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Mantra to recite while bathing - 2

Reciting a relevant Mantra while bathing is considered to have significance in the Hindu religion. It is considered as a means to wash away the sins and impurities accumulated during the course of the day. This is one more such Mantra to recite while bathing . This mantra signifies that just as the Demon Shankasur who stole the Vedas was killed by Vishnu and the Vedas returned to Earth so also would the impurities accumulated during the day signified by Shankasur disappear while bathing.

Settling down on an Asteroid

Out of Earth's many billions, over decades several may grow increasingly intrigued thinking about possible fun playful living advantages of comfortably living in space, especially if in a settlement with friends, while many tedious tasks get performed by obedient serving robotic devices. This could give them easier relaxed living than having to labor down on our gravity prison Earth. And unless on some planet, weights would daily stay an easy most comfortable fraction or less of weights on Earth. Thus it can be expected that at least a few will join and invest to get such settlements truly ever better developed.

Simple remedy to appear beautiful

This here is a Simple Remedy to appear beautiful and at the same time maintain good health;mental as well as physical. This remedy can be practiced by anyone at home regardless of whether you consider yourself beautiful or not. Here I would like to tell you that inner beauty is much more desirable than mere outer beauty.

Simple remedies for all problems

No matter how complicated the problem; health related, financial or any other there is always a Simple Remedy which is the solution. The solution more often than not is very simple and uncomplicated and easy to achieve. Here I have put forth some extremely Simple Remedies on matters related to health, financial and other common problems. I will be adding to this list, if anyone one has any unique remedy feel free to post them here.

Simple home remedy for frequent urination

This is a Simple home remedy for those who have the irritating problem of frequent urination. This habit is due to a variety of reasons; these can range between excessive heat in the bladder and urinary tract or even due to stress related problems. This habit of frequent urination is most irritating especially during the night.

Mantra for eating large amount of food

I had previously given a couple of mantras to be recited before taking food . This mantra given from the Dattatreya Tantra is different from the other two which I had posted earlier. This is also a mantra which is recited before taking food, but this mantra enables one to consume and also digest large amount of food.

Simple remedies for health problems by using the Tulsi plant

The Tulsi or Holy Basil plant as it is called in English has paramount importance in the Hindu religion. The leaves of the Tulsi are a common fixture in most Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals like Havans. Most Hindu households have a Tulsi plant in their homes as this is said to provide positive energy and vibrations. The Tulsi plant also has great importance in Tantrik rituals as also in Vashikaran experiments.

Simple remedy to increase trade

This is a most Simple remedy for shopkeepers and traders to increase their trade and business. This is one of the numerous Simple remedies given in the Hindu religious scriptures which are said to really work.

Most Powerful mantra to remove Ghosts

This is a most powerful Hindu Protection Mantra which is said to remove and exorcise Ghosts and other evil spirits from ones body. This mantra id dedicated to Ram, Laxman and Sita.

Muslim mantra to attract people in authority

This is a Muslim Attraction Mantra to control and bring people in authority like Government employees or powerful persons under your spell of attraction. The Siddhi [mastery] procedure of this Attraction Mantra is as follows— Take 41 cotton seeds and Abhimintrit [bind] each seed by holding the seed in your hand and reciting this mantra 41 times. Then throw all the seeds into the fire. It is said that doing this will make the person in authority come under your spell of attraction within 3 days.

Prediction of revolution in India

Looking unbiasedly at the current state of affairs in India one gets that strange and unknown feeling that we are somewhere in the final hour before midnight. A lot of people are thinking aloud; is a total revolution the only way out of the hole the Politicians have dug for India. That being democratically elected gives one the license to loot, the license to indulge in a variety of criminal activities, and start ones own dynasty is an undeniable fact. I have written extensively about the Prophecies about India in the near future. Most people were skeptical about this. However rapidly changing events in the last nine months, leave no doubt in my mind that this is the ‘eleventh hour ‘.Either it is a total revolution or India goes down the Somalia way; total chaos.

