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Future Fun and Pleasure Branch in Space

We really should expect that some future folks will want much improved sexual pleasures, as that becomes possible to genetically improve folks. So a growing "fun branch", matured with such improvements for future populations, is really a quite likely realistic predictable probability.

How to Position Crystal Balls in Feng Shui

It will be wrong to assume that the use of Crystal Balls [Sphatik Ball or Gola] in Hindi is restricted to Crystal Gazing and forecasting the future. Buddhism attaches great importance to Crystal Balls; hence, you will normally come across Crystal Balls hanging or kept before the idols of the Buddha. This is so because of the belief that doing so will attract and harness powerful positive energies in the surrounding of the idol.

Hanuman Mantra to Pick Up Fireballs

This Shabar Mantra to perform Miracles is from the Nath Sampradaya and is said to enable, the one who has gained Mastery over the Mantra, to pick up a fireball from the fire without being burnt. This Mantra works in the same manner as the one published some days earlier, as stated before, I do not endorse, conducting such dangerous experiments, as they are not for the common person.  Nevertheless, the procedure of performing the Mantra Experiment is explained in the post below as it might be of interest to some people.

How to Prepare Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

The Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is rapidly gaining in popularity and has become a most sought after good luck and protective talisman. The Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is a pendant having a Hanuman Chalisa inscribed in miniature test, using special techniques.  The makers of this Yantra mostly inscribe the Hanuman Chalisa on gold plated metal, though some use other bases, including stones or semi-precious stones. Many makers also inscribe the Hanuman Kavach [Protective Armor of Hanuman]  on the other side of the Yantra.

Shabar Mantra Talisman for Epilepsy

This is a Shabar Mantra, which is used as a Talisman for giving relief to Epilepsy Patients. This talisman is different from the other charms and mantras given on this site for the benefit of epilepsy patients. This talisman just involves the writing of this Hindu Shabar Mantra on a Bhojapatra, inserting the Bhojpatra in Tabeez [cloth locket] or a metal locket and wearing the locket around the neck as a healing talisman.

Future Brain Cell Improvements in Space

Some advanced human DNA R&D (research & development) experts, moved up into the secret L2 Fullball world hidden behind Luna , had off Earth been very safely transforming their families and themselves into reduced aging extra healthy moderns. The researchers liked being up here, with no suspicious religious hateful murdering conservatives, and no bad restrictions against expanding their very interesting good work here for reduced aging and ever better health.

Remedies for Husbands Extra-Marital Affairs

These are a couple of Indian Paranormal remedies for those women whose husbands are involved in extra-marital affairs. These are those remedies from the Tantra, which are free from any kind of Mantra Sadhana or a specific Puja-Vidhi or any other form of Tantric Sadhana . Both the remedies are independent of each other and the woman can practice any one or both of these remedies, as they are most simple to practice.

Mantra to Soothe Angry Husband-Wife

The words  शांतम् पापम् - Shantam Papam are used many times in different ways, sometimes in a jocular way, sometimes out of habit or sometime, even without knowing what they mean.  Sometime back, I received a mail from a woman reader, informing me that she does a Japa of शांतम् पापम्, whenever her husband gets angry and hence, I should recommend it as a mantra for those women having short-tempered husbands .

Ganesh Vastu Yantra

The Vastu Ganesh Yantra given here is a special Ganesh Yantra to safeguard a and protect the Vastu [meaning the house or place of residence] from any kind of harmful, bad or week vibrations and energies. The entry of such malefic energies is known to spoil and vitiate the atmosphere in the house by creating all kinds of problems, such as health, financial, domestic, marital strife, and education related problems. Given below is the Vidhi to prepare and infuse the Yantra with a powerful Ganesh Mantra.

Researchers Secretly Flee Earth in Future

By now some of Earth's helpful well trusted DNA R&D (research & development) experts had known or guessed that genetically improved moderns must have almost all been secretly fleeing Earth, likely going up to the high orbiting settlements, due to some all around the world getting slaughtered by some violently hateful religious conservatives if it ever became seriously suspected by others that any had had such babies, or that they'd gotten any internal DNA improvements for slowed aging or better health well beyond any natural human.

Mahalaxmi Mantra for Future Generations

This is a special Diwali Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana to make your future generations financially safe, secure and prosperous and enable them to live life comfortably.  There is a special method to practice and make this Sadhana potent and effective, on the day of Diwali. The procedure of performing the Mahalaxmi Mantra Sadhana has been given in a step-by-step manner below. 1] On the day of Diwali, during the period of Vrishabha Lagna [Ascendant Taurus] after the morning bath, wear clear clothes and sit down comfortably facing the Western Direction on a Red Colored Sitting Mat.

Peacock Tantra to Increase Money and Wealth

Visualizing the Peacock is believed to be an auspicious omen, the Peacock feathers are normally associated with Shri Krishna, who is portrayed as wearing the Peacock feathers on his head. If one goes by the ancients Hindu texts, there is a special Tantra associated with the Peacock feathers, originating from none other than Shri Krishna himself. As per these texts, the Peacock was blessed by Krishna and as a result, it became a Satva Guni Symbol of love and auspiciousness.

