Shri Krishna Darshan for getting Progeny

The worship of Shri Krishna is believed to extremely fruitful for getting happiness from progeny. There are some extremely potent Hindu Mantras and Stotras dedicated to Shri Krishna for getting new progeny or making sure the children are safe,  healthy and disease free and even to ensure a smooth and trouble free pregnancy.

Though there a lot of such remedies and mantras and Tantras prescribed for childless couples, the remedy given below is the simplest of the lot and there is no effort or stress of any kind whatsoever involved.

The couple trying to conceive a child should keep a photo of Balkrishna [Krishna as a child] in their homes. Then before having intercourse, the couple should just look at this photo for about 5 minutes. There is no Puja-Archana-Worship of any kind involved; the couple should just ensure that they keep the Balkrishna photo clean.

A remedy for ensuring safe pregnancy, which is independent of the one given above, is for the expecting couple to offer a small Silver Flute [depending upon their financial condition] to the idol of Radha-Krishna in a Radha-Krishna Mandir.

Readers should please keep in mind that these remedies are given only with the motive to give an option to the followers and believers in Hindu Tantra Shastra.

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