Predicting Future of Women from Teeth and Tongue

Danta and Jeevha mean teeth and tongue in Hindi and Danta Lakshan and Jeevha Lakshan is the art of predicting the traits and future of a woman from the teeth and the tongue. This article is part of the series giving information about the Indian Tantra relating to the art of predictions based on the various body parts of an individual. I have translated the relevant verses of the text from the original Sanskrit in simple English.

“She whose, upper and lower teeth, have the same structure and mould and they do not overlap each other; which are as white as milk and are 32 in number; is a an extremely fortunate woman”

“She whose lower teeth are more in number and also larger than the upper teeth; is childless and more often than not unhappy. She whose teeth are coarse and ugly becomes a widow and the one with gaps between teeth; has a free and independent nature”

“The one with a delicate and straight tongue, of a mixture of the white and red color; the shade of a rose; is the one who gives satisfaction and happiness. The one with a big, flat in the middle and coarse to look at tongue; is the one who destroys happiness”

“The woman with a dark and blackish tongue has a quarrelsome nature. The one with a large tongue is poor and one with a long tongue eats unsuitable food”

This is how the Traits and future is predicted from the teeth and tongue of a woman; however there are a lot of other factors that have to be taken into consideration, these are found here in this - Tantra.

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  1. does they really work?did any one tried?

  2. Actually, teeth of a woman is decided by placement and strength of Mars in a her horoscope.

    1. A weak Mars will delay coming of teeth in babies. For such women, the second toe of leg (next to thumb), will be small.
    2. A weak Mars also may signify not happy marital life.
    3. if Mars is aspected by bad planets, teeth will be irregular, this may signify affairs, not good marital life etc
    4. As said by Neel, perfect teeth will signify a good marital life and happy life.


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