Tantra for Hidden Enemy

If you sense that someone is stalking you; under the cloak of anonymity; planning and implementing harmful and malefic conspiracies; with the sole purpose of causing harm to you; fear not!. There is a specific Tantra; not only to deal with; but revert the harmful vibrations and the harm the enemy intends to do to you, back towards him; in multiples. This Tantra is especially for the hidden enemy.

The Bhairavi Devi; also known as the Tripura Bhairavi Devi; the terrible aspect of the Mother Goddess or Creation; is the gross energy; corresponding to the Muladhara Chakra; the energy which resides there; in that Chakra. This is also the Chakra responsible for such gross thinking and actions.

The Sadhak who has mastered the Mantra of the Tripura Bhairavi, given here - Tripura Bhairavi Mantra; or through any other means or Mantras, been able to activate and control this Chakra; comes close to this Shakti and is able to divert it wherever he wishes; including dedicating it toward the hidden enemy. Once the Bhairavi Shakti closes upon the enemy; it triggers off whatever the Sadhak wants to do to the enemy. If the Sadhak wishes to destroy the enemy; the Shakti destroys him, if the Sadhak wishes that the enemy should suffer slowly; his wish is granted. Likewise the Shakti acts as per the wish of the Sadhak. If the Sadhak, so wishes, a hundred hands will raise, plot and scheme against the enemy and give back to him in multitudes what he intends for you.

However this knowledge is only for the highly advanced Sadhak of the Kundalini Tantra, to implement. It is extremely fearsome in nature and once triggered off; nothing can save the enemy. This can also be likened to the remote destruction of the enemy by triggering off a destructive energy force to surround him.

There are numerous such Aghori Tantras contained in the Puranas. Such remote Astras and Sastras were common among the advanced Sages and Yogis of ancient India. The Puranas are replete with examples on how these Astras - Sastras were used in war.

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  1. Hari Om,
    I feel that someone pries into my brain, and i get terrible head pains. After the head pains, I catch myself thinking about stuff i would have never thought.. Like fighting with someone very dear to me..
    Exactly at 3am, i wake up, and i feel something crawling on my body (left side, from temple to feet). I then feel numb, and it starts to burn. I feel numb and odd on the left side of my face, it is cold from outside but hot inside.. It goes away and comes back. Like right now when i am talking about it, i am getting that burning feeling. Sometimes I feel something stuck on my back, left side and it is trying to move to my head. My heark skips beat whenever this happends. After these i feel heavy and feel pain in my whole body.
    According to me, someone is spying me, want to take physical advantage of me and want to change my way of thinking. I just want to know if this is possible? And if there is a way to find out if this is the truth. And if this is really happening, then is there any solution ? I do not want to harm anyone. I just want to protect myself. (It has been a month since all started. )
    All these started when i visited a prayer place. The responsible there traced a pattern on the back my head, and run his fingers along my vertebral column and trace some pattern there too. He told me i was too stressed and he was curing me.

    1. You can recite like this:

      108 times or more daily.

  2. Is there remote shastra of hanuman?
    I am devotee of hanuman.. Please provide hanuman's shastra which can use remotely..
    note: i am a normal sadhak; not advanced
    Answer would be helpful
    thanks guruji

  3. mera nam vikas hai,
    aur mai aur mera pariwar lagataar 10 -15 salo se apne ...sambandhiyo ki irshya ka shikaar hote aa rahe...
    tone totke bhoot pret , aur bhi tantrik
    kerma mujh per aur mere pariwar per kiye ja rahe hai.
    sab kuch gawate chale ja rahe hai hum .

    kisi bhi tarah ki koyi unnati nhi ho
    pa rhi
    bs her taraf har ka hi samna pd rha hai
    jabki ,
    naam izzat paisa sab kuch barbad ho rha hai.
    kripya mujhe uchit marg-darshan de.
    jeewan vyarth hota ja rha hai.
    jeewan ke her kshetra me asaflta hi haath aa rhi hai bs..
    kripa kare. mujh tuchh per
    mere paas aapke alawa aur koyi rasta nhi .

    1. Chant this mantra of lord shiva for getting rid of from black magic/ curse / rahu/ ketu problem 108 times or 11 times daily with meditation.

      "Om trayambakam yajamahe
      Sugandhim Pustibardhanam
      Urvarukamiva bandhanan
      Mrityur mukshiya mamritat"

      Chant it with closing your eye. First inhale air and then chant this mantra when exhaling and try to complete full mantra every time in one breath. put your mind clean always. Don't ask shiva for any thing material.

      Then chant "om namaha sivaya" 108 times with same process.

      Don't think about sex or money or any human just chant.

      You will get the knowledge of world automatically you will get the protection of lord shiva.

      Don't intimate with any one except your wife love your elder take care of child.

      If you have to ask for anything ask shiva to give you only that what is proper and good for you if pray anything pray for your family eg mother child wife.

      After chanting daily your life will start changing i.e you sq will increase. Don't have non veg item on monday.

      Note: beware of sin
      Sin is such that you are doing something wrong intentionally ( using a girl for sexual benifit, making trouble intentionally to a innocent for your own benefit)

      First lamp a diya after having bath infront of house temple if oil become green daily/you become ill after puja/negative thought is coming in mind that is you are under evil forces may any tantra or something like that.

      If you have more query mail me on my mail id


      May lord shiva bless you

  4. Always I put my effort with good hopes.but many times say 8/10 my work come under much adverse condition that so I always feel no normal conditions. I am very frustrated but I know this is what happening with me is not natural , every time complexities in work , not in myself but my family also suffer same so this is not coincidence.
    I think someone try to bad thing on my life but I don't know that person.
    So what I can do , is there may be enemy ? Who try bad thing on me?
    How to identify it ?how I can tackle this frustrating problem.
    Please guide me anyway.


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