Mantra to Invoke Rati Sundari Yogini as a Wife

In this post, I have described the Rati Sundari Yogini Mantra Sadhana for invoking the Yogini as the wife of the practitioner. This Mantra is contained in the Brihat Tantra, which is a text on uncommon ancient Mantra Experiments of Yoginis, Yakshinis and Goddesses.

The practitioner has to contemplate on the image of the Rati Sundari Yogini. The Brihat Tantra, describes the Yogini has having a glowing fair and golden complexion, she is well endowed and wears exotic clothes and is adorned with the finest jewellery, including anklets, bracelets and necklaces. Her eyes are very beautiful and are compared with lotus flowers in full bloom.

Then, the practitioner has to create an image of the Rati Sundari Yogini on a wooden board and offer sandalwood paste and fresh scented flowers to the image of the Yogini.

Then, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra of Rati Sundari Yogini given below 8000 times daily with intensity for 1 month. The practitioner can use a Rudraksha or any other preferred counting rosary for counting the number off Mantra Chants.

Ancient Hindu Mantra to Invoke Rati Sundari Yogini as a Wife

On the last day of the month, the practitioner has to light a Diya of Pure Ghee, keep Gandham and Paan-Supari before the image and keep chanting the Mantra and await the manifestation of the Rati Sundari Yogini.

If the Yogini manifests, the practitioner has to worship her with fresh scented flowers and seek her blessings.

Then, if the Yogini is appeased by the love and devotion of the practitioner, she give him the most exotic foods to eat and fulfills his dearest wish and stays with him as his wife and gives him pleasure that is beyond his wildest imagination.

Then, everyday the Yogini comes at night and spends the night with the practitioner and goes away in the morning, While, leaving in the morning, she leaves behind her clothes and jewellery.

The Rati Sundari Yogini Mantra Sadhana has to be practiced with intensity and single-minded concentration in a un-populated place.

The practitioner has to permanently separate from his wife or girl friend before starting the Rati Sundari Yogini Mantra Sadhana, otherwise his death is certain.

Note- Mantra rare, unknown and secret Yogini, Apsara and Yakshini Mantra Sadhanas can be seen in the section on – Yakshini Mantra-Tantra


  1. In these cases of yakshini/ Yogini/ Apsara etc as wife, can one have children from them with super human knowledge?


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