Peacock Feather Remedy to Recover Money

There are literally thousands of paranormal remedies, Mantra, Yantra, Tantra Remedies, Occult Voodoo Spells and Totke for gaining and recovering money. For the past many years, this site has been regularly publishing  all kinds of remedies related to money to help those in need and in the same spirit, today, I have described a most simple and easy to practice paranormal Indian remedy to recover money using a Peacock feather.

To practice this simple remedy all that the practitioner should do is to purchase a long good sized peacock feather, Mor Pankh in Hindi. from the market and place it on South Wall of his home using a sticking tape to stick in on the wall. Every day, the practitioner should rotate an Agarbatti or Incense stick for a minute or so in a clockwise manner over the Peacock feather.

This remedy can be done on any day and apart from what is mentioned in the article, there is no Puju-Vidhi or any kind of worship involved for the practice of this remedy, the practitioner should keep the Peacock feather free from dirt and dust.

The remedy is in response to the regular mail I get from readers requesting for -Ruka Hua Dhan/ Paisa Wapas Pane Ka Seedha Saral Upay or Remedy to get back money/ loan/ credit given to someone. The reason for sticking the Peacock feather on the South wall is that the Peacock feather faces the North, which  is the Direction of Kubera [the Hindu God or Guardian of money, wealth and treasures],

The Tantra mentions that the remedy could show results in recovering bad debts and loans [ Udhar - Chukta - Baki Vasool] within a period of three to four months. Readers should please keep in mind that this remedy like all other published on site have been given in good faith to help those believers and followers of Indian Tantra Vidya find a way out from their problems and difficulties.

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  1. not been able to sleep properly from past two months,,constant voices in mind toward someone,,horrible dream people with large height come in dream try to harm me if i refuse ,,i think its vashikaran,,,,, the shakti bisa yantra you have posted ,,,,link: ,,,,if i prepare it on white paper with red pen and offering incense and then keep it in my pocket or below my pillow will it work as i worship durga ma also if i chant the given chamunda mantra with om in start while keeping the yantra in hand ,,,you can provide any other remedy of yantra mantra related to hanuman ,durga to keep this vashikaran at bay,,..

  2. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for publishing such a useful remedies..
    One thing to ask is this remedy used at Office by sticking peacock feather on south wall of office for smoothing of business when it is stuck due to unknown reasons?


    1. Yes, there is no harm in try the remedy in your office as it is a very simple and cost effective remedy.

  3. North direction is for Kubera and South for Yama .. Admin Please correct me, if i am mistaken ...


    1. The Peacock feather has to be put on the South Wall, which faces the North, which is the Direction of Kubera.

  4. Respected Sir, I am very uncomfortable in sun and cannot tolerate it even for 5 minutes, please help.Thanks in Advance.

  5. Respected Sir, I wish to be a vvvip person, please guide, please help.Thanks in Advance. Regards

  6. Respected Sir, I am waiting for my question's reply (answer). Thanks in Advance.Regards

    1. There are many Mantras, Yantras and Remedies for various kinds of problems published on this Site, you can look around to see, which ones suit your problems the best.

  7. Respected Sir, Do/Can you also predict future.Thanks in advance. Regards

  8. ....सर , मेरे पास कागड़े ( कवुआ -Kauvaa-कौव्वा ) के पंख हे ...इसके बारे में कोई प्रयोग हो तो बताये .

  9. How do deal with contractors who take money and go absconding how to get them to there a way to control them in righteous way without hurting them


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