Powerful Hanuman Yantra

This is an ancient Vedic Hindu Yantra or Geometric combination to please and get the blessings of the Hindu God of infinite strength Hanuman . This Yantra is said to fulfill all the desires of the devotee. This Yantra has to be written on Bhojpatra or Paper with Ashtagandha [a scented mixture of 8 herbs] 1, 25,000 times. Then after writing it has to be worshipped with Dhoop [Incense] and Diya [oil lamp with a cotton wick].

Gorakhnath Gayatri Mantra

This is the full version of the Gorakhnath Gayatri Mantra. Guru Gorakhnath the second of the nine saints and masters the Navnath’s is probably one of the most influential personalities in the Mantra Vidhya branch of Hinduism. This Gayatri Mantra describes the qualities of Guru Gorakhnath as ‘Alakh Niranjan’ meaning the omnipresent light of purity. The one born out of the void. The one symbolizing the Gayatri.The Ever-Existent and self created.

Simple remedy to concentrate on studies

May times it is observed that students even if they have the desire to study find it difficult to concentrate on their studies. In such cases studies become a burden and a daily ritual which has to be completed at any cost. Such studies do not have any effect as there is lack of concentration and motivation.

New World Order behind bugging of Finance Minister's office

Many people were skeptical about the post which I wrote a short time back about how the New World Order is Controlling India .The recent expose about how the office of India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and the number two man in the Government was bugged further substantiates this fact. Adhesives were found in 16 key locations in his office, his office enjoys the highest surveillance security. This was obliviously an insider job. The persons controlling the buggers are brazen enough to think that they can get away with anything as they have always done.

Future uses of robotic devices in outer space

Some robotic devices already exist able to do some wanted boring tedious labors. But we don't use them much since of course many people would resist and oppose that. Why? They don't want to loose useful jobs merely to robots! Our people need jobs and repeated work to receive earnings required to pay for daily living needs.

Simple remedy for Kaal Sarp Yog

I have been receiving a lot of mail regarding kaal sarpa yog ; the planetary alignment wherein all the planets are positioned between Rahu [north node] and Ketu [south node] of the Zodiac. It is said that in this alignment the planets become restricted and do not give full effect. As I am unable to answer all mail I am posting this article which gives a simple remedy. There is no need to complicated and costly remedies like “Narayan Nagbali”. I had given some powerful kaal sarpa yog mantras , if you do not wish to practice them; here is an alternative remedy.

Simple remedies for delayed marriage

These are Simple remedies if your marriage is delayed or there are problems in getting married. These remedies can be practiced by anyone without taking much time and energy. The only thing required is faith and dedication. If there is no Guru bal [weak Jupiter] in your horoscope then you have to offer 7 yellow flowers to the Audumbar tree [cluster fig tree] for 7 Thursdays.

The reason why Government wants to exclude PM from Lokpal

The Jan lokpal Bill drafting committee meets for the last time today. But severe differences remain between the two sides .The most severe of them is bringing the Prime Minister within the ambit of the Lokpal.For some strange and mystifying reasons the 5 members of the Government side of the 10 member drafting committee are trying to kill this move. Whereas team Anna Hazare seems to be firm on this issue. The Government on it part seem under a lot of pressure not to strike at the Root of corruption in India .It appears that the agenda of the Indian Government has already been laid out by the New World Order controlling India.

Mantra to attract women - 4

This is another unique Vashikaran Experiment to attract and bring a woman under your spell of attraction. Siddhi [mastery] has to be obtained on the day of any Eclipse Solar or Lunar by reciting the Attraction Mantra 10,000 times. Note – the word ‘amuk’has to be replaced with the name of the woman you wish to attract.

