Shri Guru Charitra for the Childless

The 39th Chapter [Adhyay 39] of the Shri Guru Charitra is considered as one of the most powerful of the paranormal Hindu religious remedies for the childless. This coupled with the worship of Dattatreya, is said to give miraculous results.

Those who have completed more than 7 years of marriage and still remain childless can recite the Shri Guru Charitra. Men have been advised to complete 13 recitations of the full Shri Guru Charitra. Whereas ladies have been advised to complete 1008 recitations of the 39th Chapter and during this period perform 112 Parikrama of Dattatreya daily or 108 Parikrama of the Peepal tree. As the period for ladies will become lengthy, they can recite the Adhyay, 3 to 4 times daily.

The original text is in the Marathi Language of the Middle Ages and is about teachings imparted by the great saint and master Shri Narasimha Saraswati and his disciple

Though some sources indicate that ladies should never read this text, the Marathi religious writings have never mentioned any of this; in fact as I have mentioned above, they have highlighted some specific recommendations for ladies.

The recommended source given below gives detailed information including a video, in the Marathi Language. For those wishing to recite the 39th Adhyay, it is important to chant the Shloka first before commencing the chanting. The Shloka is mentioned in the first of the two recommended links - Namaste Yogirajendra………. .

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