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4 Daily Mantras of Laxmi

To make it simple for the layperson practicing Indian Mantras, especially the large number of visitors coming to this site, in search of relevant Hindu Mantras, I have made it simple. In this post are given 4 small, yet most potent and powerful Laxmi Mantras , anyone of these wealth generating mantras can be selected and chanted daily by the aspiring devotee.

Health Remedies using Marigold Flower

The Marigold flower, Genda Phul in Hindi, is the most used flower in all kinds of Hindu rituals, ceremonies and functions. This flower is offered to most Hindu Deities and is normally found in stalls selling flowers and Puja items near most temples and religious places in India. The entrances or main doors being decorated by Garlands made from the Marigold Flowers  are a common sight during the Diwali, Dussehra, Navaratri and Ganpati festivals and also most Wedding Ceremonies, Inaugurations and other such auspicious ceremonies and functions

Future of Diseases in Space Age

Human infective diseases had gradually been getting reduced, especially in more advanced Earth nations , thanks to advancing biological and cellular R&D (research & development). Such R&D experts learned more fine details about how our diseases had successfully kept spreading into our fresh generations. Such good learning became helped extra up in the high orbiting settlements. Some well educated quite skillful cell biologists moving up here became able to improve some of this more. They unsurprisingly wanted many people to become somewhat freed from at least some of our worst infectuous diseases.

Yantra [Charm] to remove Snake venom

This is a Yantra [Charm] to remove Snake venom. This Indian Healing Charm  is believed to reduce and remove the venom for the body of a person who has been bitten by a snake. I am not is a position to vouch for the effectiveness of this charm as I have not witnessed it miraculous properties being put to actual practice. However, for the benefit of readers, I have explained the procedure here in this post.

Kailashpati Mahadev Yantra Mantra Puja

Shiva is also known as Kailashpati, the Lord of Kailash , and the home of Shiva. The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, the annual pilgrimage to Kailash Parbat, is arguably Hinduisms most sacred pilgrimage. Millions of Indians dream of embarking upon this Yatra, however, owing to the difficult terrain, the cost and the physical requirement, not everyone can think about embarking upon this revered pilgrimage.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Attracting Customers

This is the second remedy, which the Lal Kitab  recommends for those about to open a new shop or office. This one like the earlier one given a few days back is a do-it-yourself Indian paranormal remedy and is beneficial for those wishing to kick start any new venture in a positive manner and attract the most harmonious vibrations to their place of business and attract lots of customers.

Indian Hypnotism Spell using a Horseshoe

Drushti Bandhan means putting someone under a spell of hypnotism. In this post, I have given a Drushti Bandhan Mantra Prayog, using a Horseshoe. This spell is used to bring any specific person under a strong and powerful hypnotism spell. This Indian Tantra  is to be practiced only by the well-versed and advanced students of Hindu Tantric Practices.

Asteroids smaller than your head

Actually, ever more asteroids are of ever smaller sizes, even smaller than your head. Most asteroids are far too small to observe from distant telescopes, (and nonsense to land any even very small robotic reporting vessel on). They would thus remain forever cluttering up interplanetary space.

Paranormal Remedy to cure Enlarged Liver

The liver is a vital body part and hence if enlarged it could be a doorway for many life threatening serious diseases to attack the body; including complete liver failure. In this post, I have explained how an Indian paranormal remedy claims to cure this condition.  The remedy does not cost anything, has absolutely no side effects and appears harmless; hence, in my opinion there is no harm in trying it out to cure an enlarged liver.

Laxmi Prapti Remedy for Ravi Pushya Yoga

The name Beheda might be familiar to most of those who use Ayurvedic or Unani Medical Remedies. This site has also from time to time written about its use in health as well as paranormal remedies. This plant also known as the Beach Almond is also used in Lal Kitab Totkas to gain money, wealth and abundance. In this post, I will explain who a simple remedy is practiced in India by the seekers of money, using the Beheda Plant.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Shop Inauguration

This is a Lal Kitab remedy for new shopkeepers, about to commence their business. This remedy is believed to make the business prosperous, with no shortage of customers and keep the financial contrition stable. The remedy has to be performed at the time of the inauguration or opening ceremony of the shop or office. This is a simple do-it –yourself Lal Kitab Remedy .

