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Apan Mudra to Purify Body

The Apan Hasta Mudra is another one of the Yogic Hand Poses, which can be of great help to those aspirants striving for and kind of Satvik Mantra Siddhi. It is no secret that as the human body ages, changes start taking place in the functions of the various organs of the body. The digestion system also undergoes a change and become less effective in performing its basic function of digesting food.

Islamic Voodoo Spell to Summon a Spirit

This Yantra originates from ancient Islamic sorcery spells to summon a Hazrat [in the context of this article meaning a Presence]. The Presence should be taken to be the Spirit of a departed soul of a person belonging to higher spiritual level [Mrit Atma] or an evolved Spirit. The Voodoo Spell described by me in this post is a dangerous Tantric experiment and I have written about it only for the sake of giving information about ancient Indian Occult Spells.

Putli Mantra to Exorcise Ghosts

A Shabar Putli Mantra along with a Tantra to Exorcise Ghosts known in the Hindi language as the Bhoot, Pret,  Buri Atma, Pishach Nashak Mantra is described by me in this post. This Magical VoodooTantra is performed by a small section of Aghori Exorcists to exorcise a possessed person of all types of bad and dangerous ghostly spirits.

Mantra Therapy For Treating ADHD

ADHD or Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder affects Millions of children each year, the exact cause of this disorder are still unknown. I periodically get mail from readers requesting for any kind of alternative remedy such as mantra-tantra-yantra  therapy for treating their children, mostly boys who diagnosed as suffering from ADHD. One such letter is published below.

Yantra to make Enemy Face Swollen

The Yantra described by me in this post is a very unique Indian Yantra, which acts like a special Voodoo Spell to punish an enemy by making his face swollen [Shatru Ke Mukh Par Sujan]. I have also described two methods by which this ememy punishing Yantra experiment can be practiced to achieve the same result, which is to make a swelling appear on the face of an enemy.

Gyan Mudra for Mantra Aspirants

Many readers of this site complain of lack of concentration and focus while practicing some of the Mantra Tantra   Experiments and Sadhana, which need single-minded concentration while chanting the Mantra. For the benefit of these Sadhaks, I have described a most simple and easy to practice Yogic Hasta Mudra known as the Gyan Mudra.

Yantra to Resolve Workplace Problems

This simple and easy to make Yantra is a workplace related problems resolution Charm.  The Yantra does not have any corresponding Mantra or Tantra Experiment and hence is most suitable for anyone having any problems or troubles relating to the job, employment and workplace [ Naukri Aur Kaam Kaaj Ke Bare Me Samasya] to practice.  The simplified Yantra making procedure is explained below in this post.

Peacock Feather Remedy to Recover Money

There are literally thousands of paranormal remedies, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra Remedies, Occult Voodoo Spells and Totke for gaining and recovering money. For the past many years, this site has been regularly publishing  all kinds of remedies related to money to help those in need and in the same spirit, today, I have described a most simple and easy to practice paranormal Indian remedy to recover money using a Peacock feather.

Bhairav Siddhi Yantra

This Bhairav Siddhi Yantra, which, I have described in this post, is different from the Bhairav Yantra posted a couple of days back, which acts like an most powerful all round good luck and protection talisman. This Bhairav Siddhi Yantra, given in this post is specific for those very advanced practitioners of the Occult Tantra who are engaged in the most powerful Tantric Sadhana of attempting to invoke and have a vision of Bhairava .

Vashikaran By Pedha Totka

The Vashikaran by Pedha Totka to put a Voodoo Attraction Spell on any person, be it a man, woman or child is widely prescribed by Vashikaran Spell Casters and Specialists. There are some Enchantment by Pedha Spells, which are Cast using Mantras and Yantras and some using a special kind of Kriya without the use of any Mantra or Yantra. In this post, I have described a Vashikaran Totka , which does not involve the infusion of the Pedha with any kind of Vashikaran, Akarshan or Mohini Mantra.

