Reason for Ajanma Runa and the Remedy

Ajanma Runa or Garbha Rin means unborn debts. This Rin is one of the eight major debts carried forward from previous lives to the present life according to traditional Hindu Scriptures. Hindu Astrology states that Rahu [North Node] is the planet, which is responsible for this Runa.  Given below in this post are the reasons and the remedy as per the Lal Kitab for removing this debt and it ill effects.

Planetary Position- The planets Surya [Sun]. Shukra [Venus] and Mangal [Mars] located in the Dwadash Bhav [Twelfth House] of the Horoscope.

Reasons for Ajanma Runa- Cheating, Backstabbing and betraying ones In-Laws or close relation and friends in the past life.

1] Old dilapidated structures and buildings or barren and isolated land or a Smashan Bhoomi, Muslim Kabrastan or Christian Graveyard or a Grain Parching Owen located beyond the Southern Wall of the House.
2] A Drainage, Pipeline or Hole used as an outlet for removing waste water located beneath the area outside the Main Door or Entrance of the House.
3] Unnecessary expenditure or wastage of money.
4] Imprisonment for no sound reason or being imprisoned in spite being innocent.

Remedy – The remedy prescribed in the Lal Kitab for resolving Ajanma Runa is to request all Blood Relations to come to the Seaside with a Coconut and to collectively immerse all the Coconuts into the Sea.

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  1. Neel Sir , There is a high tension electricity wire passing over my house in the north west , north , and north sector just above the compound wall , but little inside . (House is north facing )
    Also outside the compound there are underground drainage lines and covers .
    Which problems can they create and whats the effective way to get rid of it ?
    Does this create vastu problems or

    1. The indications given are broad guidelines for this Rin. The specifics depend upon a lot of other factors like exact planetary positioning and alignments.
      This problems mentioned by you will not create Vastu Problems.


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