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Gudi Padwa good for Mantra Tantra

Gudi Padwa is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu calendar. This festival is celebrated as the New year’s day in Maharashtra and in Southern India, by the name of Ugadi. There are references to Gudi Padwa in the Puranas as being the day on which Brahma, the Creator, created the Universe. Hence, the significance of this day as far as auspiciousness is concerned, is as significant as that of any of the major Hindu festivals celebrated in India.

Enjoyable Life in Space Cable Lifts

A geostationary cable lift could offer multiple working and living stations, supported at multiple cable heights, even kilometers apart, lower or higher. To visit another such station would be no problem. Simply ride a lift vessel very easily from where you were, to quickly reach where you wanted to spend some of your free or working time.

Future Predictions of Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is what comes to your mind when one thinks about the Aam Aadmi Party. Like all Indian political parties, this party too has come to be identified with one individual, the others do not matter. Hence, the future of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal go hand in hand.  In this post, I have examined the commonly available Kundali of Kejriwal.

Musalmani Daridra Nashak Mantra

The mantra given in this post is another one of the Islamic Mantras for putting an end to poverty.  It is also called the Musalmani Daridra Nivaran  or Nashak Mantra. The mantra involves a special experiment, which is conducted for a total period of 5 days.  In this post, I will explain the procedure of performing this experiment in a few simple steps.

Indian Tantra for Removing Enemy Troubles

This is a somewhat funny and strange sounding Indian Tantra to Remove Enemy Problems.  This Shatru Nashak or enemy destruction experiment is free from any kind of Mantra Siddhi and Special Sadhana and can be practiced by any person. The science behind this experiment is to transfer extremely powerful vibes in the direction of the enemy, scare him and thus stop him from unnecessarily causing problems for you and harming you. In this post, I will explain who this Tantra Prayog is practiced.

Political Future Predictions of India

Predicting the political future of India is not as easy as it appears. Most people claiming to be futurologists depend a lot upon the laws of probability, they do not see the deeper meaning behind what is going on in India at the present moment of time. I had in the past interpreted a lot of prophecies  made by various prophets like Nostradamus and also some predictions based on my own astrological calculations.

Magical Indian Love Charms

I am pleased to bring out a collection of all the different love charms published on this site together to benefit all those who visit this site looking for Indian love charms to smoothen their love lives, to remove all obstacles and hindrances between lovers. These love charms are believed to work wonders and give miraculous results in all matters of love and affection.

Future Geostationary Cable Life Schemed

The investors group which had established the two high orbiting settlements, decided it would be helpful, to more approved folks, to much more cheaply get up off Earth by having robotically made and sent out from some of their robotic refining and constructions asteroids, all needed to form a geostationary height cable lift. It would become able to lift things off Earth much cheaper than by past costly multistage rockets .

Future Predictions of Narendra Modi

The Indian of 2014 either loves Narendra Modi or hates him, but never ignores him. Never before in the history of independent India, have these two extreme emotions been identified so clearly with any personality or even come close to it.  Modi can never be ignored; this is the reason why this site has tried to decode some Nostradamus and Hindu prophecies, which could probably be related to him.

Muslim [Naqsh] Yantra to get a Job

This is a Muslim Naqsh to get a Job. It works the same way as any Hindu Yantra for similar purposes. It is comprised of unique religious name symbols and numbers of specific vibrations. The Naqsh is considered useful for people who are unemployed or in a poorly paid, difficult, or unpleasant job and their efforts at gaining better employment have born no fruit.

Nostradamus on Russia USA World War 3

Talk of a possible Russian- American war, leading to the third world war, is very much in the air at the present moment of time.  The Ukraine crises over Crimea has given a golden opportunity to the Americans and their allies to take the first step; the trade war. Will this eventually be to trigger to the much awaited and expected third world war ; let us see what the prophecies of Nostradamus have to say on this.

