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Storing Food Grains as per Feng Shui

The Chinese people give great importance to the storing of food grains in their homes. There is a belief amongst the Chinese that keeping the food grains safe and secure helps in bringing money and happiness into the household. Some of the important Feng Shui tips in storing food grains are given below by me.

The Use of Mantras for Spiritual Transformation

"Mantra" literally means to liberate the mind in Sanskrit. Both Buddhist and Hindu belief systems centrally focus on the wheel of life, or the belief that one repeats the process of reincarnation until lasting enlightenment is achieved. A mantra is a way of transcending this circle, so as to experience a higher state of being. If you're intrigued by these schools of thoughts, read on to learn more about how you can use mantras to transform your spiritual experience on this earth.

Harmonise the 5 Elements in your Home

Feng Shui as well as Vastu Shastra gives some guidelines for harmonizing the 5 Elements of nature; the Pancha Dhatu; in your home or office. Harmonizing the 5 Elements is said to bring stability into your life and give protection from the sudden ups and downs in life; it also accords happiness, popularity and prestige.

Mantra for Janmashtami

Today is the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami; celebrating the birth of Shri Krishna. No doubt people in India will celebrate this occasion with the usual pomp and festivities. The Mantra given in this post is probably the most appropriate one to chant throughout this day. The meaning of the Mantra is “I pray to that Vishnu; whose mount is Laxmi”.

Soulful Robots on Orbiting Settlements

Up in the high orbiting settlements, recent creators of a trial pair of "soul-ful" advanced computer brainy robots, continued devising what could be advanced better. A very useful advantage of high orbiting settlements had been that they robotically provided what covered many tedious past Earth human daily chores. That had given settlers much free time some could devote to studying possibilities to improve what our ever more advanced technology can achieve for future better living.

Meditation Mantras of Jagdamba Mata

The Adi Shakti, Divine Mother and the Mother of the Universe is worshipped by many names throughout India. This depends upon the culture, tradition, history and heritage of that particular region. The spiritualists and the seekers know her as the Kundilini Shakti; lying dormant in each and every human; they strive to activate her within their being.

Abhishek Mantra of Kubera

This is the Kuber Abhishek Mantra; Abhishek is a common Hindu ritual; meaning, making offerings to an idol or an image of a deity which chanting prarthanas, stotras and mantras. This mantra is chanted while making offerings to the Kubera Yantra or Murti. A few days back I had given the mantra for meditation on Kubera; the Japa Mantra of Kubera ; this mantra will appear to be the same; however if you notice closely there is a variation in the Beej Mantra letters given at the start of the mantra. This is done to for making specific uses of some mantras.

Remedy for Impotence and Low Sperm Count

This is a remedy to cure impotence; which I found to be very interesting. This remedy is prescribed by some disciples of a great Indian spiritual guru and saint of the past. The impotent man can try this remedy as it costs almost nothing and the ingredients which it makes use of are harmless and normally found in most kitchens.

Maha - Rudra Mantra for Cancer Patients

The word Cancer gives most people the shivers; it’s something that always happens to other people. A number of visitors ask for a mantra to heal and cure themselves or their near and dear ones of cancer. In this post I have posted a unique mantra which might prove to be helpful.

Hanuman Mantra to Punish Enemies

I was extremely impressed and pleased when I heard this Hanuman Mantra to punish enemies from a Hanuman Sadhak from the Himalayas. The mantra has been composed in plain spoken Hindi Script and can be practiced by anybody; as a daily Hanuman Prarthana or a mantra; as and when required.It is straight forward and simple.

Remedies for Weakness in Women

Weakness and fatigue in women and girls can be triggered of by a variety of reasons; physical as well as physiological. It might also be triggered off by ongoing Hormonal changes and disturbances. In this post I have given 3 simple and harmless remedies; any 1 of these remedies can be tried to get rid of this chronic fatigue and restore the lost vitality back into your lives.