Powerful Mantra to deflect negative energies

This is a Shaabri Protection Mantra to deflect negative energies and make them return to where they originated from. This mantra is dedicated to the great master Guru Gorakhnath and invokes the infinite strength of Hanuman .

Future humans will settle around other stars

Settling around other stars had been a badly unrealistic fantasy dream wanting unreal faster than light travel. Real universe trips to stars would actually cost decades to centuries. That would cost huge supplies of somehow transported energy to speed up, grow food all that time, and then finally slow down. And besides, few stars would have even a single planet livable for us!

Kuldevta Mantra

Most Hindu households have a unique presiding or family deity known as the Kuldevta. The word Kuldevta when translated into English means family deity. The worship of the Kuldevta is considered of paramount importance, it is said that the blessings of the Kuldevta should be invoked first while offering any Prarthana [prayer] or while trying to acquire any kind of Mantra Siddhi.

Powerful mantra for release from sins

This is a very unique Mantra to gain release and freedom from sins. This mantra is from the ancient Hindu religious scripture the Atharva Veda. The original verse is Sanskrit; I have tried to arrive as close English translation as I could. The ancients understood the power of the spoken word and how if spoken from the deepest part of ones subconscious it could reach the end target. Try it you will certainly feel contented.

The seven states towards Nirvana

Ancient Hindu spiritualism has defined the seven states in the process leading towards liberation or the ultimate Nirvana. Here one state spontaneously leads towards the next. Subeccha – the desire from the bottom of the heart to expand and to gain spiritual knowledge and to ultimately find liberation.

Non cellular humans in the future

Cells constantly require food supplies while many cells get periodically replaced. More in the body could be made non cellular using more safe molecular matrix forms. Such forms were thus invented, improved and refined to replace bones, muscles, skin, etc. (When such new "skin" began wearing thin somewhere, a new thin wear resistant layer would simply be painted over there.)

The Eternal Now

This is an interesting expert about Past Life and the future from the YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI , written in the second century BC.The past, present and the future all co-exist in the ‘Eternal Now’ The commentary and explanation given below is by translated by Charles Johnston. Source –

Superorgasmic pleasure state in future humans

Thanks to new noncellular Molecular matrix electronic speed added brain volumes taking over moderns' mental tasks like highly advanced complex inventiveness, such improved folks now had lots of free time in their core brains which couldn't mentally compete. With aging halted, there was little need to have many young. Thus not many needed time to raise recent young.

Navnath Trishul Mantra

This is the Shaabri Navnath Trishul Mantra . The Trishul is the weapon of Shiva, it is a three speared weapon mounted on a rod. The deeper significance of the Trishul is that it is said to represent the three THE THREE FORCES OF GOD or the three aspects of creation – Creation, Protection and Destruction.

Brain changes in future humans

With Molecular matrix new brain layers working at electronic speed and with core brain neurons now smaller and working a bit faster, talking aloud became somewhat slow for many communications. Moderns thus devised a way to beam conversations and also encoded information or higher new brain complex communications between folks in sight of each other.

Powerful Mantra for protection of the self

This is a most powerful Shaabri Navnath Protection Mantra for the protection of the self and family. This Mantra invokes time or Kaal signified by 4 guardians representating time, Kaal Bhairav, Agya Vetal, Narasimha and Hanuman for protection. This mantra can be recited whenever one feels he or his family is in any sort of danger.

Molecular evolution of future humans

Moderns had found more ways to reduce cell sizes. They eliminated useless DNA fragments from ancient viruses, 3-8% of chromosomes inherited from past humans. They eliminated inactive parts of DNA and ancient genes. The brain had again became a bit smaller, safely allowing a not too thick added brain layer.

Bhagavad-Gita on Om Tat Sat

This post is a continuation of the one where I had written about the Secret Mantra of Edgar Cayce "Arrr--eee-oommm".as Edgar Cayce pronounced Hari Om [हरी ॐ] . This is a variation of Om Tat Sat [ॐ तत सत]. The following are the verses from the most sacred of the Hindu religious scriptures the Bhagavad-Gita, which describe the Mantra Om Tat Sat [ॐ तत सत].