Kali Mata Darshan Mantra Sadhana

This is a most fearsome Kali Mantra Sadhana to have a Darshan or Sakshatkar of Kali Mata. Sakshatar means having the deity appear before you. At the outset, I must mention that this is an extremely fearsome experiment and only those advanced practitioners having nerves of steel should try to attempt the Kali Mata Darshan Sadhana as the Goddess appears in a most terrifying form, which is impossible for the ordinary person to behold.

Mantra Sadhana to Energize Sphatik Mala

There is a special procedure in the Laxmi Tantra to energize the Sphatik Mala, known in the English Language as the Crystal Beads Counting Rosary. After the completion of the energization Mantra Sadhana, the Sphatik Mala can be worn around the neck as a good luck charm of Laxmi to attract money and wealth. Given below in this post is the procedure, which has to be followed to make the Sphatik Mala a potent Money Charm.

African Origin of Humans Species

Three ancestor species coexisted by a few million years ago: 5' (1.5m) tall "australopithecus robustus" appeared about 2.5 million years ago having brains 1/3 of human size, 4' (1.2m) tall "australopithecus africanus" lived 2-3 million years ago also having brains 1/3 of human size, and 5' (1.5m) tall Homo habilus ("handy man", "skillful person") existed having brains half human size.

Finding Coins indicates the Arrival of Laxmi

There are certain paranormal beliefs in India, which are said to indicate the possible arrival of the Goddess of wealth Laxmi Mata . Among these beliefs are certain circumstances in which you find a coin or excess money comes your way, by some mistake.  In this post, I have given two such circumstances, which come your way by accident and the procedure to be followed as per the Indian Paranormal Tantra to ensure that you are successful in taking the full advantage and make the most of the opportunity to attract money and wealth, which is coming in your direction.

Mantra and Puja to Energize Ekakshi Nariyal

This is a follow-up of the article on the rare and much sought after Tantric Item, the Ekakshi Nariyal or the One-Eyed- Coconut, which was written some time back. Some readers, having the Ekakshi Nariyal, in their possession had asked for ways and means to energize it, using Mantras and Stotras to make it some potent and effective. Though the energizing of the Ekakshi Nariyal is not mandatory, I am giving some pointers, which can be useful in energizing the Ekakshi Nariyal for those wishing to do so.

Vishwaroopa Mantra of Ganesha

Vishwaroopa means the Universal Form or the all-encompassing form of God, which pervades everything in the Universe. Many Hindu deities, especially Vishnu as the Maha Vishnu or Narayana have been attributed with the Vishwaroopa form, the most famous example is the Vishwaroopa Darshan of Shri Krishna described in the Bhagavad-Gita, which was given to the great warrior Arjuna just before the Battle of Mahabharata.

Future Smaller and Faster Brains in Space

For the top organ, the brain, if efficiently a bit smaller, this might mean slightly faster thinking. (The newly opened up space could reduce or eliminate headaches which a few sometimes had.) Some more creative thinking neurons might even be generated in some opened up space . Such moderns might then become a bit better or faster creative thinkers. Also some cell old components could be designed a bit smaller and more efficient.

Shiva Remedy for undisturbed Income

This is an extremely rare and unique paranormal Shiva Remedy for making sure that your income source is not disturbed and interrupted by any kind of problem like job and employment loss, loss in business or any other kind of sudden and unforseen disturbance, which can reduce or stop the income, which you need to go about your life. The remedy is dedicated to Shiva and I have given below the procedure to be followed in a simple step-by-step manner .

Meaning of Kanya Runa and the Remedies

Kanya Runa or Bhagini Runa is one of debts left over from the past lives indicated in the Lal kitab. This debt arises due to the cheating, misleading and defrauding a woman or a sister in a past life. In this post is given the astrological indication, signs and the Lal Kitab remedies to rectify and become free from this debt.

Sleeping Planets and when they Awaken

A planet is said to be in Nidra Avastha or Nidrast in a horoscope when there is no planet in the house next to the one in which the planet is positioned.  This planet is also called as the sleeping planet, Stupta, or Manda Graha.  The sleeping planet also makes the house in which it is positioned Nidrast and the full benefit of that house are not gained by the native as the sleeping planet is severely restricts that house.

Remedies for problems after marriage for women

Malefic and adverse planets in the horoscope can cause problems and disturbances in the married life of a woman. These problems can be of any kind, such as a disturbed domestic atmosphere, differences with the husband or in-laws.  The Lal Kitab has given some remedies to overcome this astrological defect. The remedies which, I have given in this post are variations of the same basic remedy and are uncomplicated, easy to perform and do not involve any kind of Mantra Sadhana or Puja- Archana.

Future Improvement in Blood, Skin and Muscles

Taking control over old evolved human genetics was allowing extra nice changes. Already basic natural animal pleasures were being improved in moderns, such as playfulness in children, which is good for happy fun living, promoting our good social animal cooperative ways, and is also importantly helpful early for developing proper needed growing body muscle coordination. And for more extra fun, childish giggly tickling was also being retained and improved, also being helpful for better promoting enjoying our very useful happy good social animal cooperative ways.