Yantra [Charm] to Heal Malaria

This is an Indian health Yantra [Charm] to cure and Heal Malaria. The disease of Malaria, which is a disease, that originates from a certain kind of infected mosquito, was as common in the past as it is even today, hence the Indian healers of paranormal healing, invented certain numerical configurations of numbers, letters and symbols to heal this and many such similar challenges to health.

Cable Lift of Earth in Future

For a possible geostationary (geostat) orbit cable lift, such a long strong cable would need a longer extended cable section reaching out well beyond geostationary height, with a big mass counterweight at its end, so that way out there, the daily turning would provide ample outward centrifugal force, (coming from Earth's daily turning), to support lower things cable lifted high up off Earth.

Indian Healing and Health Yantras

This is a compilation of the various Yantra, Charms, Talismans, Amulets published on this site in past six years. A large section of the readers of this site is those wishing to regain their health or that of their near and dear ones. Hence, the purpose of this section is to make it easier for them to find the right Yantra they are seeking.

Most Fearful Destruction Mantra Tantra Yantra

Today I will explain how a most powerful Maran Tantra to destroy an enemy is practiced by Aghori Indian Sadhus. These fearsome and Tamas Guni Sages, those who try to harness the Tamas or Destructive Energies, normally practice these Mantra Prayogs in seclusion and secrecy, mostly in graveyards or isolated places, located on the banks of a river or in the mountains.

Simple Mantra for Everything

A common query this site gets very often is, is there a simple mantra to resolve all problems,  lead the life you wish, to fulfil all ambitions, all wants, have mental peace; in short people are looking for a one stroke solution to all their problems. Shabar Mantras are extremely important and relevant in these times of the Kali Yuga. Astonishing results are witnessed by the practice of Shabar Mantras for Maran, Vashikaran, Stambhan and all other common wants of the Kali Yuga.

Geostationary Height Cable Lift in Space

A geostationary height cable lift could nicely replace many big (costly) massive air polluting rocket lifts. Then something cable lifted could have with it merely a small rocket or ion jet to adjust it into some wanted orbit, or to alter some higher orbit to then reach Luna, Mars, Venus , etc.

Yantra Tantra to Heal Small Pox

This is another of the Indian healing Talismans to cure and heal the disease of Small Pox. This Yantra works in a similar manner to one given earlier, which invokes the Goddess Sheetla Mata, it can be seen HERE . Sheetla Mata is the Hindu Goddess, who cures a person of this serious disease, which leaves permanent scars on the face of the sufferer.

Lal Kitab Remedy to Increase Savings

This is a remedy from the Lal Kitab Remedy for people who in spite of earning a lot of money are unable to retain any of it and increase their savings.  Such people also experience that they are unable to control their expenses and the unnecessary and wasteful outflow of money.

Hindu Mantras for Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts indicate the free flow of positive and vibrant energy circulating throughout the body; whereas negative thoughts, indicate the lack of this vibrant energy . Doubt, suspicions, fear, uncertainty, indecisiveness, anger, hate, jealously and other such similar emotions indicate the lack of positive energy.

Indian Remedy for Burns

This is a unique, simple and easy to practise Indian remedy to heal burns and burn marks. This remedy is part of those Indian health remedies , which were in practice during the Middle- Ages and are still in practice in some quarters in India. This remedy is also said to be effective is erasing burn marks and scars, which remain after the wounds have healed.

Shabar Mantra for Swollen Eyes

This is a most specific Shabar Health Mantra  for Swollen Eyes. The mantra can be practiced to get relief from any condition related to swollen eyes, be it due to any infection, eye disease or simply due to a hangover or even a by- product of any kind of addiction. This is a Siddha Mantra and so there is no need for any Sadhana to gain Mastery over the mantra.

