Simple and Powerful Hindu Remedies for Money Gain

In this post, I have written about a Shri Ram Mantra Remedy Invoking a Peepal Tree and a Standalone Paranormal Remedy Invoking the Banyan Tree for the gain of money, wealth, and property. These Paranormal Remedies are very simple and effective and are most suitable for laypersons and householders because they are uncomplicated and do not take much time to practice. 

Hindu Remedy Invoking Peepal Tree

1] Ram Mantra for Money and Wealth: The Peepal or Sacred Fig Tree has a very important place in Hinduism because of the belief that it attracts many Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

This is the reason why numerous rituals for all kinds of purposes are practiced in India involving the worship of the Peepal Tree or using its leaves or branches. This Tree is also believed to be very potent in invoking Shri Ram and Shri Hanuman and getting their blessing for success in many motives, including the gain of money and wealth.

Over the past many years, this site has published many Mantras and Standalone Upay or Paranormal Remedies using various parts of the Peepal Tree. The Mantra Remedy described in this post is very effective in attracting money, wealth, and property and as mentioned earlier, it is the simplest Mantra Remedy that can be practiced by any person without the slightest difficulty.

The Method of Practicing this Ram Mantra Remedy:
1] The Mantra Upay should be practiced on Thursdays and Saturdays and the practitioner should stand under the Peepal Tree and chant the Ram Mantra given below just 11 times:

|| श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम ||
|| Shri Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram ||

2] This Ram Mantra Upay can be practiced every Thursday and Saturday. There is no worship or special ritual involved with this remedy and it can be practiced in the mornings or evenings. The practitioner must take a Sankalp or Pledge that he or she will practice the Ram Mantra Remedy for 7, 11, or 21 Thursdays or Saturdays. This Ram Mantra Remedy will start giving results within a few days if it is practiced with firm faith and belief.

The Hindi Video of this Wealth Generating Shri Ram Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Turant Dhan Pane Ka Shri Ram Mantra 

2] Standalone Paranormal Remedy of Money and Wealth Invoking Bargad or Banyan Tree: The practitioner can practice this supernatural money attraction remedy on any day in the morning by taking water, Kumkum, and flowers in a vessel and going to a Banyan Tree and pouring the contents of the vessel on the root of the Banyan Tree. This remedy can also be practiced daily for a fixed number of days, like 7, 11, or 21 days by taking a pledge on the first day.

The Bargad Ka Ped has many magical properties and it is associated with the Creator Lord Brahma and the Yama; the Hindu God of Death and many other Hindu Deities. There are many rituals involving the Banyan Tree, the most famous and popular one is practiced on Vat Purnima by married women for the long life and well-being of their husbands.

Notes: See the sections Shri Ram Mantras, Mantras for Gain of Wealth and Property, and Paranormal Remedies for Getting Money and Wealth for more such potent remedies.


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