Human Like Robots in Future

Effective chests and bellies for new human-like super brainy advanced robots provided ample room for additional heat to electricity conversion. Such bellies were also conveniently given some electric energy storage, having electric conduction lines then branching out throughout their bodies. Or, maybe out in.

frigid cold space, one could plug maybe into its belly some electric energy source. Thus it could easily work quickly out in frigid cold space vacuum, while, unlike us, not needing any difficult activities interfering space suit.

Their highly advanced effective computer brains, exploiting the latest compact molecular matrices, (most efficiently using electronic speed interactions), would efficiently need much less volume (and energy) than our cellular mammal brains, thus allowing lots more stored programing and memory capacity. Some such good brainy duplicate storage nicely allowed protectively detecting, (while out in space, to then soon properly correct), any possible rare cosmic ray alteration of their important computerized social activities natures, and some other brain states, plus some wanted extra important safely duplicated memories.

Eventually, safely up in the high orbiting Fullball world, the designers, wanting to try possible super advanced somewhat human behaving efficient robots, felt confident enough with all their much improved joined design ideas, to carefully gradually try actually having two fully formed, (safe up here from a few foes or even restrictive laws down on Earth opposed against ever permitting any so greatly advanced most capable human-like robots like these). These two simulated a human of each sex.

The highly advanced complex planned computer mental states were gradually installed in the pair of robots and tested, then somewhat refined, then finally fully activated to "life". Why not? Many folks found them most interesting. They nicely became fun to sometimes play with, or share time with, like for enjoying some good prepared entertainments. A few folks even had some fun trying sex with them! Their special simulated sexy places had also been formed able to produce nicely stimulating subsurface vibrations. It could become more enjoyable good fun than just trying to use some old crude vibrator!

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