Ion Jetting out from Asteroids

Small asteroids being dropped onto asteroid collections might have had sizes from a garage to a sports field park. If of average density about 3g/cc and size 10m, 20m, 40m, or 80m, these would have surface gravity in mm/s^2 (where /s^2 means per second squared) of .00419, .00839, .01677, or .03355, in contrast to Earth surface gravity g=9.8 m/s^2, thus having as % of Earth surface gravity merely .000043%, .000086%, .000171%, or .000342%. (Actually Earth g ranges from 982 cm/s^2 at poles to 978 cm/s^2 out at the equator.)

Laxmi Prapti Totka for Diwali

This is Totka, meaning a remedy to get money and all kinds of wealth from the Lal Kitab . This Totka is practiced on the day of Diwali, the most famous and popular of the Indian festivals. This Laxmi Prapti Totka is simple and straightforward and for the common person, this is the reason why I will describe it here.

Shankhpushpi Tantra to Attract Laxmi

The Shankhpushpi Plant is used extensively in many Indian health remedies; it is also an important ingredient in numerous Ayurveda, Unani and Herbal preparations. In this post I will explain how this plant, known as Aloe Weed in English is used to attract Laxmi , which means money, abundance and wealth.

Shiva Mahakaal Mantra Meditation

This is a three word mantra to please and seek the blessings of Shiva as the Mahakaal, the inevitable and indestructible time. The meaning of this mantra is “I Salute Shiva who is the Lord of Time Or the Shiva who is Mahakaal”.

Home Remedy for Nose Bleeding

The Adusa Plant [Malbar Nut] has widespread use in traditional Indian medicine  such as Ayurveda and Unani. This plant is said to work wonders in controlling and curing numerous ailments. Today I will explain how the various parts of the Adusa can be used in controlling and curing the common Nakshir Rog where there is nose bleeding.

Collecting Dangerous Asteroids in Future

There was no sensible reason to leave so many small but possibly dangerous asteroids independently orbiting, cluttering up space. From such asteroids, some of which could possibly some century get deflected to dangerously strike Earth, those small enough to have their orbits somewhat easily deflected were sent ion jets energized from Solar light, while ionizing some asteroid matter, to gradually alter their orbits to match some selected not a lot bigger asteroid. These became collection places for small asteroids. Each such asteroid collection place had its earlier sent communications cube not on the surface, but slowly orbiting safely well above there, to help new arrivals from any direction easily find it at most any time.

Kumari Yakshini Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana

This is the Kumari Yakshini Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana, in simple English a Mantra experiment to attract and invoke the Kumari Yakshini and make her fulfill your wish. The Yakshini as already explained in a mystical feminine entity, which is the guardian of some specific form of mystic vibratory energy. These Indian paranormal experiments as explained from time to time are only for the advanced practitioners, others stay away.

World Situation when Kalki Avatar Comes

Will Kaki Avatar come before, during or after the great war of Armageddon, is something, which we have debated and written about extensively for a long time. There are some conflicts and variations between various prophetic sources as to exact Global situation when Kalki Avatar comes. I have discovered another reliable prophecy , which could shed some light on the condition of the world when Kalki Avatar Comes.

Garbha Nashak Tantra

This is a Garbha Nashak Tantra, a paranormal remedy not to get pregnant or to abort if pregnant. This ancient Indian Tantra was in the yesteryears practiced on those women who did not wish to get pregnant or to abort if pregnant. This is a knowledge-imparting article on unique and secret Indian Tantra and not for actual practice as the side effects are unknown.

Refining Orbits of Asteroids in Future

Considering how robotic sets can do things for even centuries on asteroids, maybe with some of their components sometimes robotically repaired or replaced, this means that more than small asteroids could have their orbits refined over decades or even centuries. Form strong ion jets mounted on adequate towers, ion fueled by selected refined asteroid elements, to be energized by electricity from Solar light conversion big films.

Muslim Naqsh to Free Prisoner

This is a Muslim Naqsh, which acts like a Charm to free someone from prison. This Naqsh is believed to be useful to those people whose loved one is in jail and all their efforts to free him or her have born no fruit and squarely failed.

Remedy for Wound Marks on Breasts

This is a traditional Indian Remedy to remove black or purple patches from the breasts. Such patches are usually a result of wounds and cut marks caused by scratching the itching skin of the breasts . The causes of the itching skin might range from fungal or bacterial infections to problems in improper breast-feeding or wounds caused during breast-feeding. This normally leads to a burning sensation and causes pain and discomfort, which this remedy promises to reduce.