Remedies for Women for Safety of Husband

The Indian paranormal remedies given in this post are for woman who are fearful of some or the other kind of harm or danger to the lives of their husbands or family members.  The woman desiring to practice any of the unique remedies, should be sure that the dangers she foresees is real and that she is not imagining it or suffers from any kind of phobia.

Simple Hanuman Remedy for Money

This Hanuman remedy for increasing wealth is probably one of the simplest of all the Indian paranormal and religious remedies for increasing wealth and money. This remedy is suitable for any person including a layperson or a non-Indian, as there are no mantras or stotras to be chanted or any other kind of complicated ritual to be performed. This remedy is also cost-effective as it involves very little expenditure, Given below is the easy procedure to accomplish this Hanuman Totka and experience a steady growth in finances.

Colors of Curtains as per Feng Shui

Normally it is the practice of selecting curtains, depending upon the design, decor and color of the room in which the curtains are to be used.  A follower of Feng Shui will no doubt notice that Feng Shui gives some specific recommendations for selecting the curtains of a house or office. The Feng Shui recommendations are based upon its root principle of attracting the best possible vibrations into the interiors of the home and harmonizing the atmosphere by using various combinations of basic natural elements.

Refining DNA in Outer Space in Future

Normal natural human high orbiting settlers happily learned about the new developed ability to replace, into the cells of a healthy living total adult, some selected genes &/or their controlling DNA sections which worked better than the genetics which decades earlier a person had developed from, to have originally become born with. Such replacements offered improvements beyond the random genetic results of past raw random simple mixing from chromosome pairs from the two parents.

Mantra to Chant Before Signing Documents

This is a special Shabar Hanuman Mantra which has to be chanted before signing any kinds of legal documents, like court case papers, loan applications, job and business agreements , property papers,  lease and rent agreements and all such documents which are of a legal nature and which might require arbitration or court proceedings in the future, if anything goes wrong or not according to plans.

Muslim Vashikaran Mantra on Palm

Today, I have posted another of the Vashikaran Mantras, an Ayat from the Islamic Vashikaran Tantra. This Ayat is made use of to cast a simplistic enchantment spell on any man or woman and to control him or her for the purposes of love, marriage or business. Given below is the special Tantra to make this spell work and do it job.

Devotional Yantra of Narayana

This is a devotional Yantra, which is used to worship Narayana.  Narayana is Vishnu in his Absolute and Supreme form, the Maha-Vishnu, the one possessing all attributes and at the same time, the one who is beyond all attributes. The one who is all encompassing and everywhere; including the tinniest particles in the universe. The Narayan Yantra Sadhana is said to fulfill all desires; including the innermost wishes and aspirations. In this post, is given the method of performing this Yantra Sadhana.

Devotional Yantra of Ganesha

The Ganesh Upasapa Yantra is used for the devotional worship of Ganesha. The practice of this Ganesh Yantra Sadhana is said to make the life of the devotee peaceful, contented, with obstacles and hindrances creating problems in his progress resolved with the divine grace of Ganesha . Given below in this post is the best method to practice the Sadhana. The Yantra comprising of Beej Mantras has to be prepared on gold or copper. It can be worn around the neck as a charm or kept in the Puja Place.

Future Ageless Humans in Space

Gradually over decades, up in the high orbiting settlements, (thus safe from hateful conservative foes back down on Earth), good genetics experts developed and improved ways to truly have improved better genes &/or their controling DNA sections replace prior inferior old naturally evolved ones in matured trial experimental small test lab mammals such as mice. Much of this became trying to benefit them with disease resistant longer healthier lives, as well as with more efficient good cell functions.

Santan Ganesh Yantra

There is a specific Ganesh Yantra to gain progeny prescribed by some followers of Ganesha. As this is a sensitive subject, and only childless people know what they are going through, it is left entirely to them, whether to practice this Ganesh Yantra Sadhana or not as I am not in a position to guarantee it success or failure. This particular Yantra Sadhana has to be performed for 81 days and can be commenced on any day. The simple Yantra shown in the image has to be prepared on a gold sheet of any size.

Scary Dream Foretelling Nuclear War

From time to time we get some interesting feedback from readers; the letter published below is from a reader who describes strange dreams.  Dreams can be a premonition of some impending disaster like a war or a natural disaster , which involves huge and widespread destruction of life and property. Sometimes, it could even be about a localized disaster, like a terrorist attack or a bomb strike. The scary dream given here can be a premonition of any of the two possibilities mentioned above. On the larger scale, it would foretell a nuclear strike, linked to an Islamic terrorist outfit, like the ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] or on the local scale something to do with the Islamic terror groups operating in India. The Islamic link is evident from the “skullcaps” appearing in the dream.

How to Make famous Vashikaran Mantra Work

This is a variation of a most famous Vashikaran Mantra, which is practiced in India to put a particular woman under a most powerful Vashikaran Spell to keep her under your management, and control.  There are some special procedures used to make this Vashikaran Spell work . In this post, I will explain, one of the ways to make this famous spell to enchant a particular woman work.