Powerful Shri Bhairav Yantra

The Shri Bhairav or the Bhairavnath Yantra is believed to be one of the most powerful of the Hindu Yantras. Bhairava as been repeatedly mentioned in many previous posts symbolizes the inevitable time, which even the high and mighty dread. It is also one of the ultimate realities and fundamental truths, which govern even the Gods. Thus, a Yantra symbolizing Bhairava is extremely potent, powerful and effective. In this post, I have explained how to prepare and use a Bhairav Yantra.

Tantric Magical Properties of Lakshmana Plant

The Laxmana or Bankalmi Plant sometimes referred to as Mandrake in English has always had certain specific uses in traditional Indian Medicine and Ayurveda, especially those relating to vitality and increasing the chances of reproduction among women. Indian Tantra Shastra believes  that the various parts of the Lakshmana Plant possess strong magical and paranormal properties and has prescribed certain Satvik and Tamsik paranormal remedies using this plant, In this post, I have described a simple and easy to follow  Satvik Tantra to make full uses of the inherent   Occult Powers of the Lakshmana Plant.

Yantra for Building a Temple

For those pious and well-meaning people, wishing to build a temple, Ashram or any Holy Shrine there is a specific Hindu Devotional Yantra Sadhana, prescribed in the Tantra, which is believed to enhance their chance of getting success in fulfilling their ambitions. In this post, I have described the method of this simple Bhakti Yantra Experiment.

Shri Ganesh Bhakti Kripa Yantra Sadhana

The Yantra and the accompanying Tantra, which has been described by me in this post is a special Ganesha Kripa Bhakti Yantra, which is worshipped to gain the blessings of Shri Ganesha. This Yantra is specially meant for the Selfless, Sincere and Pure hearted [Satvik Guni] Ganapati Bhakts who want nothing else in life but the blessings of Shri Ganesha.

Santan Sukh Yantra Tantra

This Santan Sukh Yantra described by me in this post is specially meant to correct behavioral defects in spoilt and wayward children. Santan Sukh in the context of this particular Yantra Experiment means happiness and satisfaction deruved from children and is suitable for harassed,  anxious and fearful parents of a child who has lost direction in life. The Yantra Sadhana to be performed by a parent desiring to rectify character defects in his or his child is a simple one, which I will explain below in this post.

Kesar Chandan Tilak for a Calm Mind

Kesar and Chandan, Saffron and Sandalwood in English are words, which need no introduction. Readers of this site will have certainly seen references to both these items time and again in various posts relating to Mantra and Yantra Experiments, various kind of remedies, Totke and Tantras.  In this post, I will explain how to relieve headaches and migraine and keep the mind calm and free from anxiety by using a Kesar-Chandan Tilak .

Remedies for Travel to Unlucky Directions

Most people are usually unaware of the possibility of them suffering from a Disha Dosha. The Disha Dosha in context of this post does not mean the more popular and famous Disha Dosha of Vastu Shastra but an unlucky direction. Some people might experience that whenever they travel in a certain direction for work, love, pleasure or business nothing goes as planned or there are always obstacles or problem in a particular direction.

Famous Maruti Vahan Suraksha Yantra

This is the most famous Maruti Vahan Suraksha Yantra, which is believed to be a most powerful safety and protection talisman for vehicles, like motor cars, auto rickshaws, vans, trucks and even scooters and motorcycles. This Suraksha Yantra is said to protect and secure the vehicle from accidents while travelling. The simple procedure of energizing and using the Yantra to protect vehicles is described below in this post.

Safed Aak Worshipped as Swetark Ganapati

Readers of this site might have no doubt come across the plant Sweth or White Madar being mentioned in various earlier articles, including some Mantra, Tantra, Yantra and Indian Paranormal and Herbal Remedies and Totke. This plant whose botanical name is Calotropis Gigantea is known by a variety of name including White Crown Flower tree and Milkweed in English and Safed Aak and Rui in Hindi is a Laxmi Karak [Money and Wealth Attraction] Tantric item dear to Ganesha. In this post, I will explain a simple procedure to energize it with a Ganesh Mantra and keep it in the home to attract money and wealth.