Mantra Tantra Yantra to Destroy Enemy Mind

In this post, I have explained a rare and unique Buddhi Stambhan Tantra Mantra Yantra Experiment. This fearsome Tantric experiment is used to destroy the mind of an enemy who is unnecessarily troubling and bent upon harming some innocent and helpless person. As always clarified these fearsome Indian Tantric experiment are only for the highly advanced Practitioner of the Aghori Tantra .

If a Risky Asteroid is not located

Finding and locating asteroids wasn't simply some cute game. If not all the not too little asteroids became located, which at least sometimes orbited between Venus and Mars, try to then imagine some 100m sports field park sized one deflected from far away some future century, then getting pulled in to Earth, ulitimately crashing in, able to turn some town into a smashed crater . It could happen. Who would ever want to see that happen anywhere?

Homeopathic Remedies for Lack of Appetite

This is the third in the series of remedies for Lack of Appetite, the first one was a traditional Indian remedy and other a paranormal one. This one given here in this post is a Homeopathic Remedy. Lack of Appetite is always a major cause of concern and it is most likely that it is just an outward symptom of some major disease.

Simple Homeopathic Remedy for Food Poisoning

The consumption of stale food, rotten fruits and impure and contaminated water are some of the more common causes of food poisoning.  The severity of the poisoning depends upon the quantity of bacteria and parasites present in the food substance, how rapidly they incubate and multiply. In a large number of cases food poisoning  is life threatening.

Nostradamus Hinduism and Modi

The tribe of secularists in India appears to be growing day by day, being secular in India means rejection of Hinduism and the Hindu way of life. From the brain washed leftist oriented scribe and social worker to the casteist politician, everyone speaks of secularism, like some latest fashion.  However, it is equally true that there are still some secular people like Gandhiji  in India, but only a minuscule percentage.

Guarding Earth from Asteroids in Future

The current investors group caring for the high orbiting settlements was contented to have the new asteroids locating system created almost free to benefit space technicians etc., (and of course future Earth humans). This nice attempt, schemed by some in their high orbiting settlements , to guard Earth from some mostly small asteroids, should bring the settlers plus the investors some continuing better good will from the general public.

Maha Matangi Vashikaran Mantra Prayog

This is a Vashikaran Mantra for only the advanced Tantric/Yogi/ Sadkak as it invokes the Maha Matangi , the important Indian Tantric Goddess, one the 10 deities of the Dasha Mahavidya or the 10 paths of the Divine Mystic Knowledge. Those well versed with Hindu Tantra need only practice the Maha Matangi Vashikaran Mantra Prayog, others stay away.

Vashikaran Yantra [Talisman] for keeping under seat

Today I will tell you about the Assan Ke Niche Rakhne Wala Vashikaran Yantra or the Vashikaran Yantra [Talisman] for keeping under seat. This Charm will if kept under the seat will impress and influence everyone you meet while seating in that particular position. The Attraction Yantra is useful for enhancing your chances in everything; including, love, money and business.

Origin of the Wife of Kalki Avatar

Hinduism attaches great importance to the wife of most deities; Shaktis as they are known in Hindu Religious Scriptures.  Thus, the Puranas have attributed certain qualities to watch out for in the wife of the 10th Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu, The Kalki Avatar. Just as the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance Laxmi is the consort of Vishnu, the Kalki Purana states that the wife of his Kalki Manifestation will be a Manifestation of Laxmi.

When is Kalki Avatar Coming

The age of the Kali Yuga which is firmly upon us and reaching its peak has affected all sects, ethnic groups and religions each in different ways. This Kuga where the dominance of evil or negative vibrations exceeds 75% brings about the worst in humans and ultimately leads towards a revolutionary change or a bend in the evolution of mankind and returns it’s to it natural path in the evolutionary cycle in becoming higher entities.

How to avert Asteroid Collision with Earth

If in the future a significant sized asteroid is discovered to soon be on a possible collision course with Earth or Luna , it could be sent a big enough ion jet to significantly shift its orbit away safer. Thus it had seemed good to start having a few such bigger ion jets robotically prepared to wait ready at little cost. Then nothing like what happened 65.5 million years ago, killing 2/3 of Earth life (while triggering the extinction of dinosaurs, but letting mammals soon become somewhat dominant), should happen again.

Dur Bhago Videshan Yantra

Dur Bhago means run far away in English and the name of this Yantra is exactly that, it is called the Dur Bhago Videshan Yantra. This Yantra, the scriptures say should be practiced by someone who wishes to free himself from the clutches of an enemy and has little chance of breaking free; hence a most powerful Videshan Yantra .