Lal Kitab on Planets and Religious Donations

The Magical Indian Book, the Lal Kitab contains some most interesting information and advice relating the positioning and alignment of some planets in a horoscope and its impact on the religious activities, the giving of gifts, alms, offerings and donations. In this post, I have described some of the more important of the recommendations mentioned in the Lal Kitab regarding these activities for the benefit of the followers of the Lal Kitab.

If Shani [Saturn] is positioned in the Eighth House of the Horoscope, then the native is well advised not to construct a place of worship like a Mandir, Mosque or Church free of cost or entirely from his own money and resources. The Lal Kitab says that by doing so, the Native will himself be rendered homeless. The Lal Kitab further says that others not having Shani in the Eighth House of the Horoscope should follow this rule whenever the Transit of Shani is in their Eighth House.

If Shani is present in the First House of the Horoscope and Guru [Jupiter] is present in the Fifth House, then the Native should never give Copper Coins as alms to a Fakir, Sadhu or any other religious person. Doing this the Lal Kitab says will be most inauspicious for the Native and he will be subjected to bad news and bad events, including the chances of untimely demise of progeny.

If Guru is positioned in the Seventh House of the Horoscope, then the Native should never give clothes or any item prepared from cloth as charity to a temple priest, Sadhu, Fakir, Bairagi or any other holy person.  The Lal Kitab says that if the Native does so, he himself will be faced with a shortage of clothing resulting from extreme poverty and this will adversely affect his children.

If Chandra [Moon] is positioned in the Twelfth House, then the Native should never give food [ Anna-Daan] as offerings to a Kirtankar, religious preacher or someone who gives religious advice. This according to the Lal Kitab will adversely affect the health of the Native and he will be faced with dangers and will eventually be faced with starvation.

If Guru is positioned in the Tenth House and Chandra in the Fourth House then the Native should not participate in the construction of any religious structure like a temple, Masjid, Church or a Gurudwara, including the laying of the foundation stones of such structures, If the Native does so, the Lal Kitab says false allegations will be leveled against him and he will be punished, in the years gone by such punishment was death.

The Lal Kitab recommendations given in this post are those relating to the inauspicious and adverse impact of the position and alignment of planets on religious activities, donations and charity.

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  1. Dear Sir there is Saturn positioned in my 8th house but I have made small Mandir at my home for worship, is it alright.

    1. This Lal Kitab information is not applicable to Puja-Ghar or Place of Worship in the home so their should be no problem at all for you.


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