Ganesh Mantra and Puja for Manglik Dosha

The horoscope having Manglik Dosha is believed to be unfavorable for entering into partnerships including marriage partnerships. However, this astrological rule does not apply  necessarily, if both the partners have Mangal Dosha in their Kundali. In my opinion apart from being a hindrance for marriage, a Mangal afflicted horoscope is not as bad and harmful astrological Yoga as it is made out to be. People having Mangal Dosha are most likely to have a high energy level, courage, vitality and sex-drive; they could also have an aggressive and fiery temperament and will not be averse to risk taking.

Yantra [Good Luck Charm] for Horse Racing

The Yantra, which, I have described in this post is a Indian Occult Voodoo Spell, which is believed to increase the chances of placing winning bets in Horse Racing and other sports related to racing, like Car and Dog racing where Sports Gambling and placing of bets takes place.  Given below is the simplified procedure of preparing this talisman at home.

Interesting Remedy to Cure Piles

This site has posted numerous remedies, including astrological, paranormal, herbal, Mantra and Yantra Experiments over the past few years to cure and get relief from all kinds of Piles and anal fissures, including painful and bleeding hemorrhoids. The astrological remedy published in this article might appear somewhat funny and weird; nevertheless, I have still explained the procedure of practicing this remedy in this post as some people might find it helpful or even interesting.

Remedy for Rahu and Door Facing South

If Rahu[North Node-Dragon's Head] is adverse, badly positioned or debilitated [Neech Ka Rahu] in the Kundali of the Native and if the Native is residing in a home whose Main Door or Entrance to the house is facing the South then it is inauspicious for the Native. Such a situation is most likely to make the Native keep on losing money and wealth, he is also likely to under severe mental strain at most times and never able to experience  complete peace of mind.

Nostradamus on Future of Nehru Gandhi Dynasty

All the prophecies and predictions whether relating specifically to India or the World interpreted by me and published on this site are interpreted in a non partisan and impartial manner without any kind of personal bias or prejudice towards any person, nation, race, creed or religion.  Some years back, I was the first to relate a particular Quatrain of Nostradamus as a prediction as one, which was descriptive of Sonia Gandhi and the political situation prevailing in India.

Remedy to Pacify Inauspicious Planets by Shapath

In this post, I have explained a simple Totka based upon the Lal Kitab to pacify inauspicious planets positioned in the horoscope by extracting a Shapath from the inauspicious planet. Shapath in English means promise or vow and this simple astrological remedy tells you how to extract a promise from an adverse, malefic or harmful planet positioned in the horoscope not to trouble or harass and make things difficult for you. In the post below, I have given an example how to extract a promise from a malefic planet [Papi Grahon Ko Shapath Dalna].

Vashikaran By Paan Yantra

Vashikaran By Paan is a most famous and popular method of putting a Vashikaran Voodoo Spell over any person for love or business by infusing the Paan with a special Vashikaran Mantra or Yantra. The Paan is a special Indian Mouth Freshner, which is normally chewed after meals. In this post, I have described a Vashikaran By Paan Yantra Experiment, which is extremely simple and easy to follow and perform.

Pitra Dosha in Astrology and the Remedy

Pitra or Pitru Dosha is according to Traditional Hindu Astrology, the Runa or the leftover Karmic Debts of ancestors [Pitra in Hindi]. This is one of the major Astrological Past life Doshas [Defects], which have to be repaid by their descendants.  This Dosha is said to be present in the horoscope if the ancestor [direct bloodline] has died leaving behind an unfulfilled promise or task, owes something to someone, or has sinned and the sin has to be cleared. Hindu scriptures state that the soul of the ancestor knows no peace [Mukti] unless his debts have been cleared by his descendant or descendants.