Future Unrestricted Genetic Research in Space

It had become nice being able to produce new infants for moderns made genetically superior to become healthier and eventually much longer living. But unfortunately this had been leaving existing adults behind. Down on Earth, legal restrictions had become established in some nations, as demanded by some religious conservatives, opposing any genetic alterations away from what they loved proclaiming had been God's ( Allah's, Jahveh's ) Perfect Intelligent Design of Humans, far Superior beyond other animals. Laws in such Earth nations had mostly ruled out trying to develop any ways to achieve cell genetics improvements within any current adults.

Remedies for Shani Peeda - 2

This is second part of the traditional remedies for Shani Peeda or having an adverse Saturn in the horoscope or a troublesome period due to the transit of Shani. In the first part, we have learnt about some simple remedies to get relief from Shani Peeda, in this post, are given some specific remedies for some common specific problems resulting from the adverse positioning of Shani in specific houses of an horoscope.

Five Remedies For Shani Peeda

Shani Peeda, including the dreaded Sade-Sati is what the common person is most concerned about. Many readers inquire about simple, uncomplicated and cost-free remedies to avert the malefic side effects of and adverse Saturn. It is exactly for this reason that, I have given 5 extremely simple remedies from getting relief from Shani Peeda. Any one or more of these remedies can be practiced, if you have been told by a reputed astrologer that you are suffering from Shani Peeda.

Yantra for Spirits and Enemy Removal

This is one of those Hindu Yantras which have are used to fulfill more than one purpose.  In this post, I have given two diverse Tantras, one to exorcise a possessed person of unknown entities and the other one to create fights in the house of an enemy or make the enemies fight amongst themselves and create disturbances in their house.

Nostradamus Timing of Third World War

There are clear references in the prophecies of Nostradamus regarding the exact dating of the third world war or what could probably be the final battle of Armageddon. In Century 1-51 – Nostradamus refers to drastic changes taking place during the period of the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the sign of Aries. This dating has been correctly interpreted by most of those who have tried to interpret the various Quatrains of Nostradamus regarding the exact timing third world war .

Future Genetic Improvements in Space

We really should expect that some future more liberal minded progressive Earth humans will want to become able to try some good genetic improvements over old evolved animals. Some such humans would certainly like health and disease resistance improved, while also getting aging slowed and partly halted.

Kaalratri Exorcism Mantra - Tantra

Kaalratri as already explained in an earlier post is that day of the Hindu Calendar when evil and negativity is annihilated by the forces of positivity. This day falls on the seventh day of the annual Navaratri festivities, you can read that post – Here . In this post, I have written about a special Exorcism ritual, which is performed on this day using a unique Exorcism Mantra for this purpose.

Mantra for Marriage using Plant Roots

This is one more of the unique and effective Hindu Mantra Remedies making use of a specified and potent mantra and the use of certain herbs based upon the positions of certain constellations, a part of traditional Indian Astrological predictions. This mantra like many others given in this section aids and helps in getting the practitioner married, in spite of adverse and unfavorable conditions, not suitable for marriage.

Mantra to Relieve Menstrual Pain

The Shabar Mantra given by me in this post is a health mantra for relieving pain due to cramps in the lower abdomen, lower back, and other parts of the body. A little bit of Menstrual Pain is normal but when the pain becomes unbearable, them this Shabar Mantra experiment can be useful in getting comfort from the pain.

How The Backside of Luna Looks

Still by now, a number of ancient asteroids independently don't orbit within Sol's planetary system, (such as the farther out Kuiper belt having >100,000 asteroids >100km size [> means greater than], and the even much farther out Oort cloud, both also having many more smaller ones). And some ("Trojan") bunches of asteroids stay clustered around the Lagrangian L4 & L5 points (60deg before and after planets), each having a roughly kidney bean orbit around L4 or L5, ranging from 30-90deg before & after planets in their orbits such as Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune.

Traditional Indian Remedies for Thyroid Problems

In this post are given certain traditional Indian paranormal remedies to get relief and cure any diseases and problems relating to the Thyroid Gland.  Any one or more of the four different remedies given below can be practiced. On any Thursday or Saturday, offering a Diya of Pure Ghee to a Peepal tree [Sacred Fig tree] is said to cure Thyroid problems.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach for Marriage

Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach is a very popular prayer chanted by countless devote Hindus to seek all round protection from Hanuman, Kavach means armor and hence the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach means the protective armor of the Panchmukhi form of the God of Strength Hanuman.  This form of Hanuman has the five faces of a Monkey, Eagle, Boar, Lion and a Horse, with each of the five face symbolic of a deeper meaning.

Giving Uchchatan Yantra with Food

The Uchchatan Yantra given in this post is different from the other Yantras used for the purpose of Uchchatan.  Uchchatan, as already explained many times before, means removing an enemy or an undesirable person or a troublemaker from your life and a Yantra is one of the paranormal instruments , which trigger off this process.

Siyar Singhi Mantra For Marriage

A special Mantra remedy to enable someone who is finding it hard to find a life partner for marriage or finding that there are extremely difficult hurdles blocking his or her marriage due a wide variety of reasons can try this Marriage Mantra Remedy , if in a position to procure a genuine Siyar Singhi, this is the magical Tantric item about which, I have written in many earlier posts.