Future Space Geostationary Height Orbits

The investors group which had earlier had the 2 space settlements robotically formed orbiting Earth quite high, had been considering alternative ways for interested Earth folks to more cheaply become new high orbiting settlers. Rocket rides were expensive, maybe 20 times costlier to achieve geostationary height than if using an early proposed geostationary cable lift. Costly payments had to be given to one of the few nations constructing and launching such big rockets, (not profiting the settlements investors).

Laxmi Prapti Bisa Yantra - Mantra

This is a Laxmi Prapti Bisa Yantra, a very famous and popular attraction Charm to attract Laxmi; meaning money, wealth and abundance into your life. This Yantra is important for prospering in business and trade.  In this post, I will explain how this Yantra is prepared and put to practical use. Prepare this Laxmi Yantra on any auspicious day or any Hindu festival.

Shabar Mantra for Irregular Menstruation

Irregular Menstruation is a widespread medical condition in a large percentage of the women population of the world.  The causes may vary from mental tension to improper food. However, such a chronic condition causes a lot of mental turmoil. In this post is given an Indian Shabar Health Mantra to give relief to those women having irregular periods.

Yantra Spell to Exorcise Brahma Rakshasa Demon

Brahma Rakshasas are considered in Hindu Mystic Tantras to be the most powerful of the numerous ghostly entities, believed to populate the World, normally unseen and unheard. Indian Mythology is replete with examples of some Brahma Rakshasas, who became so powerful that the even challenged the Gods for supremacy.

Disease Resistance Genes in Future

While combating diseases, some human genetics experts on Earth of course found that some folks had better human gene versions for resisting some diseases. Such experts wished they could replace these into many folks having weak diseases resisting versions.

Satvik Shri Ram Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Mantra from the Tulsidas Ramcharitmanas, which is believed to possess extremely strong properties of attraction . The Ramcharitmanas was composed by Tulsidas, described in the Puranas as being forever associated and containing Vishnu in his being. Hence, the divine origin of this composition is never in doubt. The text composed in couplets and quatrains, is a live and vibrant composition of the highest order and is arguable one of the holiest of the Hindu texts.

Mantra to Talk to God in Dream

This is a Swapneshwari Devi Mantra Prayog, which is practiced by Tantriks and Yogis to talk to their preferred Deity, family deity or a favored God or Goddess in a dream. In this post, I will explain how advanced Sadhaks practice this Mantra Prayog to make the Deity enter his dream, in order to converse with the Deity.

Use of Siyar Singhi in Vashikaran

The Earth possesses many strange, miraculous and magical objects, the Siyar Singhi or Gidar Singhi, the horn of a Jackal is considered in Indian paranormal circles to be one of these magical objects. This in actuality is not a horn, as we all know that Jackals have no horns, but a small bone, less than an inch long, having hair jutting out from the skull of certain Jackals.

Yantra [Talisman] to Exorcise Empty House

It is a common belief that a house, which has been left empty for some time, attracts ghosts, spirits and other such mystic and supernatural entities. Such entities, though not always, malefic or harmful, stay in such a house and believe that it is their legitimate place of residence. In this post, I will explain who such a house, believed to be haunted can be exorcised by using a specific Indian Yantra [Talisman]. The Yantra given here is believed to be a most powerful exorcism Talisman. It has to be drawn as shown in the diagram on one wall in each of the rooms of the empty haunted house , including the bathrooms and balconies. The ink used has to be a paste of Yaksha Kardam, a fragranced substance, used in Hindu Rituals in India; the writing instrument should be a pointed wooden stick. Yantra [Talisman] to Exorcise Empty House The Yantra is composed of numbers written in Devanagari script; however, the language is not that important, the numbers can be written in any othe

Evolving New Life in Orbit

The good skilled safely liberal thinking biochemistry researchers were quite happy to now be easily living and working up here, instead of down on full gravity Earth, where such living cost much more, while sometimes having excessive conservative government restrictions on what they had been allowed to try.

