Frozen Brains analysed in Future

So, what if, long after you die with at least your head then kept frozen for centuries, eventually some future advanced folks by then having lots of free time, (thanks to having ever better serving robotic devices freeing them from some past time consuming traditional tedious daily work, tasks, chores, and some other necessities), happen to decide to give lots of their now ample freed time to eventually have analyzed, in great detail, billions [1,000,000,000s] of your post-death frozen interconnected conscious thinking neurons, hugely assisted by future speedy tireless highly advanced submicroscopically most rapidly capable biochemical cell analyzing microrobotic devices?

Then, what if such advanced future folks, most interested in several long dead saved ancestors' frozen brains, become able to sufficiently analyze them, to then simulate their minds before they had died? This might finally allow effectively reawakening them into quite capable future much advanced computers.

Actually by 2010 some organ parts had already become safely freezable, to later in the near future be viably unfrozen and implanted to somewhat correct an organ suffering cancer or aging problems. E.g., this had been done with parts of an ovary. Then when much later thawed back to life, and then implanted into an ovary maybe threatened by cancer, wives could produce good proper inheriting fresh ova, for starting healthy good babies as proper genetic descendants. Or some women, wanting to have decent chances of producing a proper healthy baby later in life than had seemed safely best, could have this done, to let them then safely soon generate one or later even more genetically proper good normal human babies.

Farther in the future, nice wonderful flexible noncellular body forms may be devised to get mentally implanted into, looking about like cellular humans, but durably functioning more efficiently, (maybe partly by converting excess body heat into electricity for needed body moves and brain functions, instead of needing to eat, digest food, & excrete). Then no cells to forever be internally reproduced & replaced. (No daily meals then needed?) This would be lots better than God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) lousy flawed aging mortal disease-prone cellular design of us, badly poorly limited to DNA no more than 1% different from simple plain old animal chimpanzees.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask . If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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