How Asteroids merged to become Planets

Many cooling universe condensed particles merged many times with others, eventually becoming growing asteroids. Some grew quite large. Some eventually joined into the starts of planets orbited by moons, or even fell within early stars which growing planets and many asteroids orbited. But some such formed "rogue" planets would never be orbiting any star.

Mantra for Attractive Husband - Wife

Almost every person trying to get married aspires to get a beautiful, attractive and sexy wife, a dark, tall and handsome husband, or the life partner with the qualities they dream and fantasize about. I get flooded with many queries from readers and subscribers desiring the qualities mentioned above in their future spouse. Having researched many mantras, which aid early and love marriages or arranged marriages, I have found a special Mantra-Tantra, which promises to find the desired beautiful wife or a handsome husband.

Reason for Stri Runa and the Remedy

Stri Runa literally translated into English means debts towards women. This Runa forms parts of Hinduisms nine major past life debts, which have to be cleared off in the present life. The planet Shukra[Venus] is the main indicator of this Runa. The reasons, indications and the remedy to clear this Runa are given below.

10 Qualities of the Rudraksha Beads

The Rudraksha is probably the most important Bead in the Hindu religion.  The Rudraksha Bead, sometimes called as “Shiva’s Eye” is worn by countless devote Hindus and Spiritualists all over the world. Readers of this site would have noticed the mention of the Rudraksha Mala in post after post on numerous Mantra Sadhanas and Tantras.

Shaitan Vashikaran Yantra

The Shaitan is a broad term for the all Tamsik or destructive beings in the Hindu religion. Unlike other religions, the Hindu religion does not believe in absolutes, but only in comparative degrees of good or evil . The only absolute truth according to the Hindu religion is the Absolute or Supreme Being. This Supreme Being is incomparable and all encompassing and hence has no evil counterpart like the Devil, Shaitan or Satan.

Formation of the First Galaxies

Big bang lets you study a theorized origin of our present local universe. As its Big Bang super hot super dense start at least 13.798 +/- .037 billion [1,000,000,000] years ago had been very rapidly hugely expanding, in a miniscule fraction of a second, from 10^-37s - 10^-6s, [^ indicates an exponent], with super dense energy converted into quarks, these joined into protons, also neutrons. Electrons and antielectrons (positrons) also formed within the theorized first second.

Yantra to Secure Home from Calamities

A Yantra to secure a home from all kinds of calamities and dangers, including paranormal ones is given in this post. This Indian Protective talisman is believed to ward and deflect calamities from entering and harming the home. The procedure for preparing and using this Yantra is given below in this post.

Popular Vashikaran Mantra using Herb

This is a common and widely used Vashikaran Mantra used to cast a spell of attraction on any man, woman, family and friends or the public. The words Sarva- Jeev in the Vashikaran Mantra mean all humans or animals.  In this post, I have posted a specific Vashikaran experiment making use of a popular healing herb as a talisman for the purposes of making the experiment successful.

Mantra Tantra to remove Poisonous Infections

The Shabar health mantra experiment, which I have given in this post, is used to remove all kinds of infections, including poisonous ones resulting from bacterial, fungal, viral or poisoning from germs and other such infections. There is an extremely simple Tantra by which this mantra experiment can be practiced, which I have explained below in this post.

Ganesh Mantra to Immobilize Wild Animals

This is a Shabar Ganesh Mantra for protection from wild animals; the mantra is said to Immobilize Wild Animals as is clear from the wordings of the mantra, which invokes Ganesha to immobilize the hearts of wild animals. The  Shabar Ganesh Mantra was practiced by Hindu Sages and Yogis of the early and late middle ages and was said to be effective against even ferocious wild animals, like the tiger, lion, bear, wild dog packs, snakes and pythons.

Genetically Improved Humans Leave Earth in Future

Since the investors group caring for the initial robotically produced Earth orbiting cylinder settlement, then also for a Fullball world, had recently gotten one, then many more geostationary cable lift systems assembled robotically from sent asteroids materials loads, this had kept their construction costs low, keeping such lifts comparatively cheap to use.

Vashikaran Mantra and Tilak for Desired Girl

The Vashikaran Mantra experiment given in this post makes the use of a special Vashikaran Mantra and a Vashikaran Tilak to put a desired girl under a spell of attraction towards the practitioner of this Vashikaran Tantra. This experiment is far more simple and uncomplicated than the ones which were given by me some time back.

Vashikaran Mantra to get success in 4 days

This particular Vashikaran Mantra, which is of Muslim origin, is said to get success and give results in attracting a man or a woman for love or marriage in a matter of just 4 days. Having said this, I am not in a position to vouch for the success or failure of this Vashikaran Mantra from the Islamic Vashikaran Tantra Vidya.

Bhagavad Gita Advise for Helpless People

“I have lost direction in life and am overcome with helplessness. In this desperate stage of my life, I turn to you to tell me what is best for me. I am your disciple and have taken refuge inside you.” – Bhagavad-Gita, 2-7. This is a most profound verse from the Bhagavad-Gita , one that advises people overcome with helplessness and desperation, those whose mind has stopped working to seek refuge in the Supreme Being and let him do what is best for them.