Mahakali Mantra for pain relief

This is a Health Mantra which is dedicated to the Hindu mother Goddess Mahakali to get relief from pain. Amongst the numerous Hindu Mantras for pain relief this mantra is probably the most powerful. The Siddhi [mastery] over this Mantra is acquired during the period of any Eclipse, Solar or Lunar by reciting this mantra 10,000 times.

Energy for future space settlements

Space settlements need energy. No coal nor oil to burn out there! At first if of small population, Solar energy films served ok, especially if not far out. In space a disk film is ok, given light spin to keep it spread out. But as a settlement grows, such as a 3D Fullball balloon world, ever more energy becomes needed to live and grow food. E.g. a Fullball world increased to 10km radius can have over 50 million people; since its full volume is filled all around inside with virtually weightless cable network suspended homes plus farms etc. And it will have another severe problem. All done inside produces waste heat. How then to keep it livably cooled?

Powerful flower Mohini Mantra

This is a powerful Mohini Attraction Mantra which makes the use of a flower to attract and bring anyone under your spell of attraction. The procedure for acquiring Siddhi [mastery] over this Flower Mohini Mantra has to be commenced on any Saturday after lighting a lamp and offering your prayers to the lamp, the mantra has to be recited 144 times. This procedure has to be repeated for a total of 21 days.

Future humans will improve biologically and genetically

Robotic devices have freed some humans from some tedious labors.  This should be expected to continue thanks to future more advanced Robotic devices .Future humans such as "moderns", freed from ever more boring labors, will thus become able to give increasing time and brain power to study and devise ever more better complex inventions to accomplish more.

Shabri Rudraksh Mantra

This is a Shabri Rudraksh mantra. This mantra can be recited while wearing any kind of Rudraksha around your neck or any other part of your body like the forearm or the wrist. There is no other rule or any kind of ritual prescribed along with this particular Rudraksh Mantra .

Robotic devices of future humans

Since "moderns", biologically ever more improved over past humans, were violently hated by some conservatives as evil violations contrary to God's perfect design, some moderns felt they should benefit greatly if gaining secret settlements safely remote from Earth.

Sathya Sai Baba a Non-Dual being

Sathya Sai Baba the world renowned India holy man and Guru passed away on 24 April 2011.Sathya Sai Baba had millions of disciples all over the world. Numerous miracles like materializing of objects and Vibuthi [sacred ash] are attributed to him. He of course had his critics who had branded him as a fraud.

Advancing Future Lives

Natural species need to age and die after raising new young. If not, they wouldn't have successfully evolved as required to continue surviving among all the competing evolving species. But now our best researchers can study and develop good changes to make humans live longer, healthier, better.

Mantra to make enemy leave his home and run away

This is a Mantra to make your enemy leave his home and run away. This is an Aghori Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra, the mantras from this tantra are in nature Aghori [fearsome] and it is recommended by me that they should only be used for purposes of Protection and not to harm anyone.

Yantra to get rid of evil dreams

This is a Yantra which is prepared and worn to rid oneself of negative and evil dreams. This Yantra has to be written on a Sunday on a white piece of paper with red ink and then put in a locket and tied around your neck.

Future worlds in outer space - 2

A Future way to get things off Earth without costly rockets is a cable lift system having a geostationary station in high 24hr orbit zeroing its weight 35,790km (22,240mi) above sea level. This is anchored to Earth some distance from the equator to safely stay outside most orbits, and has a maybe 3 times higher cable section+counterweight keeping the very strong cable stretched up while lifting loads.

Mantra for liberation

This is an ancient Hindu Vedic Mantra taken from the Devi Mahatmyam also known as the Durgā Saptashatī or Chandi Patha.The the Devi Mahatmyam is one of the most sacred of the Hindu scriptures, recited by millions of Hindus all over the world.

