Dead Man's Resurrected in Robots

As for possibly producing, in elaborate special advanced computers, complex "soul-ful" effectively resurrected mental people, (from their extensively highly analyzed dead frozen brains), those discussing such a possibility were generally agreeing that there wasn't much need yet to begin achieving this in either high orbiting settlement. Many settlers were aging less, while staying healthier, infected with fewer diseases than many down on Earth. Few of those dying had been arranging to have at least their heads preserved frozen in cold space.

But like the creators of a pair of trial somewhat human-like super advanced robots, several up in the high orbiting settlements became quite interested in such advanced possibilities. What might it be like for such complex programing, installed into a highly advanced high capacity computer, to "wake" into conscious mental existence, possessing such an advanced human like thinking state?

It should of course be nicest to install any such dead person's resurrected simulated "soul" mind into an advanced robot given good vision, hearing, touch sensitivity, etc. Some of our useful advanced robots were already being given such senses. But they had been merely obedient computerized programed machines, not fully independent minded advanced brainy thinkers.

However, quite recently, a few top robotic computer experts had joined to design, and then finally produce a successful most interesting trial pair of extra advanced very computer brainy robots, one simulating each human sex.

A few settlers discussed expanding that in the future, to maybe become able to produce "resurrected soul-ful" human-like very advanced robots, usable for some future dead settlers with much later extremely well analyzed preserved brains, who might have requested this possibility in their final wills. Good thinking very capable advanced robots should have well functioning mental rewards systems for achieving more helpful results. In us some rewards result from selectively brain produced dopamine which activates some of our brain's special types of dopamine receptors to result in extra interest in activities which offered enjoyment from sensing helpful behaviors from/to others.

We then get mentally rewarded for joining with others in various social animal activities. This of course helps us gain useful cooperative results while working with others, greatly helping in our past history to progressively advance our most useful technologies. (Also another most useful feature of such good evolved good pleasure seeking system has been to keep humans continuing to stay a long perpetuating successfully evolving species, thanks to joining with mates for good rewarding reproductive sex.)

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