Saraswati Mantra and Potion for Mind Power

This is a Shabar Saraswati Mantra experiment, which energizes a specific brain and mind power increasing potion to enhance brain and memory power, spoken and oratory skills and an overall increase in the mental capacities of the individual. At the outset, the practitioner has to Master the Saraswati Mantra given here by chanting it 10,000 times. A Rudraksha Beads Japa Counting Mala can be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

Future Secret Fullball World on L2 Luna

Since the source asteroids for the orbiting space settlements and for things sent to monitor asteroid positions had extra available refining and construction capacities, it had been agreed to have them send loads to secretly start forming a new Fullball world at L2, paid for by moderns. The investors taking care of their space settlements were contented that moderns moving into a L2 settlement might even help insulate their current high orbiting settlements from any rumor caresessly spreading of secretly having many genetically much advanced settlers.

Mahakali Mantra for Paining Teeth

This Shabar Kali Mantra is for those suffering from pain in the teeth . The Mantra Siddhi has to be gained on any auspicious Hindu Tithi or any of the auspicious festivals or a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The practitioner should chant the Mahakali Mantra given below 1,008 times using a Rudraksha Mala for counting the Mantra Chants.

Ancient Evil-Eye Protection Mantra-Yantra

In this post is given a unique Indian Tantric experiment for protection from the Evil-Eye/Evil-Gaze/Buri Nazar of any cruel or jealous person or a powerful Tantric or Black Arts Magician. It is normally believed in paranormal circles all over the world that the vibrations emitting from the malefic gaze of an evil person can cause harm and do damage to the recipient of this evil gaze. This ancient Vashikaran Experiment makes the use of a Vashikaran Yantra and a special mantra to invoke the powers of nature for protection.

Laxmi Mantras to worship Siyar Singhi

Keeping an energized Siyar Singhi in the storeroom or the place where food and food grains are stored, the safe or cupboard when cash and valuables are stored, in the cash counter in a shop or any other business premises is said to ensure that there is a marked improvement in knowledge, money and finances  and food grains.

Hatha Jodi Mantra for Money

One of the more important Tantric experiments, which can be conducted using the Hatha Jodi, the mystical and magical Pair of Arms is a specific Mantra Prayog for attracting wealth and money . This Mantra experiment is a Shakti Sadhana of Chamunda Mata, in which the Hatha Jodi is used. The Hatha Jodi is a Vanaspati [plant] and it is believed in Hindu Tantra that some Vanaspati strongly attract certain deities and the Hatha Jodi is one of those mystical Tantric items, which attract Hindu deities.

Future Space World on L2 Luna - 4

The new Earth-Luna L4 & L5 orbiting migrogridded communications cubes could be communicated with from Earth most often via some often cloudless stations, some in a few deserts, or up at some high mountain transmissions sites. (These would then be usable to secretly transmit communications to/from anything hidden back behind Luna if up at least 15.5% of Luna's radius (merely .45% of the hidden Lagrangian L2 orbit stability point's altitude out behind Luna).

Mantra to have a Darshan of Hanuman

Hanuman Darshan, meaning a vision, sighting or apparition of Hanuman, is the ultimate goal of any devote worshipper of Hanuman. There are many Tantric  Sadhanas prescribed for the lifelong Hanuman Bhakts, aspiring to have a vision of Hanuman. However, most of them fail to achieve success, as the Hanuman Darshan Sadhana, involves a lot of courage, faith, dedication and only, a handful are believed to have succeeded.

Vashikaran by Physical Relations Mantra

The Kāmashastra is the ancient Indian erotic text believed to be the last word in anything to do with love, desire and physical relations between man and woman. This text is said by some Tantra scholars to be influenced by the greatest physical relationship ever, the one between Shiva and Parvati. The Vashikaran Mantra given in this post is said to put a most powerful love spell on a woman during the course of a physical act of Lovemaking.

Astrological Remedies for Back Pain

Those unfortunate people who are suffering from this ailment consider chronic back pain as a curse. Such people are can never be able to sit comfortably without experiencing pain and discomfort in the lower back. Women are more prone to this ailment than men as pointed out earlier in the post where an Indian paranormal remedy for removing back pain in women was given; you can read that post- Here .

Traditional Indian Remedies for Insomnia

These are some of the interesting traditional Indian home remedies to cure insomnia and get sound sleep. Those Insomniacs, who are suffering due to this disorder, can have a look at these tips for overcoming Insomnia . These remedies make the use of some Indian healing herbs, normally used in Ayurveda and traditional medicine.

Future Space World on L2 Luna - 3

By always very finely monitoring the position of a Fullball world at the Earth-Luna L2 location, they could early make fine adjustments when helpful. Ion jets might be used. There were other possibilities for very light fine adjustments. They could give a special tilt to the Solar energy collecting film disk so that the unabsorbed sunlight getting reflected away from the surface would cause some weak radiation pressure in a useful tilted wanted direction.

Yantra [Talisman] to Prevent Travel

This is a Stambhan Yantra, which is prepared to prevent and stop the journey of any person, including a loved one or an enemy. In the Hindi language, this Yantra is called as the Yatra Stambhan Yantra or a Talisman to prevent travel. Given below is the method of putting it to actual practice.