Future worlds in outer space

Most future advanced living can be off Earth in "Fullball" balloon worlds formed by having a shielding skin held in by an internal cable network which suspends many internal rotating homes cylinders of perhaps 5 pairs of levels at each end of a cylinder for maybe 90 homes each, efficiently superior over any Earth city big block, while having an internal very light weight play area folks can easily jump across.

Government strategy against Ramdev and Hazare

The latest on Yoga and Spiritual Guru Baba Ramdev in his war against corruption and looting in India is the call given by him to start an armed rebellion.Baba Ramdev has stated that he will initially start a militia comprising of 11,000 well trained and armed men. Ramdev has been continuously bombarded with allegations, abuses and threats in his fight against New World Order .Their strategy against him and Anna Hazare is simple-

Gorakhnath Niranjan Mantra

Guru Gorakhnath is the second of the nine saints and masters the Navnath’s. He is one of the most important deities in Mantra Vidhya or the divine knowledge of mantras, especially Shaabri mantras. This is the Mantra to be recited while lighting a Niranjan or Diya before Guru Gorakhnath before commencing a Prarthana or prayer.

Navnath Mantra

The nine saints and masters the Navnath’s have a widespread following in India. Much of the Shaabri Vidhya and other Mantras can be traced back to the Navnath’s. This is a mantra which is recited during the Prarthana or prayer of the Navnath’s. This mantra is recited while lighting Kapur [Camphor] before the Navnath’s.

India fight against New World Order

The entire focus of India now is the anti corruption movements commenced by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev.The unimaginable magnitude of looting and corruption by the Political class and the parasites who thrive on them, all controlled by the New World Order controlling India is meeting resistance from the people of India. Due to the brutal repression of the peaceful agitation of Baba Ramdev, a lot of people are fearsome whether the movement will succeed or not. The looters have taken an aggressive and brazen stand. They have sent a clear message that they will hound and finish off those who dare to oppose them. They have fielded underlings whose only job is to defame, threaten and abuse the anti corruption crusaders.

Mantra for confidence and will power

This is a Mantra which is said to give you the will power and confidence to commence and complete any new venture or any sort of project. Very often one finds that the will power and confidence is lacking, this mantra is said to remove that negative quality.

Mantra to cure Migraine - 2

This is a Shaabri Mantra which is said to cure the illness of Migraine. The Siddhi[mastery] over the mantra has to be acquired on the day of any Eclipse by reciting the mantra 1000 times or 101 times on a Friday falling in the Shukla Paksha[bright half] of the Hindu lunar month. There after to use it you have recite this Health Mantra 3 times and blow your breath on the head of the person suffering from migraine. Doing this is said to cure the illness of migraine.

Most powerful mantra to become victorious

This is a great and unique most powerful Mantra to emerge victorious in any sort of fight, argument, debate or any type of conflict with your enemies. The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired by reciting it for a total of 10,000 times.

Home remedy to cure ear diseases and deafness

This is a very easy and Simple remedy to get relief from all types of ear diseases and deafness and also ear pain, boils and water in the ears. This remedy can be practiced by anyone at home as the procedure is very simple.

Simple remedy to get a job

This is considered to be an extremely Simple remedy to get a job if you are jobless and are finding it difficult to find any sort of employment. In such circumstances it is normal for one to be depressed. The experiment given below is said to remove the negative vibrations from your person and hence it becomes easy to find a job.

Most powerful wealth mantra

This is a most powerful wealth Mantra dedicated to Mahakali the fierce manifestation of the mother Goddess or the Universal Ever-Existent in the Hindu religion. This is a Shaabri Wealth Mantra which is said to grant all round success and growth in business and the generation of wealth.

