Simple remedy to get a job

This is considered to be an extremely Simple remedy to get a job if you are jobless and are finding it difficult to find any sort of employment. In such circumstances it is normal for one to be depressed. The experiment given below is said to remove the negative vibrations from your person and hence it becomes easy to find a job.

What one has to do in such a case is to get a Lime which is spotless.
Then cut that lime into 4 equal parts.
At the time of sunset go to a street corner and throw the 4 pieces in all the 4 directions ie.north, south, east and west.
This experiment has to be carried on for 7 days.

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  1. Right now I am facing job relieving problem from my manager, can you please suggest any remedy for this?

  2. i am job less since 2011 may i am not getting any oppartunities,if any i get it is loosing my financial position also very bad please suggest me any r emedy to get job immediately

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  3. Hello Mr Neel, after how long from completing this remedy does someone see the effect in terms of days. I have just completed so was curious to know. Look forward to your reply. Thx

  4. Hello Mr Neel,pls response will be appreciated. Thx

    1. The remedy does not give a specific time frame, but removes the obstacles and problems in getting a job. If you are trying to find a job, you will surely get success.

  5. Sir I read this Totka in many sites.There it mentions that after throwing 4 piece of lime not to look back. If I am standing one direction of road then i can throw 3 piece of lime to 3 direction of road. How to throw lime 4th direction without look back where i will standing ??? i have to back home with this road.Please remove my confusion and give me proper solution.Thanks.

    1. Take one direction at a time and do not look back after throwing the lime.

  6. Thanks a lot sir for your reply. This was my first comment in your site and i was waiting for your reply. Don't mind its not clear to me. I think 4 direction is East,west,south and north.I am standing on west direction.I threw lime to east,south and north direction. But how to throw west direction on standing here??? That was my actual question.I have to come home with west direction. Do i throw in front of my road (west direction) and walk away on this road??Thanks.

    1. You can throw the lime in the west and walk back home, there will be no problem if you throw the lime in front of you and walk back home.

  7. Thank you so much to show me proper solution........

  8. Hello Neelji

    Is it okay to do this ritual during Krishnapaksh?

    1. इस टोटके मे कृष्‍ण या शुक्ल पक्ष का कोई बंधन नही है.किसी भी दिन किया जा सकता है...वैसे शनिवार का दिन अच्छा माना गया है.

  9. hello sir, i am not able to get settle in one job since 2018 started. please help or suggest me what to do.

  10. One can also bathe with the lime after taking regular bath or shower with soap. Cut the 3 limes in half, rub each half all over your body from head to toe like you are using soap, then rinse. Repeat this bath for 3 or 7 days in a row. The lime will cut any negative energies that is on your body. You can take this kind of bath once per month.

  11. Sir lime means lemon right???

  12. Sir you said spotless lime , what is meaning , Lemon Right ??

  13. I have done that twice and both time I got nice and long lasting job ..I guarantee it works..I had done that in 2012 and before 7days I got a perfect Job for approximately 7 years..then I did it again 2019 and I got another job which was hard but after a year it got transferred to another section it turns to be the best job again..and i got that job after two days of doing this totka..bit I still finished the days days


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