Sadhana and Navgrahon Ka Rahasya

Other than the 4 Purusharth, any person needs 7 kinds of Sukh which includes- Dharma Acharya, Shatru Sanghar, Putra Praapti, Dhan Aishwarya Prapti, Isht Darshan, Maan Samman, Arogya, Sammohan, Vashikaran, etc.

When we come in this world, we come with a physical body and a fixed set of gains which may be achieved from the 9 Graha. Their position cannot be changed after birth nor can their effects be altered. They may change up and down a bit, but only by a little difference. - Ashok Mehta

Rest all effects will remain the same. And a human can never get rid of them. This is because the advantages and disadvantages that a Planet gives depends upon the person's past Karma. If the Sadhak's past life karma are good, he will live a great life in present birth.

And when we talk about Graha, it does not mean the Sun as a star; Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc. As planets. They are huge gaseous planets. But Chandra, Surya, Shukra, etc. are Graha Devta. They are God energies who reside within our body. That is why, you can never escape from them.

As long as person will have a human body, he is bound to suffer bad effects of the Graha. Even if god himself takes the form of Human, he is bound to face the ill effects of bad planetary positions.

Whenever we look at Kundli or planetary positions, the planets are positioned in a specific order which is -
5] Brihaspati
6] Shukra

The order shows the Graha which show the most to least "effects" or "events" in our life. In these, there are 4 Karak Graha. Karak Graha means the ones who cause something. These 4 Devata include - Angarak, Shani, Rahu and Ketu.

Atheism or thiesm are also caused by these planets. Many times we see some theist person who is constantly taunted and saddened by atheists as to why does he believe in God, god doesn't exist, etc. And what not do atheists say in the name of God. They challenge a person to prove to him how god exists.

Angarak, Shani, Rahu and Ketu are the cause of these kinds of events in life.

But the truth is that god is formless. He only takes form for us. Because how can someone worship something that cannot be seen? Even if someone looks scientifically, Our mind is such that it can only concentrate on a physical object. How can mind meditate on air or oxygen or any such invisible object? Similarly, even the Graha Devta are formless energies. They only take forms for us humans so that we can worship them.

Angarak, Shani, Rahu and Ketu are Karak Graha and they cause benefit or loss upfront and by themselves unlike the rest of the planets. For these 4 planets, there is no such thing as Bal or Nirbal (strong or weak). They give results as per your deeds. Out of these 4 Karak Graha, Mars is still very auspicious for a major extent.

All other 5 planets never give bad effects in lives by themselves. Their bad effects are only experienced when they become weak or due to great past sins like Brahma Hatya, Gau Hatya or due to Pitru Dosh.

If the Sadhak wants to be completely completely free from the bad effects of planets, he needs to give up on his body and live formless. But if a person gives up on his body, he will never be able to talk or interact with anyone.

Hence, the Sadhak has two ways to react the bad effects, either, create a protective shield of your Isht Devta by doing his Mantra Sadhanas, OR challenge the 4 gods.

Your Isht Devta may save you to a major extent but you will never get completely completely rid of bad effects of planets.

The other way, as I said was to challenge the 4 gods. Rishi Pippalad who was an Avatar of Shiva, did the same. He challenged the Shani Graha  to do whatever harm they can do to him. Very soon, Rishi Pippalad, who was an Avatar of Shiva himself, lost his father, fame and respect in the public. All due to challenging the Graha Devta Shani. But, he did Sadhana and because of which Lord Shani came falling on earth. He came on earth and was struck in his leg by Dev Rishi Pippalad. That is why Shani Dev is a slow moving Graha. But the Tapa Bal which Pippalad had can never be gained by a person from Kaliyug.

If any person looks at the number of houses and the number of planets, there is a difference of 3. There are 9 planets but 12 houses. No matter what the planetary arrangement is, there will always and always be at least 3 houses empty. his is left by god for you. Every house represents some area of life and whenever there is Graha Devta in it, that particular house is controlled by that Graha. But the houses which are empty are never afflicted by any god. They are empty So that you advance in those areas of life. The more the number of houses that are empty, the more the chances of growth there will be.

Graha are said to show bad effects as long as you don't do something about it. When we look at Jyotish Shastra, it gives us a lot of insights about the future. But the truth about Jyotish Shastra is like roaming in the eternal space with just a burning candle. Jyotish Shastra is like the burning candle, which may give you insight upto some little extent; but you cannot dependent on it fully.

For example, during Sagar Manthan, Shri Hari Vishnu used Sudarshan Chakra and cut Rahu and Ketu. They became one soul with 2 different bodies. The question which any knowledgeable person would ask is that why are they considered 2 different gods when their soul is the same? Such queries can be solved only by doing Sadhana and not by Jyotish.

A Jyotish will engage you in the numbers and make things even more complicated for you. Jyotish Shastra, does have its own importance. It is the starting point of a Sadhak's life to know his favourable and unfavorable Graha and to know his  entire life in a short summary. But it can never give you the minute predictions.

When we look at our human body, we may think about the number of limitations that we may have born with because of god. But the truth is that this isn't the limitation but this is the start.

When a kid is born, he doesn't know how to read or speak or even walk. But that doesn't mean he is born weak and physically & mentally defective. He is still at the starting point. He is still learning.

When we do Navgraha Sadhana, we gain deep insights about the truth of the universe and how the world was formed.

And, the ill effects caused by Graha can always be reduced by doing Yagya or Sadhana. Hence, my this article was to enlighten the readers that, pay attention to Janma Kundli and Graha Sthithi, but never be dependent on it. Graha can always be pacified by doing Sadhanas.


  1. Thank you, sir. You did recommend me mangal shanti Havana, but do I have to carry it out in total secrecy?

    1. It cannot be carried out by a normal person. It must only be carried out by a karm kandi brahmin

  2. Respected Sir,
    Can you please share siddha kunjika stotra sadhana.
    I tried but I didn't have proper method so it failed.
    It will be great if you share it.

  3. Respected sir ,
    Jai shree ram . i am dishank . its been 10 years i am struggling with everything. Suffering badly with failures again and again . from last 4 years did shiv sadhna .still things did not improve . please suggest me what do i do ? try sadhna again to help me achieve what i want . or should i recite graha beej mantras .

    1. Did 'Shiva Sadhna' during 4 years but problems still persist? You must be kidding.

      Forget about any Siddhi/Sadhna, simply chanting 'Shiva Moola Mantra' with full faith & devotion is more than sufficient to resolve any kind of problem (speaking from personal experience).

  4. Hello i have weak mangal and surya grah my seventh house 4 planets together are mars mercury venus sun plzz suggest me remedies plzz its urgent .plzz jai shree ram .


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