Mantra to make cattle healthier

This is a Mantra which is recited to make your domestic cattle like cows and buffaloes healthier, and make them give more milk. This mantra has to be recited while giving your cattle their daily cattle feed, this will bind the cattle feed with the mantra and make your cattle more healthy.

Aftermath of Baba Ramdev agitation

The most distressing thing I have noticed in the aftermath of the Indian Governments brutal use of force in breaking up of Baba Ramdev's fast is how the agitation is being sought to be undermined by various sections. Firstly how the enslaved media of the “ New World Order Controlling India " is trying to portray it as a communal agitation. The when one and all could see people from all religions including Muslim Clerics, Jain Munis, Buddhist and Christian Priests on stage. The presence of a few supposedly radical Hindu religious elements has them fuming.

Baba Ramdev movement - what next

“Vinash kale viprit Buddhi” or when the end is near your mind becomes corrupted is what most aptly describes the Indian governments decision to crack down on the peaceful agitation launched by Baba Ramdev .Ramdev was arrested in a violent manner by the Police, and his supporters were tear gassed brutally. All this happened after midnight while the agitators against looting and Corruption in India were sleeping peacefully. While the public were being fooled by the representatives of the government that a resolution was reached, the government was all the while planning this brutal step. Or for that matter were they? Doesn’t appear that way, most probably they are receiving orders on an hourly by their controllers “ New World Order Controlling India “.

Baba Ramdev's fast against the New World Order

Y oga Guru Baba Ramdev has began his fast unto death today at the Ramlila Maidan in New Delhi.The Indian Government probably at the behest of New World Order Controlling India tried to arrive at some sort of compromise, which appears to have failed. The desperation of the Government to arrive at a compromise formula was evident when four Senior Cabinet Ministers and the Cabinet Secretary were present at the airport to meet Baba Ramdev when he arrived at the airport.Thereafter several rounds of talks with the representatives of the Government failed to yield any results. It seems certain that the Illuminati had set a target for this Government, which it failed to meet. Now most certainly heads will roll.

The Universe is a living organism

The realized masters often describe NON DUALISM AS THE ONLY REAL STATE of existence. These masters then say that the rest is Maya or an illusion. Now I will go further and say again what I have said before” WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US WE ARE THE THING”. Does this not mean that we are the Universe? Yes, the Universe is a Living Organism, and we are that organism.

Mantra to remove tooth pain

This is a Health Mantra which is said it remove tooth pain, even unbearable pain. The Siddhi[mastery] over the Mantra is acquired on the day of any eclipse by reciting the mantra 10,000 times. Then to use it if required you have to take some water and recite the mantra, this will bind the water with the mantra. Then you have to gargle with this water. This procedure has to be done 7 times.

Asteroid 2005 YU55 and destruction ?

The Quatrain below was the one which I had interpreted as the one indicating the Assassination of Mabus . This person MABUS is the one who has been widely recognized as the one whose death will trigger of unprecedented death and destruction.  Nostradamus has given a broad dating. It is going to happen at the beginning of the Century.

Mantra to remove fear of tiger, snake, lightning and thief

Some people have a phobia and fear about certain things, no matter how hard they try to rid themselves of that fear it persists. This is a unique Mantra to remove the fear of tiger, snake, lightning and thief. This is also considered to be a powerful Protection Mantra .

Removing the Evil Eye

Traditional Hindu teachings, including the Tantrik and Spiritual practices have recognized the power of the Human gaze. When totally immersed in any one particular thought or sensation, the human gaze is known to display extra ordinary powers. It is normally the eye through which these vibrations, either positive or negative flow. These vibrations are known to affect the end objective of these thoughts.

Secret Mantra of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce the renowned American psychic whose Prophecies are amongst the most widely read of all Prophecies was throughout his life a devote practicing Christian. The only type of meditation which he is known to have practiced is the chanting of a particular word "Arrr--eee-oommm". None of his associates or friends probably understood this; it could be because he meant it that way. He wanted it to be a secret.