Robotically mined deserts in future

For the few proposed new products to begin being made in Earth wasted lands deserts, (not competing much with old conventional manufactured products), some high orbiting settlers, (secretly moderns), decided to also have several raw materials robotically mined and refined from a selected few not too high semi-mountainous regions, materials which past humans had needed to somewhat expensively dangerously mine from old deep mildly risky mines. Not many Earth folks objected. This would in fact yearly save a few miners from bad or even fatal accidents.

Here too conversion of air's heat into electricity would help, even though outside air might at times be near freezing, instead of, in a hot desert, half way higher to boiling. On absolute temperature scales, that's 85% as warm. But air down in a mine would be warmer from surrounding rocky Earth, as one goes deeper, better for being converted into reusable electricity. And to help collect more daily energy at the surface near a mine to start refining mined materials, they would have many big panels positioned at the surface to convert sunlight into extra electricity, with adequate big storage batteries to give electricity from these at cloudy times and at night.

To pay for having mined/refined materials shipped to some deserts, they were able to find a few companies which would transport them when paid by giving them some extra such mined or refined materials.

Such mines would provide some wanted refined materials cheaper than from conventional manufacturing places, thus lowering costs of the few new conceived products in nations accepting such new refining and manufacturing using their past useless unpopulated deserts, as well as a few little-populated semi-mountainous mining regions. (And then this could even usefully contribute some helpful approval by a good number of Earth humans for the thoughtful inventive high orbiting settlers.)

Thus such high orbiting settlers (actually secretly moderns) liked trying to devise, in their ample free time, a few more selected new products to get manufactured in these previously quite useless deserts, (such as possibly including a new type food grabber if you didn't want to have to eat some things picked up by hand. Or how about a little robotic fingernail cleaner which could also smooth any rough edges?) These were products which some humans might like, but which would kindly compete little with current Earth manufactured products.

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