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Shiva Mantra for Complete Protection from All Dangers

In this post, I have written about a hundred percent working Shiva Mantra , which fully protects the Shiv Bhakt from each and every kind of danger and threat, including those connected to enemies, hidden enemies, diseases, pandemics, natural disasters, wars, and accidents.

One Mantra for Total Protection

In this post, I have written about a secret and most powerful Protection Mantra comprising of only three words that give total protection from each and every kind of danger, threat, problem, and obstacle. This is a  standalone Beej Mantra from an ancient sacred Hindu Scripture, which is not dedicated to any specific deity.

Good Fortune Yantra for Business or Shop

In this post, I have written about a very potent Good Luck and Fortune Attracting  Yantra for business success and complete prosperity. This simple and easy-to-make-and-use Saubhagya Prapti Upay or Remedy for Good Fortune will instantly start attracting customers, money, and wealth into the business and make it flourish.

Powerful Yantra For Success in Life

In this post, I have described a Powerful Yantra that can be used in two unique ways to fulfill wishes and desires or to get some other person to fulfill them. This is a very beneficial Yantra for attracting good luck and success in life.

Harmful Energies Protection Yantra

In this post, I have described a very potent self-protection Charm or Atma Raksha Yantra to protect yourselves from all kinds of harmful negative energies, vibrations, and entities, including Voodoo Black-magic Spells, Vashikaran, Subjection Spells, Harmful Tantric Kriya , Psychic Attacks, Evil-Gaze, Curses, Ghosts-Demons-Spirits.

Seven One Word Vashikaran Mantras for Different Purposes

In this post, I have described Seven One Word Vashikaran Mantras that can prove to be a boon for the followers of Vashikaran Shastra or the Paranormal Indian Occult Science of Attracting other people by casting an enchantment spell over them.

Powerful Beej Mantra to Face Enemies Courageously

The small Beej Mantra combination described by me in this post has the power to remove every fear of enemies and dangerous foes and rivals from the mind of the practitioner and at the same time make him face the enemy fearlessly with confidence and courage and defeat him in any physical, verbal or psychological conflict.

Ram Mantra for Money, Brains and Attraction

Lord Rama has himself said that “ Ram Se Bada Ram Ka Naam” or Ram’s Name is bigger than Ram. This signifies the immense unimaginable energy that can be harnessed by chanting Ram Naam, which is the most powerful standalone Mantra that can make the impossible possible.

Most Powerful Yantra-Mantra for Fast Marriage of Women

In this post, I have written about a very potent Yantra and Mantra Sadhana for the benefit of women who wish to get married quickly, This Kanya Ka Shighra Vivah Hetu Prayog is suitable for both love and arranged marriages and it will resolve all issues, including delays, obstacles, and opposition.