Mantra of the Cosmic Form of Ganesha

In this post, I have written about a simple technique using a Most Powerful Ganesha Mantra for Meditation upon the Supreme Being symbolized by the Mahaganpati Roop of Ganesha. This Meditation is very beneficial for advanced Sadhaks or Practitioners who wish to focus their energy on the Ever-Existent Being.

Adi Ganesha Mantra

Most Sadhaks know about Ganesha as Siddhi Vinayak who is worshiped by countless Devotees of Ganesha for gaining Siddhi; meaning success in the acquisition of special skills, knowledge, or even the gain of paranormal powers. However, most common people worship Siddh Vinayak for the swift fulfillment of wishes and desires.

The Adi Vinayak Roop is the Primordial Form of Ganpati, which has always existed, even before the creation of the Universe. Hence, this Form of Ganesha transcends everything described about Ganesha in the ancient Hindu Religious Scriptures, including the Vedas and Puranas, and is beyond everything.

|| ॐ आदि विनायकाय नमः ||
|| Om Aadi Vinayakaya Namah ||

Meaning of this Shri Ganesha Mantra in Hindi and English: ब्रह्मांड के निर्माण के पहले से जिसका अस्तित्व है; उस गणेश भगवान को मेरा नमन। / Salutations to Shri Ganesha who has always existed; even before the Creation of the Universe.

How to Chant this Ganesha Mantra: The Mantra appears to be very simple and uncomplicated. However, if chanted with full confidence, the practitioner will experience miracles within a short time. The Power of the Mantra can easily be known by the meaning of the Mantra given above.

There are no special rules connected with this Mantra, but the practitioner must know the exact purpose for which he is chanting the Mantra and focus his energies on the Cosmic Form of Ganesha and chant the Mantra with intensity because the Universe always fulfills in some or the other manner what is asked from the innermost depths of the heart.

Hence, the Mantra is most beneficial for everyone, including students, business persons, householders, and seekers of spirituality.

The Mantra should be chanted like a long-term Meditation Mantra either mentally or verbally as long as desired or for a fixed number of Mantra Chants every day, depending upon the wishes of the practitioner.

The Hindi video of this Shri Ganesha Mantra can be viewed on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Man Me Basi Iccha Puri Karne Ka Ganapati Mantra

Notes: Information about Mantras, Yantras, and Prayers of Shri Ganesha can be seen in the section Mantras and Articles of Shri Ganesha.


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