We have always looked in wonder and amazement at the achievements of world renowned saints, scientists, generals,poets, sportsmen, sinners and other icons and marvelled at their feats and most of us have wondered 'what is it they had that i don't'.We have placed our heroes on a pedestal and said that their achievements cannot be surpassed,most of you worship your heroes like fanatics and don't tolerate any kind of criticism,always comparing them with others of their kind.

Now have you ever deeply wondered how these persons became what are today,and why you didn't and ended up only worshiping them,most of you have spent daydreaming about becoming like them,thinking about their qualities and if you had their qualities you could have become like them,other than these useless you have done nothing to become like them because you do not know the way to SUPER MANHOOD.

The Hindu God Surya Deva
Surya Deva
Do you want to achieve SUPER MANHOOD then read carefully what i have written and then think deeply about it.You do not become supermen by mechanically following a set pattern or lifestyle.You do not become supermen simply by aping your heroes.

Do you want to become like them then first of all get rid of all the useless thoughts that are harboured in your mind repeat loudly that these thought are not going to get me anywhere.Now think deeply that you are nothing but an energy which is part of an larger energy which is you call say loudly the most powerful 'mantra' in existence I LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE ME.This is the root 'mantra' which will take you rapidly to your goal.

By repeating this 'mantra' whenever you feel comfortable you will become the energy which you have always wanted to become in the deepest part of your mind,remember to achieve your goals you have to not become like the energy but BECOME THE ENERGY.When you become the energy then only will you automatically posses the qualities to take you towards SUPER MANHOOD.

Your single minded thinking will cause the energy in which we live and which lives inside us to trigger a chain reaction which will eventually cause you to become the energy which you have always wanted to become in the deepest part of your mind.

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