Vashikaran Yantra made of Wool

The Vashikaran Yantra shown in this post is a most common kind of Vashikaran Spell to attract and enchant a particular woman. However, even the most common attraction charms cannot be put to use unless the specific Tantra to make is potent and fruitful is not known. In this post, I have written about the special Tantra to put this Yantra to practical use in enchanting and putting a spell on any special woman.

Hanuman Remedy for Bedwetting in Children

The Hanuman Remedy given in this post is a Totka for a child who is in the habit of passing urine in sleep at night. Such a child is normally called as a sickly child, whose physical and mental constitution is weak and hence cannot ward off infections or a child harboring some sort of hidden or unknown fear. The Totka is simple to perform and can be practiced by those who have full faith in the powers of the Hindu paranormal Tantra on a child to remove the Bedwetting habit .

Dakini Shakini Removal Yantra for Child

Dakinis and Shakinis have their own place in the Hindu Tantra Shastra as mystic beings that are usually believed to enter the body of humans and possess them.  They have been attributed other qualities which are more complimentary in Buddhism and by the Kundalini Tantra , which attributes specific Chakras in the human bodies to the Dakini and Shakini.

Future Space World on L2 Luna - 2

Lagrangian points L1-L5 are places where a small body can be easily kept in some orbit position relative to a big body, such as Earth, orbiting a much bigger central massive body, such as Sol. L4 & L5 are 60deg before & after the big body, like where the "Trojan" asteroid groups permanently orbit Sol in clusters from roughly 30-90deg before & after Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, (and Mars) in their orbits.

Tantric Experiment for Money and Black Magic Removal

The Hatha Jodi, Siyar Singhi or Gidar Singhi and the Billi Ki Jer are among the more important and sought after items to conduct Tantric experiments. If anyone has these items in their possession and if they are genuine, then the most powerful Tantric experiment given in this post can be performed using these three items together.

Sukh Shanti Remedies from Lal Kitab

Like most of the Totkas from the Lal Kitab, these remedies for Sukh Shanti in the home are extremely simple for anyone to practice. Any one or more of these remedies can be practiced by those experiencing domestic disharmony or lack of material resources in their homes.  The same Lal Kitab Totkas are also useful in attracting Laxmi [abundance, money and wealth] in to house.

Traditional Indian Remedies for Epilepsy

These are some of the unique traditional Indian Remedies for controlling and curing Epilepsy.  These remedies are part of the ancient Indian magical and mystic traditions and formulas and even though I cannot vouch for their success or failure, I am still writing about them, for the sake of giving some options to those suffering from Epilepsy. The first four remedies given are of a paranormal nature and the fifth remedy is a traditional Indian Herbal remedy .

Tantric Experiments with Ekakshi Nariyal

The One Eyed Coconut, known in Tantric terms as the Ekakshi Nariyal as explained earlier is a much sought after Tantric item. Earlier, I had written about the generalized benefits and use of this symbol of Laxmi . In this post, I will explain, how certain Tantric experiments for specific purposes can be performed using the Ekakshi Nariyal.

Space World on L2 Luna

As their numbers increased, "moderns", cellularly and genetically ever more improved over old natural humans, secretly discussed together what might become safer living for their slowly growing numbers on into the far future. Maybe better to have a new secret Fullball world much farther from Earth to move to? That would make it much harder for violent haters of genetically altered humans to try eliminating them. If by then far from Earth, they'd be able to detect any missile early enough to deflect it, or to explode it when getting close, (letting their haters imagine they'd blasted the moderns to bits).

Shakti Mantra for Gambling Success

This is a mantra comprising of the Shakti Beej Hreem ह्रीं and अहं and as such has the potential to generate great power. This small mantra can also be used to benefit from games of chance like Cards, Horse Racing, Poker, Lotteries and any other form of monetary risk taking which involves gambling such as trading in stocks and securities.

Om Gam Ganapataye Mantra Sadhana

The Ganesh Mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah Om ॐ गं गणपतये नमः ॐ is one the most important of the Ganapati Mantras and a Mool Mantra of Ganesha . This mantra is one of the most often chanted Ganesh Mantra at the commencement of anything new or auspicious to remove any problems and obstacles and enable the new beginning or auspicious occasion to commence and conclude smoothly without and hurdles and obstacles.

Narasimha Exorcism By Water Mantra

In this post, I have given a Narasimha Exorcism Mantra to remove most powerful destructive ghosts and spirits like the Dakini and the Shakini using a Shabar Narasimha Mantra. The Mastery process over this Exorcism Spell can be performed on any auspicious Hindu date or any eclipse by continuously chanting the mantra 1008 times, using a Rudraksha Beads Counting Mala.

How to find God - 2

Those on the path of discovery of the self , god, and the unknown must have heard time and again that success is achieved only if the mind is still or silent. It is difficult for the layperson, just commencing his journey into the unknown to understand why the mind has to be silent or what this silence means or what it can achieve.

Vishala Yakshini Mantra for Rare Treasures - 2

This is the second Mantra Sadhana of the Vishala Yakshini, which I am publishing in this post; those advanced Sadhaks who find the first Prayog difficult can try this experiment. The fruits of the Sadhana are the same as the ones given in the previous one; the Sadhak gets rare and valuable treasures and is able to fulfill all his wants, wishes and desires, if he is successful in invoking the Vishala Yakshini .

