Yakshini Mantra for Invisibility - 3

The Madana Yakshini is known to bestow the boon to turn invisible to a dedicated worshipper, who successfully performs her Sadhana.  An earlier mantra of the same Yakshini was given by me some time back; this one is for the same purpose, however the Prayog differs. I will still give the details even though the prescribed rules appear to be difficult.

The Yakshini Tantra says that the Prayog has to be performed sitting at ease in the entrance of the place of a King. The mantra is chanted 100,000 times to gain Siddhi over the mantra. After the chanting is completed, Dashansh Havan [works to 10,000] is performed by offering the Jasminum sambac; Malati Flower in Sanskrit; dipped in Pure Ghee to the fire. While offering the flowers, the Mantra  has to be chanted.

If the Sadhak succeed in completing the Sadhana, the Madana Yakshini appears before him a give him a magical item; shaped like a sweet. Keeping this magical thing in the mouth makes the Sadhak invisible. Along with this Siddhi, the Sadhak also gets a Boon of long life.

The Tantra also advises that whenever any Yakshini appears before a Sadhak, the final test of the Sadhak is not to get frightened. The Yakshinis keep changing their forms, take scary forms and do everything to scare the Sadhak.

A Mantra which make one invisible
Yakshini Mantra for Invisibility

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  1. Sir what is procedure to perform the mantra sadhana any specific day or after bath, praying on hills
    or temples what is the proceducre

    1. Bro dont do these mantra . As by chanting them it sometimes attract evil spirits also . And the consequence will be very horrible. These spirits make you mad or kill you . You should refer a qualified guru i would say

  2. hello sir what is mean by entrance of place of king please make it clear and should i have to use 10000 jasmine flowers one time to offer in havan

  3. U gave to do Kali Upasana, or bhirav or Hanuman Upasana before taking this kind of risks. These are three great Gods of Manthrikam.


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