frequency of attraction . The Yantra has to be made on a Bhojpatra and written with the paste of Rakta Chandana [Red Sandalwood] with any kind of pointed wooden stick.

Remedy for getting suitable job

This is a simple remedy, which can be tried by anyone if he or she is not getting a suitable job or employment; as per their capabilities and qualifications. This Indian paranormal remedy makes the use of Alum; Turti or Fitkari as it is commonly called in India. In many previous posts, I have highlighted the widespread use of Alum in traditional, herbal as well as paranormal remedies.

Mantra for Protection from Enemy Weapon

This is a specific mantra for protection from enemy weapon. The mantra is as with many posted on this site from the Navnath Sampradaya and it invokes Guru Gorakhnath, for protection from the harmful weapons of enemies. This is a Siddha Mantra and hence there is no need for mastery to be acquired. If someone apprehends an armed attack from his enemies, then he has to seek protection from Shri Gorakhnath and chant the mantra 7 times.

Mantra for Hiccups in Children

This a most specific Shabar Mantra for controlling and stopping Hiccups in children. Parents; even in the early middle ages in India were disturbed if their child was suffering from continuous hiccups. Hiccups are an involuntary physical action and hence it is natural to be concerned. I had previously given a general mantra to stop uncontrollable hiccups ; this one is specific to children. Navnath Sampradaya had an answer to most common problems faced by the masses and hence this mantra was amongst those composed; invoking the great saint and Master Guru Gorakhnath to give relief to the child who was suffering from continuous hiccups.

Mantra for Eye Infection

This is an ancient Navnath Mantra for eye infections like Conjunctivitis, which are contagious and hence spread rapidly. This must have been a major cause of concern in those olden times and hence the Guru composed this mantra to give relief to the sufferers of such infections. This is a Siddha Mantra; no mastery is needed.

Gayatri Mantra Upasana for Debts

This is a Gayatri Mantra Upasana for those unfortunate people who have incurred severe debts. This Sadhana has to be performed on 3 consecutive Thursdays. The Gayatri Mantra which has to be chanted can be found in this post - HERE .

Brainier Humans of the Future

As new genetically ever better improved moderns matured, they much liked increased benefits from having good genetic improvements beyond earlier moderns. Several then happily joined for good advanced human genetics R&D (research & developments), hoping to explore possibilities for having improvements developed in special new ways which could be infected into earlier moderns. (Past viruses had long been able to infect some genetics into our adults, altering or adding some cell changes helping the viruses spread wider.)

Mantra for Wasp Sting

Health and health related remedies and cures remain the first priority of this site; hence we try to find more and more new Mantras and Tantras for the sick and ailing. Given here is a specific Mantra for relieving the pain resulting from the bite of a Wasp. Wasp stings, especially those by ones like the Yellow Jacket Wasp can be both poisonous and painful. This Shabar Mantra invokes Hanuman, in the name of Guru Gorakhnath to relieve the sufferer of a Wasp sting, of the pain and remove the venom .

Yogic Tantra for Positive start to the Day

There is an interesting Yogic Tantra to get a good a positive start to every new day. This Tantra is based upon the Indian science of breathing; as highlighted in the ancient texts of Yoga. However one need not be a practitioner of Yoga to practice this Tantra; even a lay person can get good results by following these simple steps.

Simple Astrological Remedy for Children

A simple astrological remedy for children to get rid of the ill effects of adverse and malefic planetary transits is given here in this post. This remedy is posted here, giving due consideration to the fact that children will find it extremely difficult to chant most astrological mantras or to practice any such Tantras and remedies which are complicated.

Interesting Remedy to increase Business

This is a post which gives an interesting Indian paranormal remedy for those who wish to increase their trade and business. This remedy is also suitable for those who have incurred business debts, those facing losses and on the verge of collapse and those whose business has become stagnant.

Mantra to make People Favourable

This is a variation of a Jain Mantra which is chanted to make all people like you and become favourable towards you. The Muni who gave me this mantra has pointed out that the word "Pai" is inserted in this mantra to make it more potent. But as with Jain Mantras, purity as prescribed in Jainism has to be religiously followed while practicing this mantra.

Gayatri Mantra for Stubborn Children

This is a paranormal Indian remedy for stubborn and disobedient children, making use of the great Gayatri Mantra. This remedy is for the parents of such children who are disturbed by such behavior in their children. Such behavior is the cause of tension at home as the entire family is adversely affected by it.

Vashikaran Mantra for Navratri

This is another one of the live Dohas from the Shri Ramcharitmanas which is used for the purposes of attraction. However the key to achieving success in the pursuit of these mantras lies is the specific Sadhana. This Doha which I have given for the purposes of Vashikaran, also has a unique Siddhi Procedure; I will tell here you about this Sadhana.