Remedies for the Health of Students

These are some traditional remedies for students to maintain good physical and mental health. These days; due to enormous competition and the economic downturn, students are under great pressure to perform well in their studies and not to let the pressure and stress affect their health.

Mantra Experiment for Expanding Memory

A special and unique Mantra Prayog to increase and expand memory is what this particular post is all about. This experiment increases the capacity of the brain to store and recall memory and enhance its capacity and sharpens it. This is a Satvik Prayog which is practised by spiritual aspirants and is also useful for students, researchers and those involved in acquisition and gathering of any kind of knowledge.

Sending Advanced Robots to Stars

While there was no great need here now to create "soul-ful" advanced computer brainy robots, possibly some would become useful in the future to send to alien stars. Yet, any could be shut-down during such a long trip, of course speeding at most at a fraction of light speed (in the real universe). Thus a smaller much less wide interstellar vessel would be fine, not needing any food, nor any heating and living energy supplies, thus much safely smaller for avoiding interstellar space debris. Once reaching a destination star, robots could harness energy from included initial sunlight to electricity transforming films, to begin many activities, after first finding a good asteroid nicely usable for constructing lots of wanted things there.

Remedies for Healthy and Radiant Eyes

These are some unique and useful Indian remedies which are practiced to make the eyes healthy, shinning and radiant and to remove any defects and abnormalities. 1] Apply Castor Oil to the soles of your feet and t hen massage them lightly for about 5 minutes with a small rounded copper utensil.

Mantra of the Immortal Guru

Chiranjeevi in Devanagari means immortal. Ashwathama, Bali, Vyasa, Hanuman, Vibhishana, Kripacharya and Parasurama are the 7 Chiranjeevi’s or immortals in the Hindu religious scriptures. The Mantra given here is also one of the 108 names of Hanuman ; the most famous and popular of the immortals.

Japa Mantra of Kubera

This is the Siddha Japa Mantra of Kubera; however there is a specific Sadhana which has to be performed to make the Mantra more fruitful and beneficial. The Siddhi is gained by chanting the Mantra 10,000 times. There are two kinds of ways given in the Tantra to practice this Sadhana.

The Highest Form of Prayer

Para translated from Sanskrit means the Ultimate Truth; the Highest Particle or the Root or Beej of each and everything; seen and unseen; in creation. Para – Vani; again translated in to English mean the Sound of the Supreme.

Vashikaran Yantras

Yantras for Attraction have always had their own position in the Hindu Religious Tantrik Sciences. A wide variety of such Vashikaran, Mohini and Akarshan Yantras were and are in circulation since ancient times in India.  Slowly and steadily the popularity of these unique and magical geometric configuration; with the sole purpose of enchantment and attraction is spreading through the world.

Tripura Sundari Gayatri Mantra

This is the Tripura Sundari Mantra to gain in knowledge, wealth, intelligence and abundance. This is a Gayatri Mantra for the worshippers of the Tripura Sundari; the Mother Goddess; the Shakti worshipers who visualize her as being the Shakti in every living and non-living form. Hence this is a most powerful Gayatri Mantra; you all know that the Gayatri Mantras are Satvik in nature; so are the fruits of chanting them.

Try these remedies to lose fat

Nowadays getting a lot of requests from readers for easy home remedies to lose fat. Its belly fat which worries most people; the pot belly; especially women. Both these remedies can be practiced together. You can try them as there are no side effects what so ever and so the remedies are safe.

Kubera the Hindu God of Wealth

There must hardly be a devote Hindu who would not have heard about the God of Wealth; Kubera. There are a lot of people who chant Mantras, Stotras and Prayers of Kubera to invoke him for gaining wealth and abundance. This post is about the meaning of the name Kubera; the physical appearance and the symbolism. The real name of Kubera is Kuvera; made up of 2 words; Ku – Ugly and Vera – Body; that is Uglybody or the one with an Uglybody.

