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Mantra to Make Vampire Fulfill Wish

The Mantra experiment described in this particular post is practiced to invoke a Pishacha in order to get a cherished wish or desire fulfilled. A Pishacha is male demonic being, which resembles a Vampire and is described in Tantrik texts as a fearsome and dangerous entity, which primarily feeds on human flesh and blood.  This article is based upon the information shared by Kapil Pramanick.

Benefits of Individual Chapters of Shri Sai Satcharitra

The Shri Sai Charitra, is one of the most widely recited religious compositions in India. It is also regarded as a miraculous composition, which generates extremely positive frequencies, which elevate the level of awareness of the chanter.  In this post, I have coiled a listing of the basic benefits of chapters 39 to 53 of the Shri Sai Charitra.

Shiva Mantra for Paap Mukti

Today, I would like to share a very very powerful Mantra of Shiv, chanting which a person will be free from sins in each and every second of his life. The Puran says that the person who keeps on chanting and chanting this Mantra in each and every moment of his life, whether he is eating, sitting, sleeping, standing,  running or even falling on the ground, he will never touch sins and will always remain a sinless soul. - Ashok Mehta

Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra Sadhana

The Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra, originally composed by the great Saint Swami Ramdas. is probably one of the most powerful of the Hanuman Stotras for getting courage, strength and performing unbelievable feats.  The effectiveness of the Bhimrupi Maruti Stotra can be ascertained by the fact that Swami Ramdas was the Spiritual Guru and Guide of Shivaji Maharaj who was responsible for the demise of the great Moghul Empire.

Yantra for Finishing Enemy in Foreign Land

The Yantra, which has been described in this post is based upon information provided by Kapil Pramanick. This Yantra is attributed with the specific qualities as being a remote enemy destruction Charm, which mean finishing off an enemy in another land, including another city, state or a foreign country.

Mercury Mantra Experiment for Success in Business

In Hindu Vedic as well as Western Astrology, Budh [Mercury]is considered as a Karak[main factor] for business success. Though other planets also signify business,  Budh is considered as the main controller of commerce and business activity. What it means is that if you start an Astrology Business whose Karak is Jupiter, you may or may not get success in it. - Ashok Mehta

Sampurna Manorath Pane Ka Mantra Prayog

In this post, I have described a most powerful Mantra Experiment to fulfill the innermost desires or those dreams, which are the dearest to the heart. This Mantra, which is contained in the Siddha Kunjika Stotram is extremely potent and powerful Tantrik Maha Mantra also known as the Trishakti Maha Mantra.

Difference Between Shabar and other Mantras

Whenever we look at Mantras, they include following 4 main categories: 1. Satvik 2. Rajasik 3. Tantrik 4. Shabar mantras – Ashok Mehta The Tantrik Mantras are further categorized as - 1. Dakshin Maargi(Right hand path) Tantrik Mantras 2. Vaam Marg Tantrik Mantras.

Mantra for Happy and Peaceful Start

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for ensuring a Happy and Peaceful Start for any kind of movement, including commuting, travel, trip or voyage for job, business, financial, personal or pleasure. This simple Hindu Devotional Sanskrit Mantra invokes all kinds of protection from obstacles and dangers, including ill-health and the unknown on land, air or water during the day or night.

Vashikaran Mantra to Become Center of Attraction

The Vashikaran Mantra described in this post, which is a verse contained in the ancient Agni Purana is described in Tantric Vashikaran Texts as a most powerful Occult Attraction Spell to make oneself the Center of Attraction or the Cynosure of all Eyes and attract everyone like a magnet.

Shabar Mantra for Relief in Paralysis

In this post, I have written about a Shabar Healing Mantra, which is said to give relief to the people suffering from Paralysis. Paralysis is a dreaded disease in which the sufferer looses muscular function for one or multiple muscles, this also includes vital body organs like the vocal cords and the sufferer is unable to speak.

