Mantra to Leave someone Spellbound

This is a Sammohan Mantra Sadhana; Sammohan here is the context of this Prayog means to leave someone spellbound and fascinated by you. This is a Vashikaran Sadhana which is practiced using the Gunja. The Gunja [Abrus precatorius] commonly referred to in the English Language as the Rosary Pea or Crab’s Eye; comes in two varieties the Red and White. The Red variety is widely used in Tantra and hence this is the type which has to be used in this Tantrik Sadhana.

This Prayog has to be performed on the day of Purnima[ Full Moon] in the period of the Satabisha {100 Physcians] constellation or whenever the Rohini Nakshatra [Aldebaran} falls on a Friday. At Midnight the Sadhak has to bring home the 5 parts of the Gunja tree – the root, bark, leaves, flowers and fruits. This is called the Panchang;meaning the 5 parts of a tree.

One day before removing the parts from the tree, the tree has to be worshipped with flowers, Dhoop and Diya and then infused by chanting the first mantra given below 108 times.

While removing these parts and bringing them home the second mantra given below has to be chanted all the while.

Then after you bring the Panchang to your home these parts have to be washed and kept in a clean place. Then whenever required the root has to be rubbed on a Stone Board with a little bit of water added to make a thick paste. This paste is used to apply a Tilak on the forehead for the purposes of Vashikaran . While applying the Tilak the second mantra has to be chanted 21 times to infuse the Tilak with the mantra.

Then whoso ever sees you with the Tilak on your forehead will become spellbound by you and come under your spell of enchantment.

An Hindu experiment using a mantra to fascinate people
Mantra to Leave someone Spellbound

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  1. Will one Tilak leave everyone who sees that person spellbound or a different Tilak should be used for a different person?


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