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Hanuman Chalisa Remedy for Removing Problems

In this post, I have written about a  most effective Hanuman Chalisa remedy for getting success in any difficult task or work or to remove the obstacles or problems that are preventing the successful completion of any task, including a task related to your business, profession or social or personal life.

Simplest technique of Kundalini Meditation

In this post, I have described a very simple but effective method of Kundalini Awakening for the followers of Kundalini Yoga. This most easy to practice Kundalini Stimulating technique appears in the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra.

Totka to Make Run Away Family Member Come Back

In this post, I have described a very easy and simple Totka to make any angry and upset family member who has left or run away from the house to come back. This includes the husband or wife who has left or run way from the home or any other family member, including a son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother or any other member of the family.

Hanuman Mantra to Quickly Solve Enemy Problems

The Lord Hanuman Mantra given in this post, is a part or the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach, which is a most effective and magical divine armor for protection against any kind of black magic, evil force, invisible beings and seen and unseen enemies.  This Mantra has been attributed with the power of immediately solving any issues related to enemies.

Mantra to Wipe Out All Traces of an Enemy

In this post, I have written about a Maran Mantra to wipe out all traces of an enemy. This is one of the most fearsome and destructive Maran or Enemy Killing Mantras that you can come across. This Mantra has been mentioned in the Brihat Tantra, however, it exact origins are unknown.

Evil Eye Removal Talisman for Children

In this post, I have explained a simple method of preparing at home an effective evil-eye or Buri Nazar repulsing and removing talisman, which can be used to to protect children from the ill-effects of the evil-gaze of any person, including a Tantric or Black Magician. This simple talisman can also be used by adults to shield themselves from any kind of malevolent glare.

Purpose and Meaning of Ugra Sadhana

Ugra Sadhana means the chanting of any Mantra, Stotra or Prarthana accompanied by certain rituals,  which are intended to invoke the Ugra or fearsome aspect of some Hindu deities in order to gain liberation, supernatural powers or to for material gains, including money and wealth, love and marriage and destruction of enemies.

Indian Black Magic Spell to Know Secrets of Others

In this post, I have described a rare and unknown Indian  black magic Voodoo Spell, which is cast by black magicians and Tantriks to uncover and know the hidden secrets of another person or discover what is going on in the mind of another person.

Can Women Worship and Chant Mantras of Hanuman

Hanuman is easily one of the most popular of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses and also one of the most worshiped. We regularly get repeated queries from women devotees of Hanuman, asking if is is all right for women to worship Hanuman, I hope this post will address that question to the satisfaction of women devotees of Hanuman.

The Most Effective Way to Worship God

The world is how we see it or we see the world not as it is but as we are, these are some of the most relevant and practical quotes, which explain that the word, universe or existence is how we visualize it with our minds, eyes and senses and not how it actually is in reality.

Durga Mata Yantra for Every Kind of Protection

In this post, I have described a most powerful Durga Mata Yantra for getting every kind of security, protection and safety in life.  This Sarva Suraksha Prapti Yantra or all security protection talisman gives all round protection to the practitioner, including protection from enemies, accidents, natural disasters and calamities and illness and disease.

Indian Black Magic Spells to Separate Lovers

In this post, I have written about three deadly Indian Black Magic Spells to separate and make friends, lovers or husband and wife fight with each other and turn into sworn enemies. These are fearsome Voodoo Spells from the Videshan Tantra or the Indian Paranormal Science of dividing targeted people by making them fight among themselves.

Hanuman Yantra to Protect a Place

In this post, I have written about a most effective Hanuman Yantra Prayog to protect and secure any place, including your house, office, shop, farm or any other place, which you fear has been invaded by ghosts, spirits, demons, vampires or any other evil, harmful and dangerous beings, energies or vibrations.

Simple Ganesh Totka for Mangal Dosha

In this post, is given a most simple and easy to practice remedy or Totka dedicated to Shri Ganesha to get relief from Mangal Dosha in the Kundali. This specific Dosha in the horoscope is said to directly affect the marriage or marriage prospects of an individual and create problems in partnerships of any kind, including those related to love and business.

