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Paranormal Remedies - Money

Money and finance is the most important of the material wants in life. Money gives you a happy and contented domestic as well as social life in this period of the Kaliyuga. No matter what one might argue it is money and money alone which makes the difference between suffering and happiness in this material age.

A diverse and selection of Indian paranormal remedies for improvement in the financial condition of an individual are given here. These remedies also known in India as Totkas, find mention in rare and ancient Indian religious scriptures. Some of them are tried and tested as has been the experience of many.

The purpose of writing these articles is to give hope to the hopeless individual that other than the stringent rules and regulations governing society, there is a natural law which transcends all the man made laws.

Though I do not advocate the use or practice of such remedies, nevertheless I have compiled this collection so that it could be of use to someone.

Bina Mantra-Yantra Ke Dhan, Paisa, Sampatti, Zameen-Jaidad, Gupt Khazana, Karz Pane Ke, Karz Vasool Karne Ke, Karz Se Mukti Pane Ke Vyapar, Naukri, Rogjar Pane Ke Shaktishali, Saral, Achook Aur Aasan Totke, Gharelu Upay.

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Easiest Remedy to Get a Job
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Paranormal remedy to increase ancestral property
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Tantric Experiment for Money and Black Magic Removal
Paranormal Remedy for Games of Chance
Indian Paranormal Beliefs on Money Handling
Good Luck Charm using Banyan Leaf
Money Making Totka
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Prosperity Remedies using Magical Herb
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Moti Shankh for Money and Healing Mantra
Manipushpak Shankh Mantra for Money
Durga Shankh Mantra for Success
Kamdhenu Gaumukhi Shankh Mantra Sadhana
Laghu Nariyal Mantra Experiment for Money
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Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Sir,

    Ur remedies r easy & fulfilling....Pls post a remedy for vacant house to be rented out .2 of our houses r vacant for long time .since we have to pay home loans its rather difficult to keep adjusting..

    Thanking u in advance.


  2. i want mantra to stop money lenders to stop them wat is the remedey, they r forcing for there amount to repay,i will but i need some time.

    1. Do bagalamukhi sadhana contact me

  3. sir plz help me inthis regard, and i got my land problem my aunt was occipied sp is there any mantra to vacate them.

    pl help me sir

    1. See the sections on Money Yantras and Wealth Mantras.

    2. Do dhumavati sadhana she will vacate in 7 days

  4. I bought a land from bank the prices have gone down and interest is stoppping my do I get out of this..

    Pls suggest some totka or mantra to sell plot at a good rate..

    Pls help . . .

  5. Namaste. Guruji,
    My details are as below.
    Dob:29th. March 1984,
    Places: guntur, andhrapradesh, India.
    Timee :11:50 am.

    As per your suggestion, I visited this section to find remedy for my problem.

    I'm little confused. Please guide me with right solution.

    I'm actually more worried from yesterday.
    Please help me out of this

  6. i want to get rid of a fake FIR against me by my brutal wife

    i want to a quick divorce without paying any almuni/ financial loss

    i want peace of my mind

    Please help me....!!

    1. Do dhumavati videshan sadhana along with bagalamukhi if you are truth no one can stand in front on u

    2. Dear Guru Ji

      Could you please give the article for dhumavati sadhna and baglamukhi sadhana.

    3. Pls provide mantra of dhumavathi videshana prayog with nyasa, chandas, viniyog

  7. sairam guruji,
    some ten years back my aunt mixed black magic powder in payasam & gave me to drink, no knowing I drank , since then I'm not able to think & a kind of dumbness. the effect is very terrific.
    pls guide,
    my email I'd :
    thank u in advance,

  8. sairam sir,
    I'm confused, for black magic remedy, bhairav mantras or mahakali mantras, which one is best or some other remedy.
    pls guide. thank you sir.

    1. There are many such Mantras, Yantras and Remedies puublished onthsi site, you can select any one of these and concentrate upon it.

    2. You need protection from black magic or to.remove black magic?

  9. jai guru ji ,guru ji meri cheesei lke jewellery bahut chori hoti hi meri hee cupboard se ,lock bi rakhti huu kya karoo tension rati hi now I even don't belive on my self my mail address is thq ji

  10. namaste guruji, bad luck seems to following me now since about 8-10 years whatever i do I am total failure in that. recently i consulted an religious advisor he said some one has done karni on us what is that? please help right now my situation is zero money no job all other money sources are blocked. unable to do anything ?

  11. Namaste guru ji, can you please suggest powerfull remedy for stock market investors.

  12. nameste guruji suggest me any totka aur mantra to attract sudden wealth and money

  13. sir, please suggest me any remedies for attract sudden wealth and money and girlfriend

  14. Sir please guide me like how can I stop my husband to go to native n loose money there

  15. Sir pls suggest me any tantra yantra to stop my husband frm drinking alcohol n fulfil his family responsibilities. .I hv a son of 14 month n my husband is not looking after us..plz help me guruji..

  16. Sir pls tel me some remedies for early many matches are coming but they did nt tel anything

  17. Sir i am facing financial problems day by day increasing. I have lots of blocked money after serving my work and from my own business. At the moment situation is that i m not able to pay my house rent even not able to survive. I need some time to grab job but my landlord always ask for his rent. Please help me to buy some time to be stable again and help me to get my own money. I had started my business everything was going good in jaipur but when i shifted to delhi and started business here someone stole my all set up.