Mantra for Daily Needs - 2

This is another one of the Hindu Satvik Mantra for fulfilling daily needs. This mantra is for those seeking to meet their daily needs for livelihood or increase their job or business income. The reader will note that the Mantra is composed of a combination of unique root frequencies; Beej Mantras.

Mantra for Very serious diseases

This is the Mrityu Haari Vidya Mantra; the Mantra to defeat death!  Such ancient Sanskrit Mantras were mastered by the Sages of ancient India; the ones who had gained immense spiritual powers. Such beings had even mastered the knowledge of defeating death. This Mantra given here is one such Mantra; which was used to treat seriously ill people; even those on the verge of death.

Dead Man's Resurrected in Robots

As for possibly producing, in elaborate special advanced computers, complex "soul-ful" effectively resurrected mental people, (from their extensively highly analyzed dead frozen brains), those discussing such a possibility were generally agreeing that there wasn't much need yet to begin achieving this in either high orbiting settlement. Many settlers were aging less, while staying healthier, infected with fewer diseases than many down on Earth. Few of those dying had been arranging to have at least their heads preserved frozen in cold space.

Useful Remedies for Insect Stings

These are some useful home remedies for insects stings. Sometimes insect bites can be painful and poisonous. If at the wrong end of an Insect Sting ; these simple Indian remedies could prove to be useful. These remedies make use of commonly found ingredients and are easy to practice.

Saraswati Mantra for Wisdom

I would definitely recommend this Saraswati Mantra Sadhana for Buddhi, Siddhi, Vivek and Vani; intelligence, mastery, wisdom and control over speech. These are the qualities over which Saraswati Mata has dominance and this Sadhana is simply a great way to enhance these brain functions. Not only students and scientists; but anyone can practice this Prayoga to gain wisdom. The wise person is never short of anything be it material or spiritual.

Tantra for Hidden Enemy

If you sense that someone is stalking you; under the cloak of anonymity; planning and implementing harmful and malefic conspiracies; with the sole purpose of causing harm to you; fear not!. There is a specific Tantra; not only to deal with; but revert the harmful vibrations and the harm the enemy intends to do to you, back towards him; in multiples. This Tantra is especially for the hidden enemy.

The Maha Mantra of Life

The meeting point of the soul with the over- soul is the real reason for the existence of life; it is the root and cause of religion and liberation; it is that which is God; the Mahamantra of life. This is among the key preaching of the great Saint Shri Swami Samarth. Swami Samarth had merged his soul; with God and was a living liberated Master.

Miraculous Benefits of Swami Samarth Mantra

Some time back I had written about the Shri Swami Samarth Mantra and its power and potency. In this post are some of the miraculous benefits to be gained from the chanting of this Mantra. I must at the outset point out that the chanter has to be totally immersed in the chanting of the Mantra; like in a long term meditation; for that’s how it is chanted.

Try this remedy for Summer Fatigue

Summer fatigue is a common condition which triggers of tiredness and lethargy along with a feeling of being burnt out. Some people are more prone to being completely drained out due to extreme heat; this has a lot to do with variations and fluctuations in the temperature levels of different individuals.

Mantra for knowing Hidden Secrets

This is another of the rare Hindu Mantra for making your word come true; along with this paranormal ability, the practitioner is said to gain the knowledge of hidden secrets and unknown knowledge. The successful student of this mantra; succeeds in taking the first step; in his quest for becoming a Spiritual Master.

Special Mantra for Happy Married Life

Finally a special and specific mantra for a happy married life! This is the Shakti Mantra of the Ardhanarishvara; the Hindu symbol of the male and female energies which bind the cosmos and create all the life forms present in it. This in Hinduism is the most ultimate of all the unions; the Union of Shiva – Shakti; inseparable forever; in life and death; birth after birth.

Try these remedies to dissolve Kidney Stones

These are a couple of home remedies to dissolve Kidney stones; practiced in India. Any one of these two remedies if tried could prove to be useful. These remedies are among the remedies which were prescribed by the disciple of a great Indian saint to the sick and ailing people. You can try any one of the two remedies I have given below; that is if you have faith that such remedies do work.

