Paranormal Powers of Owl Nails

In the Indian Tantra Shastra there is a belief that the nails of an Owl possess certain specific paranormal powers. Though I love the Owl for its uniqueness and do wish any harm to befall this harmless creature; nevertheless I will tell you about the experiments which are conducted by the practitioners of the Dark Tantra in India making the use of the Owl nails.

The person who puts the Owls nails in a Gold Locket and keeps them on his person as a Talisman is never short of money. This is done in the Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri].

If Kajal [eye-liner] is prepared using Owl nails; and the person puts this Kajal in his eyes and goes and speaks to his enemy; the enemy becomes frightened of him and never opposes him again.

If the Owl nails are put in a Silver Holder and tied as a Talisman around the neck of children; such children are always protected from the Evil-Eye and Black magic.

If Owl nails are rubbed and then put over the head of any person; such a person comes under your spell of Attraction and becomes enchanted by you.

If on a Thursday the Owl nails; along with the nails of a Vulture are kept on the chest of any sleeping person; such a person discloses every secret; known to him and tells the truth.

As indicated above these are all Tamsik Prayogs and should not be tried by anyone as the Prayog may rebound back upon you.

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  1. Owl nails are rubbed = make powder? Please confirm. Many thanks.

  2. Typographical error.."....Though I love the Owl for its uniqueness and do wish any harm to befall this harmless creature;.."..the NOT is missing. :-))

  3. I want to buy one, please tell me where from I will get it, my contact number is +919596079770

  4. I wear a locket of nail in pushyanakshatra my self But I didn’t feel the changes,what may I did any wrong?kindly suggest


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