The Unchangeable Time Cycles

The sages of ancient India; thousands of years back in time, had studied and written the Cosmic Time Cycles, when most of humanity were living in caves. They understood that all of Existence; visible and invisible was governed by Time Cycles. These Cycles were fixed and their life span was pre determined and unchangeable.

Attraction Spell for Family Members

There are very few homes where everything is hunky dory between all the members of the family living together under the same roof. In many countries like India, there is still a joint family culture and in most cases there are differences between the family members, whether with the in-laws, sister or brother-in-laws or even with parents or brothers and sisters.

Mantra to make Ghost Talk

A Navanath Mantra to make the ghost/spirit/entity which has possessed someone, talk is given here. Most people would have noticed such occurrences in films or on the television; the entity which has possessed a person speak. The practitioners of Mantra Vidya in the middle ages used such specific Shabar Mantras for this very purpose.

Gorakhnath Pain Relieving Mantra

There are a lot of requests in my Inbox from sick and ailing persons or their near and dear ones for ways and means to reduce or relieve pain. Though I do not promise any miracles or wonders, I try to find rare and potent mantras, which might prove helpful of the people who believe in them. The mantra invokes Mahadeva, with the blessings of Guru Gorakhnath.

Future males and females of matching size

While producing new male moderns, genetics experts were carefully able to avoid some past evolved human excesses, such as too masculine domineering tendencies, and sometimes less gentle faces having maybe a more prominent jaw, nose, etc. The new males were being designed to progressively tend to become quite loyal serving well enjoyed good fun & pleasure giving partners, while nicely also maturing to become more cutely attractive than average natural human males.

Remedy for House Buying Problems

Each and every person dreams of owning his or her own house. However in case of some people, even after putting in unprecedented efforts; it still remains a dream. This might be due to unforeseen problems always cropping up and stalling the purchase of the house . Hindu texts have given some paranormal remedies which are practiced in India to sort out this problem. The particular remedy which I am giving here is probably the simplest of the lot; there is no Mantra, Puja or Tantra involved.

Gorakhnath Mantra for not getting tired

A rare gem from Navnath Mantra Vidya is given here; this mantra gives an insight in to the traditions prevalent in the early middle ages in India. The most common mode of travel, for the commoner was walking and they walked and walked, till they reached their destination; and their destination could be hundreds of miles away.

Siddhi Yakshini Mantra

This is one more of the rare and unknown Yakshini Mantras; this one is chanted to invoke a Yakshini, known as the Siddhi Yakshini . Most people would certainly not heard of this mystical feminine entity or her functions. However a specific Sadhana is prescribed to invoke her, which is said to fulfill all the hopes, aspirations and desires of the Sadhak.

Charm to increase Virility and Potency in men

A special and unique charm to increase virility, potency, desire and libido in men is being given here in the post today. Two unique ways of using this charm have been given; both the methods given are said to be useful in increasing strength, stamina, vitality and the desire for making love; in men.

Remedy to keep Laxmi Stable

A paranormal remedy to stop excessive or wasteful expenditure and rapid outflow of money from your home is given here. This remedy is also known as the Totka to stop Laxmi from leaving your home or the Laxmi  Sthir Totka; remedy to keep Laxmi stable.  No mantra chanting of any kind or specific Puja is required.

Paranormal Remedies to get Success

A couple of simple Indian paranormal remedies to successfully complete any important work; like a job interview or business meeting and to overcome any obstacles, mental problems or bad luck which might be encountered are given here.

Mantra for fear of Poisonous Creatures

If you are staying in a place infested with scorpions, snakes, spiders and other poisonous creatures or have a phobia or fear of any of these creatures biting or stinging you then; here is a mantra to remove the fear and dread of such poisonous creatures. This is a Shabar Health Mantra , for that very purpose. The chanting of this mantra ensures freedom from any kind of fear or dread of poisonous creatures.

Predict Future from Testicles

As readers would have noticed, this site has been publishing some really interesting Indian Tantras to predict the future. These are rare and unique techniques used for predictions. Today a unique Tantra for predicting the future of men  from the testicles has been posted. However I do not vouch for these Tantras; I leave it to the reader.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Tithis

The human life cycle has been basically divided into 2 parts; the auspicious and the inauspicious. The roots of these 2 parts are the Tithis. A Tithi is an Indian Lunar Day and can be found out from the Hindu Lunar Calendar. The practitioners of Mantra and Tantra Siddhi , sometimes look for auspicious Tithis to commence the Mantra or Tantra Sadhana, Havan or Pooja as this is considered as the most fruitful period in gaining success.