Can thinking souls be created?

Clearly what most distinguishes us humans, as being most importantly superior beyond all other animals, is our human verbal conscious creatively intelligent extra capable contemplative thinking minds, having durable extensive detailed exploitable memories. But must a legally accepted "person" really stay always tied to requiring that the " person " has some genetic cellular body and brain?

Vashikaran Mantra Invoking the Devil

As you can see from the wordings of the mantra; and the use of the word ‘Saitan’; meaning Devil; this is a Vashikaran Mantra which invokes the Devil; the Devil in this context can be taken as the forces of darkness; evil and harmful entities and energies. The mantra as you can see from the wordings is Islamic in origin. The practice of this Vashikaran Prayoga is strictly not recommended.

Try this remedy for Dysentery

This is a simple remedy you can try if suffering from dysentery; this is one of those traditional home remedies; still practiced extensively in India. There are 4 basic ingredients you require to prepare a mixture which is effective in controlling and stopping continuous loose motions and dysentery.

Shiva Mantra for Wealth and Abundance

The Mantra in today’s post is a very potent Shiva Mantra Sadhana for wealth, abundance, gaining progeny and averting any natural and unnatural calamities. This should be good news for the devote Shiv Bhakts; Shiva worship is as powerful as that of any other deity even for material and worldly pursuits.

Try this remedy to increase brain power

Trying to practice complicated remedies to boost brain power; more often than not drains brain power and poor fellow practicing it more confused. In this post I will like to tell you about a simple remedy to increase brain power, this remedy can be tried on adults as well as children. There are no side effects and it is harmless.

Mantra for those who have awakened Kundalini

The Meghavati Mantra Sadhana is a very secretive Sadhana; most people; even those well versed in the science of mantra and tantra; would not even have heard about it. However at the outset, the Prayoga is not for the common person; only those advanced Sadhakas, who have successfully activated the Manipura Chakra , can practice this Sadhana. Hence this is a specific mantra for those who have awakened the Kundalini Shakti and wish to utilise their Shakti for the welfare of mankind.

Kuber Mantra to open Blocked Fortune

This is a Kuber Mantra to open Blocked Fortune. It is the experience of many capable persons all over the world; that no matter how hard they try; how many Mantras, Tantras, Sadhanas; they perform or practice; their prayers are simply not answered. Such people experience that nothing goes as per plan and success always remains elusive; as if it is avoiding them. One of the reasons given in the Tantra is the probability of past and present life sins; blocking their progress. This Kuber Mantra Prayog is said to be effective, in giving relief to the cases mentioned earlier.

Try these remedies for poor eyesight

Children wearing spectacles is a most common sight in the current period; more due to the changing lifestyles and patterns; than any other reason. Along with being burdened with too much studies; television, ipads, computer games have contributed a lot to make spectacles manufacturers more prosperous. In this post I have given a couple of simple remedies for poor eyesight. Along with children; even adult with defective vision can try these remedies.

The Mongoose Tantra

The Mongoose is a wild animal; elusive and quick like squirrel. This animal, better known and popular for its feats in killing snakes is mostly found roaming around old buildings, isolated places and forests. There is a specific Mongoose Tantra which states that the Mongoose is the messenger of none other than Vishnu.

Home Remedies for Pimples

Pimples and Acne are mostly a result of the body throwing out excessive sweat during the summer season. It might also due to some impurities in the blood. When the sweat dries up, small reddish spots or minuscule boils, start manifesting on the surface of the skin as Pimples.

Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra for Beautiful Woman

This is Vashikaran Mantra to attract and enchant a beautiful woman. You will notice that this mantra contains the name of the Urvashi Apsara; a mystical feminine being; known for her beauty and attraction appeal. The mantra seeks to enchant a woman of beauty like; Urvashi; with the blessings of Hanuman .