Main Components of Mantra Sadhana - Part 3

1. In Shiva/Rudra Upasana, Lakshmi,Devi, Maha Vidya, Shri Vidya, Shakti, one must sit in Padmasan. In any Vishnu or his Avatar Upasna, one must sit in Sukh-Aasan. 2. Sesame oil can be used for all gods for any kind of Shanti Karm or material object wish. Pure Ghee Diya can be used for any god and goddess. In Spiritual Sadhanas, only Pure Ghee Diya must be used. For Vashikaran, Chameli oil is optimal. - Ashok Mehta

5 Simple Traditional Indian Healing Remedies

In this post, I have described the easy method of performing 5 simple home remedies for getting relief from some common aliments and diseases. All these remedies are part of the huge treasure house of traditional Indian healing remedies.

Navnath Panthiya Bhairav Mantra

This is a Nath Panthiya Shabar Mantra to get the blessings of Bhairava to fulfil all needs of life and become a contented and happy person. The Mantra can also be utilized as a Jhadna/Utara Mantra for exorcising a person believed to be affected by evil spirits, energies or evil-eye and black magic voodoo spells.

Rudraksha Healing Remedy for Ringworm and Itching

In this post, I have described simple home remedies using Rudraksha Beads to cure painful and irritating skin diseases like Ringworm, Eczema and sever itching due to known and unknown reasons. Alopathy does not have to offer much in terms of permanent solutions for these Fungal Infections whereas Homeopathy can control them for longer periods of time.

Indian Exorcism Ritual for Demonic Dreams

An Indian Exorcism Rite, which is practiced by certain Voodoo/Witchcraft Doctors in India to cure a person who has recurring dreadful and frightening dreams of skulls, bones, black colored ghostly shaped beings and animals, demons and other fearsome and harmful paranormal and demonic entities.

Mantra for Relief from Sore Throat and Thirst in Fever

A most simple, yet very useful Mantra Experiment for getting relief from hoarseness, sore throat and thirst during fever has been described by me in this post. This simple healing Tantra makes the use of a very popular Surya Mantra to give relief to the sufferer.

Om as Maha Ganapati Pranav

Each and every name of Ganesha describes a special quality and attribute of Ganesha. Each of these names having a special meaning and purpose,  can be of immense help to practitioners of Mantra Vidya or Spirituality to fulfil a specific aim in life. In the post, I have written about Om – ॐ, which is also sometimes described as Maha Ganapati Pranav or the Ek Akshari Maha Ganapati Mool Mantra.

Position of Office in Home as per Vastu Shastra

This post is especially meant for those followers of Vastu Shastra who have their office at home or work from home. Many people due to a variety of reasons, including lack of money and resources  or simply for the sake of convenience have their offices in their homes.  Vastu Shastra prescribes certain positions or directions as being more auspicious and beneficial for the progress and smooth running of the business.

Opinion and Procedure of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Today I will this article the Sadhana procedure of the very popular Mahamrityunjay Mantra Sadhana. Chanting this Divine Mantra is must for any person going through very difficult problems or diseases in life. - Ashok Mehta

Importance of Dattatreya Jayanti

Shri Dattatreya Jayanti, the day of the manifestation of Guru Dattatreya, falls on the day of Margashirsha Purnima. This year Dattatreya Jayanti is celebrated on the 13th of December 2016, however, many devotees commence the celebrations of Dattatreya Jayanti on the day of Margashirsha Chaturdashi  [this year it falls on the 12th of December] and conclude, the celebrations on the day of Maharashtra Purnima.

Sade Sati Remedies for Margashirsha Shukla Paksha Trayodashi

The major upcoming astrological news is the entry of Saturn in the moon sign Sagittarius on 26th of Jan 2017. Saturn will Stay in the same sign for approximately the next three years or so. This is going to be a most turbulent period for those people reeling under the adverse effects of Sade-Sati because ShanI is going to be Vakri, two times in the year 2017 and once again in 2018 before finally moving on to Makar Rashi a couple of years later. Hence, today I will going to share a few remedies which the aspirant can perform to get rid of bad effects of Shani. - Ashok Mehta

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra for Seekers of Truth

The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, which forms a part of the Rudrayamala Tantra is a treasure house for spiritually inclined people, trying to find ways and means to elevate their levels of consciousness or trying to enter the fathomless depths of their sub-conscious mind. The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra can also be of immense help to those spiritualists, the followers of Non-Dualism, Kundalini Awakening Aspirants, trying to merge their consciousness into the whole and realizing the true nature of the self and over-self.

