Future of Diseases in Space Age

Human infective diseases had gradually been getting reduced, especially in more advanced Earth nations, thanks to advancing biological and cellular R&D (research & development). Such R&D experts learned more fine details about how our diseases had successfully kept spreading into our fresh generations. Such good learning became helped extra up in the high orbiting settlements. Some well educated quite skillful cell biologists moving up here became able to improve some of this more. They unsurprisingly wanted many people to become somewhat freed from at least some of our worst infectuous diseases.

Thanks to ever better robotic services freeing more and more of their time, such researchers were able to extensively study extra some of humans' worst past evolved diseases. And since moderns were of course highly involved in gaining genetic advances over average natural humans, more moderns than average humans were quite good in ways to limit diseases. Some of them had even been quietly helping experts on Earth and especially up in the high orbiting settlements, who were successfully researching some new advanced aspects of all this.

There had been some news reports on Earth of some of Earth's good medical staff being cruelly killed by some devoted conservative foes against spreading some disease prevention methods, such as inoculating folks against polio, within their national populations. Thus such disease prevention workers knew they had to be quite cautious about trying to spread some stronger disease avoidance methods into some places on Earth.

That was most unfortunate. It meant that some diseases couldn't be fully eliminated worldwide by present methods trying to help limit future sicknesses in ordinary humans. A bad consequence of this was that some such diseases would thus most unfortunately end up being kept thriving while sickening some future people, unless alternative new methods could be eventually developed to somehow fully eliminate from all Earth such infectuous diseases.

Yes, it was possible that some historic perpetuating diseases could be completely eliminated by new methods which in the future would leave their disease's spreading bacteria or viruses at most only existing possibly frozen, preserved in at most a few safe highly protective very secure biology labs. (It could in the future be useful to have kept some preserved, useful for future R&D helpful for eliminating some other somewhat related diseases.)

Many such preserved infectious causes of some diseases could even be secured safer by altering them to now have some small genetic feature which would make the entire germ or virus quickly vulnerable to easily swallowed special pills.

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