  18. Namaste Guruji,
    We have constructed house for renting it out. but its one month now. Nobody is coming for rent. pls suggest some remedy.

  19. Guru Ji namaskar,

    I am jobless for more than three years. I did pooja,paid to astrologer's but no progress. With your knowledge can you please assist me?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. आज के युग मे टोटके और शाबर मंत्र काफ़ी प्रचलित और उपयोगी है.इसीशृंखला मे प्रस्तुत है-
    (1)व्यक्तिगत ऋण उतारने हेतु---यदि आपके ऊपर कर्ज़ है और उतारने मे असमर्थ हैं ,तो मंगलवार को शिव मंदिर मे शिवलिंग पर मसूर की दाल चढ़ाते हुए "ओम ऋण मुक्तेश्वर महादेवाय नम:"की एक माला जप करे.
    (2)धन लाभ हेतु ---शनिवार शाम साबुत उड़द के कुछ दानो पर थोड़ा शहद और सिंदूर डाल कर पीपल वृक्ष के नीचे रख आवें .वापिस आते समय पीछे मुड़कर न देखें .7 शनिवार नियमित रूप से करें .
    (3)मकान खाली कराने हेतु---शनिवार की शाम(शनिश्चरि अमावश्या हो तो उत्तम है)भोजपत्र पर लाल चंदन से किरायेदार का नाम लिखकर शहद मे डुबो दें .यह क्रिया करते समय कोई टोके नहि.कुछ ही दीनो मे किरायेदार घर खाली कर देगा.
    (4)शत्रु परेशानी ---शत्रु अनावश्यक परेशान कर रहा हो तो चौराहे पर खड़े होकर ,एक नींबू को चार भागों मे काटकर ,चारों दिशाओं मे एक एक भाग फेंक दें .घर वापिस आकर हाथ मुह धो लें.
    (5)-मारण क्रिया से छुटकारा---यदि आपको लगता है कि कोई आपको मारने के लिए मारण क्रिया कर रहा है तो पपीते के 21 बीज लेकर शिवमंदिर जाएँ ,धूप अगरबत्ती करें,शिवलिंग पर कच्चा दूध चढ़ाएँ ,निकट बैठकर पपीते के बीज अपने सामने रखें .अपना नाम,गोत्र उच्चारित करते हुए शिवजी से अपनी रक्षा की विनय करें,महामृत्युंजय मंत्र की एक माला ज.पें.
    बीजों को उठाकर तांबे के ताबीज़ मे भर कर गले मे धारण करें.-


  22. ऋण से मुक्ति 11 बार(शीघ्र प्रभाव हेतु प्रतिदिन ) स्कंद पुराण मे वर्णित ऋण मोचन मंगल स्तोत्र का पाठ करें-
    मंगलो भूमिपुत्रश्च ऋण हर्ता धन प्रद:
    स्थिरामनो महाकाय: सर्वकर्म विरोधक:
    लोहिताश्व श्च साम गानां कृपाकरं
    वैरात्मज: कुन्जौ भौमो भूतिदो भूमिनंदन:
    धरणीगर्भ सम्भूतम विद्‌युतकांति सम प्रभं
    कुमारम शक्ति हस्तम तम मंगलम प्रनमाम्यहम
    अंगारको यमश्चैव सर्व रोगाप हारक:
    वृष्ट ए: कर्तापहर्ता च सर्व काम फलप्रद:
    एतानि कुंज नामानि नित्यं य: श्र्द्धया प ठेत
    ऋण म न जायते तस्य धनं शीघ्र मवा प्नुयात

  23. ऋण मुक्ति,दारिद्र्य नाश व संपत्ति प्राप्ति हेतु--
    शिवजी की मूर्ति / चित्र के समक्ष दीप,धूप,अगरबत्ती से पूजाकर हाथ जोड़कर संकल्प लें कि हे शंकर महादेव ,ऋण पातक दुर्भाग्य आदि की निवृत्ति हेतु मुझ पर कृपा करें .निम्न स्तोत्र का प्रतिदिन पाठ करें-

    जय देव जगन्नाथ जय शंकर शाश्वत ,
    जय सर्व सुराध्यक्ष जय सर्व सुरार्चित.
    जय सर्व गुणातीत जय सर्व वर प्रद,
    जय नित्य निराधार जय विश्वमभराव्यय
    जय विश्वेक वेद्येश जय नागेंद्र भूषण
    जय गौरिपते शम्भो जय चंद्रार्ध शेखर
    जय कोट्यर्क संकाश जयानंत गुणाश्र य
    जय रुद्र विरूपाक्ष जयाचिन्त्य निरंजन .
    जय नाथ कृपा सिंधो जय भक्तार्ति भंजन
    जय दुस्तर संसार सागरो त्तारण प्रभो
    प्रसीद मे महादेव संसारार्त स्य ख़िद्यत:
    सर्व पाप भयं ह्रित्वा रक्ष माम परमेश्वर .
    महा दारिद्र्य मग्न स्य महापाप हतस्य च
    महा शोक विनष्ट स्य महा रोगा तुरस्य च
    ऋण भार परीतस्य दह्य मानस्य कर्म भि:
    ग्रहै: प्र्पीड्य मानस्य प्रसीद मॅम शंकर.
    (स्कन्द्पुराण से)

  24. Any tantra mantra yantra for getting profit in share market


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