Mantra to Invoke Lord of Ghosts

A Mantra Experiment, which is practiced in India to Invoke, Bhoothnath or Bhuteshwar, the  Lord of the Ghosts and Ghostly Entities, is described by me in this post. This Voodoo ritual is said to attract Bhuteshwar and make him manifest in-front of the practitioner and fulfill any particular wish or desire of the practitioner.

Taaran Mantra of Shri Ram

Today I will share a special Shri Ram Mantra,  which  is the Taarak mantra of Shri Ram. The Mantra given below in this post must be chanted 24 lac times for Taaran. Taaran, in the context of this article means to pass through the ocean of birth and death. Taarak means the one who gives Taaran. - Ashok Mehta

Mantra to Possess Occult Power to Heal Eyes

In this post, I have written about a Shabar Mantra Experiment, which is as per the writings of the text, said to enable the practitioner to gain and possess the Occult Powers to heal the eyes of others who are suffering from any type of eye-defects or disorders. Given below is the simple method to gain Mastery over this Shabar Healing Chant.

Mantra to Mislead and Delude Enemy

Here, in this post, I have described a Mantra Experiment, which is said to trick, mislead, delude and confuse an enemy, who is going all out to harm the practitioner. This Shabar Mantra is said to influence the mind of the enemy adversely so that the enemy himself is ensnared in the trap he has prepared for the practitioner.

Love at First Sight Vashikaran Mantra

The Vashikaran Mantra given below is said to make the first person, one come across in the morning fall in love or come under a most powerful Voodoo Attraction Spell of the practitioner. This depends upon the type of person, the practitioner comes across, if it it someone from the opposite sex, whom the practitioner wants to enchant for the purpose of love, then that person will come under a love spell or if it is any other person, then that person will come under under the most powerful  influence of the practitioner.

Mantra to become knowledgeable as Dev Guru Brihaspati

Today I will share a very very powerful Saraswati Mantra through which one will become as knowledgeable as Dev Guru Brihaspati, the Guru and teacher of the Gods. The Mantra has been taken by me from Brahma Vaivart Puran. - Ashok Mehta

Simple Indian Voodoo Exorcism Ritual

In this post, I have described the method of performing a Simple Indian Voodoo Exorcism Ritual, to remove and eradicate evil-spirits, evil-eye and any other harmful unseen energies from the body and aura of a person believed to be possessed by such mystic entities.  This simple traditional Indian paranormal remedy is normally practiced by village Tantriks or local Spell-Casters to free a possessed person from spirits.

Sadhana and Navgrahon Ka Rahasya

Other than the 4 Purusharth, any person needs 7 kinds of Sukh which includes- Dharma Acharya, Shatru Sanghar, Putra Praapti, Dhan Aishwarya Prapti, Isht Darshan, Maan Samman, Arogya, Sammohan, Vashikaran, etc. When we come in this world, we come with a physical body and a fixed set of gains which may be achieved from the 9 Graha. Their position cannot be changed after birth nor can their effects be altered. They may change up and down a bit, but only by a little difference. - Ashok Mehta

Mantra to Make Spirit Fulfil a Wish

A Mantra Experiment to Make a Spirit Fulfill a Desire or Wish has been described by me in this post. The Mantra Experiment uses a magical Mantra Chant to cast a Occult Spell on a Vetala or Betala, which is the English language means a kind of very powerful ghost or spirit, which is sometime even worshiped as a Deity in certain regions of India.

Lakshmi Mantra Prayog for Margashirsh

From tomorrow, i.e. 1st Dec, 2016, commences a most auspicious period, during the Hindu Month of Margashirsh, this period will end on 14th December 2016 5.37 AM. This period, is said to be very auspicious for engaging in any kind of Lakshmi Upasana and Lakshmi Puja. Today I will share a Lakshmi Mantra Prayog through which any person can get immense wealth and prosperity. - Ashok Mehta