Simple Remedies for Itching Skin

Itching; mostly due to impurities present in the blood; causes a lot of discomfort, embarrassment and pain to the sufferer. The sufferer feels an unconformable urge to scratch the skin; the urge also becomes involuntary during sleep and this leaves the skin sore and damaged.

The causes may be varied; including various types of skin diseases; including infections or impurities of the blood. For this purpose; traditional Indian medicine has put forward some effective remedies to give relief from skin itching. These remedies; still in use have been in practice since ancient times. Any one or all of the 3 simple remedies can be practiced safely as they make use of harmless substances. However as a disclaimer; consult your doctor; before using them.

Take the Leaves or Stamen of a Lime Tree. Crush and blend them in water; the filter with a muslin cloth or a thin strainer. Then consume this strained water.

Take about 50 Gram Rock Candy and immerse it in overnight in a glass of water. In the morning drink this water. The Rock Candy should be of the pure variety which is called Khadi Shakhar in India.

While going to bed at night; mix a tablespoon of Turmeric Powder in a cup of milk and drink this Milk; just as you go to bed.

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