Ekakshi Nariyal - A Symbol of Laxmi

Ekakshi Narial or the One-Eyed- Coconut, a rare kind of coconut, is considered in India as the symbol of the Wealth Goddess Laxmi. It is also used in some Tantric Rituals; including Aghori, the ones like exorcism of spirits and malefic entities. There are various ways in which this Coconut is used in everyday worship; the method usually depends upon the local traditions and customs. In this post, I would like to mention a simple form of worship of the Ekakshi Narial to appease Laxmi.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Husband who Insults

This is a Lal Kitab Remedy for those women who have a short tempered and uncaring husband who insults them in public, in front of everyone. In fact, it is a common sight, especially in countries like India, to see the wife being humiliated in public, where gender equality is still a myth and a lot of ground has to be covered to make it a reality.

Jyeshta Laxmi Mantra Sadhana

Does one worship Jyeshta Laxmi, who is the exact opposite of Laxmi? The exact opposite of what Laxmi stands for is misery, misfortune and inauspiciousness.  So why would anyone in their right senses wish to worship the Goddess of Poverty, in addition to the attributes mentioned above. Though it makes no sense, still there is a unique Jeyshta Laxmi Mantra.

Fighting Infections in Future Space

The new lab cylinders provided for the genetics R&D experts to move into, in the high orbiting Fullball world settlement, had been very nicely provided with many robotically quite well produced special useful things, such as microscopes, a good variety of modern biochemistry testing , experimenting, and analyzing equipment, and lots more.

Mantras of Shiva as Kedarnath

Kedarnath is one of the many names of Shiva. Kedarnath is also the Himalayan Peak on which the Kedarnath Temple built by Adi Shankara is located. This temple is home to one of the most sacred Shivlings, on Hinduisms 12 Sacred Shivlings or the 12 Jyotirlingas. The Kedarnath Shrine, forming a part  of the Char Dham Yatra, the annual pilgrimage to the Temples located on the  4 Himalayan Peaks of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnatth and Badrinath,is Hinduisms holiest pilgrimage.

Mantra Remedy for Urinary Diseases

Passing no urine or passing urine in small quantities from time to time is a serious ailment. There are likely to be many hidden diseases behind this condition.  These could range from the ordinary urinary infection to some serious disease.  In this post, I will explain how a Hindu Health Mantra , promises to reduce, cure and give relief to those suffering from such a condition, especially those having a chronic problem.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Spendthrift Husbands

This is a specific  Lal Kitab Remedy for Spendthrift Husbands.  This paranormal remedy is for those wives whose husbands are incurring wasteful and unnecessary expenditure, throwing about money, and spending it extravagantly as if there is no tomorrow.

Parad Shivling Remedy for Wife Peace

Parad means Mercury and the Shivling made from Mercury is called as the Parad Shivling, a much sought after and prized Tantric Item in India. Certain ancient Hindu Scriptures, including Puranas and Tantric, indicate that the worship of idols prepared from Parad is most auspicious and potent.  The worship of the Parad Shivling is believed to be one of the most powerful forms of Shiv Bhakti .

Experts Eliminating Diseases in Future

As populations in the high orbiting settlements kept slowly increasing, that began to include a bigger fraction, than among folks down on Earth, wanting to be involved in researching and testing improved ways to try eliminating diseases long plaguing humans. Up here was a safer place to test some trial disease preventions, partly because those approved to have moved up off Earth had been required to have first had some existing communicable diseases in them safely totally eliminated. The investors group in charge of the two high orbiting settlements had easily been able to insist on such a restrictive delay for some, since approved settlers were only a tiny minor fraction out of Earth's big growing populations.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Mistreating Husbands

This is Lal Kitab Remedy for women who are being mistreated by their husbands. A large percentage of women visitors to this site always complain about cruel, suspicious, unnatural and strange behavior by their husbands.  More often than not, the husband comes under the influence of another family member or relative having malefic intentions or ulterior motives and starts mistreating his wife. Such harassed wives can practice this Lal Kitab Totka .