Remedies for Weakness in Women

Weakness and fatigue in women and girls can be triggered of by a variety of reasons; physical as well as physiological. It might also be triggered off by ongoing Hormonal changes and disturbances. In this post I have given 3 simple and harmless remedies; any 1 of these remedies can be tried to get rid of this chronic fatigue and restore the lost vitality back into your lives.

1] 50 Grams wheat Grass has to be crushed to a pulp and put in 1 cup of water and 2 teaspoons of Honey; mixed thoroughly and then consumed.

2] 1 cup of Cow Milk has to be mixed with 1 teaspoon of the Ghee [Clarified Butter] of a Cow and then consumed 2 times a day.

3] 4 teaspoon Arjunarishta [this is an Ayurvedic health tonic] of any reputed company has to be mixed with ½ cup of warm water and then consumed after lunch and dinner. This remedy has to be practised for a period of 1 month.

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