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We have always looked in wonder and amazement at the achievements of world renowned saints, scientists, generals,poets, sportsmen, sinners and other icons and marvelled at their feats and most of us have wondered 'what is it they had that i don't'.We have placed our heroes on a pedestal and said that their achievements cannot be surpassed,most of you worship your heroes like fanatics and don't tolerate any kind of criticism,always comparing them with others of their kind.


Most people live their entire lives just taking their body for granted, no one really gives it a thought as to what the body really is, those who do most often look at the scientific and biological studies, others look at the DNA studies and what the medical journals have put forward, and still others at what their religious scriptures have said. Most people have blind and unchangeable beliefs.


The entire universe of which we individually and collectively along with everything else are a part of which is popularly called god is governed by three forces-CREATIVE, PROTECTIVE and DESTRUCTIVE, also called BRAHMA, VISHNU, MAHESH. These are the three forces which are present everywhere and in everything in the entire universe and everything contained in it is but a play of these three forces, everything is controlled by these three forces. There is nothing else but these three present in everything in creation. The sum total of these three forces is called god.


Gods/religions and cults have been replaced by other gods/religions and cults this cycle has been going on from time immemorial and will certainly go on. One prays and holds ceremonies, festivals and feasts without truly knowing to whom or what one is dedicating this to. Every day one sees millions and millions of people praying to god or the almighty or by whatever name they choose to call him/her this process has been going on and on forever and is still going on and on for centuries and goes back till the known history of mankind.


An intuitive person is most often someone who is classified as abnormal and intuition as something supernatural or unnatural, we look at persons having the gift of intuition with a certain degree of suspicion and skepticism. What is intuition? Intuition means to have fore knowledge of something before it actually happens, now you will ask me how it is possible and if so how can we achieve it. To know about intuition you have to first look at and observe your mind.


The first is to observe your thoughts, look at them in an unbiased manner and remember not to get involved in analyzing or passing of judgments or arriving at conclusions or setting a target for yourself. I want you to remember YOU WILL FIND GOD WHEN YOU STOP TRYING. When you are observing your thoughts without bias and in a balanced manner there will come a time when your thoughts will slow down and then you will come in contact with the space between your thoughts, it is this space in which the entire universe exists. It is this space which you call god/bhagwan/or the almighty. The final goal of the mediator is to reach this state of mind and become aware that he/she is in permanent contact with the SPACE.


Meditation is a word you hear day in and day out almost everyone practices meditation at one time or the other in his or her life. There are numerous techniques available, all of which promise you of the ultimate union with god. Yet out of these millions of people practicing meditation for years how many of them have reached their ultimate goal, have you heard or met such people what have you noticed in them which you don't poses, are they any different from you .did you see them perform any miracles or things which you could not do. Now about these persons practicing meditation apart from self-hypnosis in what way have they changed, see changes show by themselves you do not have to observe them through a microscope.


WHAT IS THE SECRET OF EXISTENCE? A question everyone has asked at one time or the other in his/her life and received a variety of answers and the net result in the end one has ended up more and more confused. Therefore, what is then the secret of our existence, I promise not to confuse you any more I will give you straight answers, not the usual way these questions are answered by the so-called god men/gurus/prophets and so on.