Difference Between Shabar and other Mantras

Whenever we look at Mantras, they include following 4 main categories:

1. Satvik
2. Rajasik
3. Tantrik
4. Shabar mantras – Ashok Mehta

The Tantrik Mantras are further categorized as -
1. Dakshin Maargi(Right hand path) Tantrik Mantras
2. Vaam Marg Tantrik Mantras.

As compared to traditional belief, Dakshin means south. But only according to the Hindi language. In Sanskrit language, Dakshin means right direction.

After these, come Shabar Mantras. Shabar Mantras don't have a category like Satvik or Tantrik.

The major difference between a Shabar Mantras and other Mantras is that Shabar Mantras work outside our body while other Mantras work within ourselves.

When we chant the other Mantras, they create the respective god's energy within ourselves and then attract the desired wish. Other than this, god also fulfill wishes.

On the other hand, in Shabar Mantras, god themselves fulfill your wishes without creating energy within you. That is the same reason why Shabar Mantras are considered extremely powerful.

Shabar Mantras cannot bring spiritual growth in life. But Sanskrit Mantras can. This is because when we do any Sadhana, for no matter what kind of wish, it brings spiritual growth. Except for Maran Mantras.

The readers must hence use Shabar Mantras only when extremely needed.

Also, as I have previously mentioned in past, Shabar Mantras get Siddh only by the deserving and dear ones of the respective god/goddess.


  1. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Is there any mantra for New Year?By chanting New Year mantra,the New Year will be very good?

    1. You can try the multipurpose siddhivinayak mantra shared by me in past

  2. Hello Mehta Sir, I'm really a fan of your rare mantra contributions. I just loved them all. Anyway I'm a bit confused by Kaula Tantra. I would like to know, what kind of tantra mantra it is and is it powerful and fruitful than Vaam Marg?.
    Thank You

  3. Pranam Ashok Sir,
    You said: Sanskrit mantra can bring spiritual growth. Right.
    But what about (for example) "Hanuman Chalisa" which is not in sanskrit but in awadhi ?

    1. Hanuman chalisa is a stuti. Hence, spiritual growth is automatically blessed by god

  4. And not with a sanskrit mantra ? What's the real difference ?


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