How to Perform Shodashopachara and Panchopchar Puja at Home

In this post, I have described the simple methods of performing Shodashopachara and Panchopchar Puja, the two most popular forms of worshiping most Gods and Goddesses at home and also a most simple form of worship, if performing these Pujas is not possible for the devotee.

How to Make Worship of Ishta Devata more Effective

Almost everyone has their own Ishta or favored Deity, this is the deity that they prefer the most and identity with and pray to whenever they are in trouble or are facing some or the other problem, obstacle or worry. In this post, I will explain the simple method of making the worship of the Ishta Devta more effective and result oriented.

Yantra for Relief from Naru Rog

In this post, I have written about a specific Healing Charm, which is said to cure or give relief to people suffering from Naru Rog, also called Bala Rog or guinea worm disease [Dracunculus medinensis], which is a painful skin disease that cause a great deal of discomfort to the infected person.

Use Ganesh Murtis Made from Mud during Ganesh Chaturthi

This year Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated from the 13th of September to the 23rd of September. Many readers and regular visitors to this site will be installing Ganesh Murtis in their homes. As suggested By Shri Satya Nidhiji, I would like to appeal to all readers to install Ganesh Murtis, prepared using mud and avoid installing Murtis, prepared using plaster of paris and other chemicals.

Totka for Disobedient and Arrogant Children

In this post, I have written about a simple and easy to perform Indian Paranormal Remedy or Totka to make disobedient and arrogant children who insult their elders, behave properly. This Totka is also effective in rectifying the bad behavior of the younger members of a family who disrespect the elder members.

Mantra to Make Settling Abroad Auspicious

In this post, I have written about an auspicious Mantra, which can be chanted if you are going abroad or to another city to settle there permanently or are being temporarily transferred as part of your job. This Mantra is also useful for people who are relocating to a foreign country or another city for business purposes .

Mantras for Poisoning from Substances and Animal Bites

Mantras to remove poisoning from substances, spider, scorpion, snake and rat bites have been given by me in this post. These Mantra Chants to get relief from poisoning have been mentioned in the Brihat Tantra, the ancient Sanskrit Scripture and some other Tantric Texts, which contains some rare and authentic Mantras.

Mantra to Invoke Rati Sundari Yogini as a Wife

In this post, I have described the Rati Sundari Yogini Mantra Sadhana for invoking the Yogini as the wife of the practitioner. This Mantra is contained in the Brihat Tantra, which is a text on uncommon ancient Mantra Experiments of Yoginis , Yakshinis and Goddesses.

Magical and Powerful Get Rich Mantras

Lakshmi and Kuber Mantras easily come to mind when you are trying to find that special, magical and powerful Mantra Chant to get rich quickly. The two Hindu Deities are related to anything connected to money, wealth, property, material material luxuries, abundance and prosperity.

Hanuman Mantra For Good Marriage

Hanuman is a well known Brahmachari or a lifelong celibate who dedicated his entire being to the Bhakti of Shri Ram, however, recently, I have found a Hanuman Mantra for getting married. This Mantra is a verse from the Sunderkand Part of the Ramcharitmanas by Tulsidas in the Awadhi Script.

Mahalakshmi Mantra for Immense Wealth

In this post, I have written about a most powerful and effective Mahalakshmi Mantra for getting Immense Wealth of all kinds, including Money, Property, Cars, Gold and Jewelry and other Luxurious Items. The Wealth or Windfall can be gained instantly and suddenly or through unexpected sources, like a jackpot or lottery or inheritance.

Shiva Worship and Janmashtami in Shravan Maas

Shravan Maas is considered by many Devote Hindus to be the most important and auspicious holy month of the year for any kind of Satvik or Pure forms of worship, especially those related to Lord Shiva. This year Shravan Maas started on the 12th of August and concludes on the 9th of September as per the Panchang commonly followed in Mumbai.

How to Make Vashikaran Mantras Work

The maximum number of queries, questions and inquiries, this site regularly gets are about Vashikaran Vidya or the Indian Paranormal Science of Attraction. The popularity of Vashikaran Vidya on the Internet has grown tremendously over the past few years and keep growing with each passing day.