23rd september 2015 Doomsday Prophecy Nostradamus

Lately since the 23rd September Doomsday prophecy has come into the limelight, I have been doing some research on Biblical prophecies and the Quatrains of Nostradamus if there are any indication of the possible end of the world on 23rd September 2015 or somewhere in that period. NASA has discounted the Comet/Asteroid hitting the earth theory by coming forward to say that such a possibility does not exist in the near future nor for the next few hindered years.

Indian Turti Tantra to stop Nightmares

In this post, I am describing an Indian Occult experiment using the Turti or Alum Crystal to stop frightening nightmares. This Tantra is practiced by some Tantrics to treat people complaining of recurring bad dreams. The paranormal experiment is simple and easy to practice and the specific method of practicing the ritual is given below.

Mantra to Make Skin Fair

The Hindu healing Tantra described by me in this post is a simple healing spell to infuse Haldi Powder [Turmeric Powder] with this Mantra and use it to make the skin and complexion fairer.   Turmeric is widely used in all sorts of skin related remedies and treatments to get a fair complexion, especially in India where people are color conscious mostly due to the inherent colonial mentality of looking up to the Gora Sahib or Memsahib.

Durga Saptashati Mantra for Satisfaction

This is a verse from the Sacred Hindu Prayer, the Durga Saptashati, which is said to bring happiness, contentedness and satisfaction [Prasannata, Samadhan aur Anand] into the life of the chanter of the Mantra. This verse has been spoken of by me in earlier posts, today, I will  explain a simple yet effective method to unlock the full potential of this Sanskrit Verse and find the key to  satisfaction and contentedness by making vibration of self-satisfaction flow unhindered into your life.

Reason for Ajanma Runa and the Remedy

Ajanma Runa or Garbha Rin means unborn debts. This Rin is one of the eight major debts carried forward from previous lives to the present life according to traditional Hindu Scriptures. Hindu Astrology states that Rahu [North Node] is the planet, which is responsible for this Runa.  Given below in this post are the reasons and the remedy as per the Lal Kitab for removing this debt and it ill effects.

Mantras for Tongue and Mouth Cancer

The Hindu Healing Mantras described by me in this post are said to be a combination of two Mantras, which are believes to be effective in healing diseases related to the Mouth and the Tongue, including Tongue and Mouth Cancer.  In the post below, I have described the simple method to practice the Healing Sadhana.

Will The World End on 23 September 2015

September 23rd 2015 is among the list of dates predicted by Christian, Jewish and Bible prophecy interpretations as the day when the world ends or as the day when a huge calamity of unimaginable magnitude strikes the earth. Some prophecy interpretations see this as the day of the much awaited  Second Coming of Jesus Christ others as the Day of the Opening of the 6th Seal , still others as Day of Rapture, which occurs around the time of the Second Coming. The date has also been linked to the famous Blood Moons prophecy and also to the riddle of Isaac Newton.

Vetoba Jagruti Mantra Sadhana

This is a Nath Panth Shabar Mantra to control and manage a Vetoba, which is a specific kind of Mystical male Demon/ Ghost/ Spirit/ Paranormal Entity usually revered and sought after in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. There is a difference of opinion among Tantra Scholars; some consider the Vetoba to be lower level demon , while some others say that he is the lord of the ghostly entities.

Lal Kitab on Planets and Religious Donations

The Magical Indian Book, the Lal Kitab contains some most interesting information and advice relating the positioning and alignment of some planets in a horoscope and its impact on the religious activities, the giving of gifts, alms, offerings and donations. In this post, I have described some of the more important of the recommendations mentioned in the Lal Kitab regarding these activities for the benefit of the followers of the Lal Kitab.

Mohini Tilak Mantra for Husband

A longtime back I had written about a special Mohini Tilak to enchant and attract the unhappy or unsatisfied husband using a special Mohini Tilak infused with a most powerful Vashikaran Mantra. The Tilak prescribed for that Mantra Sadhana used a part of a fish, which is unsuitable for some women who are strict vegetarians; hence, I am describing an updated version of the same famous Mohini Mantra in this post. The earlier post can be seen – Here .