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Mantra to Know Sounds of Pigeons and Become All-Knowing

Some reliable ancient Hindu Texts on Mantra Shastra describe a Mantra Sadhana called कपोतः - Kapot Siddhi Sadhana. Kapot is a Sanskrit word, which means a Kabotor or Pigeon in English. This Rare and Unknown Mantra Sadhana enables the practitioner to understand the sounds made by Pigeons and converse with them.

Mantra of the Cosmic Form of Ganesha

In this post, I have written about a simple technique using a Most Powerful Ganesha Mantra for Meditation upon the Supreme Being symbolized by the Mahaganpati Roop of Ganesha. This Meditation is very beneficial for advanced Sadhaks or Practitioners who wish to focus their energy on the Ever-Existent Being.

Easy Kundalini Awakening Meditation Technique

In this post, I have described the most potent and fast-working technique of chanting the Kundalini Jagran Mantra of the Seven Kundalini Chakras to stimulate and awaken the dormant Life Energy located at the root or base of the spine. This is probably the Easy Kundalini Awakening Meditation Technique that will give success in Activating the Kundalini Shakti.

Ancient Vedic Sun Mantra to Attract Life Energy

In this post, I have described an Ancient Surya Dev or Sun God Mantra originating from Yajurveda, which is a very ancient Hindu Scripture in Sanskrit. This Mantra infuses Prana or Life Energy into the body of the chanter and turns him into a radiant and confident being.

Potent Hindu Mantra to Instantly Remove Rage and Anger

In this post, have described a Potent Hindu Mantra Chant to Control and Remove Anger. This Mantra has been composed using Powerful Tried and Tested Beej Mantras that have the strength to instantly attract positive vibrations from the atmosphere and calm down the mind and remove rage, bitterness, resentment, irritation, and other negative emotions from the mind of the practitioner.

Secret Wish Fulfilling Mantra

In this post, is described a Secret Wish Fulfilling Mantra , which is dedicated to Cosmic Energy or the Universe. This Powerful Hindu Mantra will quickly give success in fulfilling the wishes and desires of the chanter by attracting the most potent Cosmic Energy.

Dattatreya Mantra for Spiritual and Divine Experiences

In this post, I have described a very potent Mantra Dedicated to The Trilok Guru Dattatreya Bhagwan, Shri Rama, and Shri Krishna to get Spiritual and Divine Experiences or connect with Heavenly Vibrations. This very simple Mantra Chant is very popular, especially in Maharashtra whose power has been tried and tested repeatedly by many Navnath Sampradaya Sadhaks and other Spiritualists.

One Most Powerful Magical Mantra for Everything

In this post, I have described how to practice a Most Miraculous Mantra for Success in Everything and the Removal of All kinds of Sorrows and Problems. This Magical Maha Mantra can remove debts, give sudden wealth, increase wealth, make the business prosper, give promotions in the job, remove enemies and diseases, and give success in anything.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra and Rare Upay Using Cloves

Vashikaran or the Enchantment of any wished-for man or woman for matters pertaining to love, marriage, or business using Laung or Cloves is very popular in India and many people utilize this Voodoo Fascination Spell to Attract Desired Persons for all kind of purposes.

Instant Desire Fulfillment and Danger Removal Yantras

In this post, I have written about two new Yantras for instant fulfillment of wishes , and desires or removing obstacles and being successful in any work or task, and for immediately removing every kind of danger and threat, including those originating from supernatural sources.