Future Humans will Reverse Aging

A major ever more wanted development for moderns was perfecting ways to achieve ever more DNA improvements throughout many cells in an adult. Also needed were ways to be able to test in cells for any aging complications , then try revising them better. This might nicely let the oldest earliest moderns not only slow cell aging, but then also reverse some aging problems in them.

Islamic Yantra to get Job - 2

If your fortune is not favoring you and you are not finding employment or a suitable job according to your qualifications, experience and capabilities then certain Indian paranormal experiments are believed to make your fortune turn around, bring luck on your side, and finally put an end to your difficulties.

Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra to appease Laxmi

The Yaa Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Mantra Prayog is conducted to appease Laxmi Mata and remove all and any kind of problems and hardships, which are bothering the practitioner.  The Yaa Devi… Mantra is arguably one of the most popular and famous of all the Hindu Devotional Mantras , the Mantra Prayog explained by me in this post, is one of the more specific methods to make this great mantra most powerful,  potent and fruitful.

The Mahalaxmi Shree Mantra

This Mahalaxmi Shree Mantra is said to unsuitable for the ordinary person as it involves Viniyoga and Nyasa. However, it is possible to chant this Mool Mantra, by performing the Panchopachara and Shodashopachara Puja of Mahalaxmi as many times as possible. In the post below, I will explain a specific Mantra Prayog, conducted using this Mahalaxmi Mantra .

Bhagavad Gita Mantra for Laxmi Prapti

This mantra for Laxmi Prapti is for the devote and sincere followers of the Bhagavad Gita and Lord Krishna. Here the meaning of Laxmi Prapti is not only the accumulation of money and wealth , but also success, victory and riches in all walks of life. The Mantra Sadhana should be commenced on the Ashtami Tithi of the Shukla Paksha [the eight day of the bright half of the Hindu Lunar Month].

Sexual Pleasure will be Controlled in Future

While selecting and improving, from natural human genetic varieties, what had given better pleasure responses from getting fondly caressed, some good genetics R&D (research & development) experts for ever better moderns, kept advancing beyond what had previously been done for still purely natural genetics new humans being given some of the best found old natural genetic varieties.

The Importance of Lighting Diyas on Diwali

One of the first things that cross the mind when one thinks about Diwali  and Laxmi Pujan are the lighting of Diyas. Diyas come in different varieties, but the most common and popular variety is the clay or the earthen Diya, even these Diyas range from the simple clay one to the most beautiful decorative hand designed Diya.

Laxmi Pyramid to Attract Laxmi

The Laxmi Pyramid is a lucky charm to attract the wealth goddess Laxmi. This good luck charm is usually made from Panchadhatu [amalgamation of five different metals], having a image of Laxmi Mata carved in gold on one side and a image of the Shri Yantra carved in gold on one side. In this post, I have explained how to place and use the Laxmi Pyramid as the Tantra says that the placement is most important to make this charm powerful and potent.

Mantra Sadhana for Wealth on Dhanteras

This is a fortune opening Mantra Sadhana, which has to be performed on the day of Dhantrayodashi or Dhanteras, the first day of the festival of Diwali.  This day is considered extremely lucky and auspicious for Sadhanas and Mantra experiments relating to wealth and money, especially for businesspersons. The worship of Laxmi and Kubera is believed to be more powerful and fruitful on the day of Dhanteras . In this post, I have given a Mantra Sadhana for attracting all kinds of material wealth, to be performed on Dhanteras.

Lord Bhairav Fever Removal Mantra

This health Mantra given by me in this post is simple to practice mantra to remove, cure and give relief to someone suffering from fever. The mantra is dedicated to Lord Bhairava . A simple Tantra is needed to make this mantra fruitful. In the post below is explained the procedure to perform this fever removal Sadhana.

Improved Sexual Pleasure Responses in Future

Originally not all moderns had wanted improved stronger sexual pleasure responses developed and included for their newly produced young. Why? Because sexual pursuits can steal valuable time away from important needed activities.

Reasons for Nisarga Runa and the Remedies

Kudrati Runa also known as Ishwariya Rin or Nisarga Runa is one of the nine major past life Rin or debts, which have to be cleared in the present life.  In this post, is explained the causes, indications, planetary positions and the remedies to negate and eradicate this Runa . The remedies given here are based upon the Totke given in the Lal Kitab to offset this past life debt.

Laxmi Kuber Mantra for Good Luck

Today, I will explain a Kuber – Laxmi Tantra for turning bad luck and misfortune into good luck. This Kuber Tantra, involves the practice of a special mantra of Kuber – Laxmi along with a specific Tantra. The successful completion of this Tantra is believed to attract and bring good luck towards the practitioner of the Tantra.

Vashikaran Tantra to get Dream Life Partner

The Vashikaran Tantra, which I have described, in this post, is a fearsome and Tamas Guni one, which can be practiced to marry someone of your choice or someone whom you fancy from the bottom of your heart.  Both men and women can practice this Tantra, though; I do not personally recommend it, as it requires you to kill the innocent and harmless crow to fulfill you desire of getting married to your dream life partner.